July/August 1st Dance Blog, 2009

Sue and Kathy have just announced their 3rd Anniversary Party. The celebration is Saturday, Sept 5 in San Jose at CPAA Arts Center ...more information.

Lorraine Kurtela (Yes Sir, That's My Baby) will be celebrating her 85th Saturday Oct 3rd at the Quick Stepper dance. She is makin' the hors d'oeuvres for this celebration!
Come cool, the hall will be smokin' hot w/all of us wantin' to dance w/her!!!

70+ danced at CQS 1st Saturday w/DJ Neil Hale ...Jan and Joyce updated the dances (done every 3 months) and the floor was capacity, prime time, as we danced Cruisin' (Neil Hale 1989) ...has 20 years come & gone? since Neil wrote that dance! Dude, you don't look, but maybe, 5 years older!!

The CQS dance format is EASY on the DJ, 3 different choices for dancers to request. One set of oldies to initial, one set of 'club classics' to initial and one sheet to write the new dance choices. Neil scans the lists & counts initials. Mixing in slow, medium & fast paced music and adds in the waltz beats. HE is a dancer, he is a musician ...he knows music (sometimes his track is slightly different) and he reads the floor.

At 5th Friday BnB last night ...I thought it was brutal for HIM ...(at the very beginning of the 'new dance page', one instructor wrote down 11 new teaches in a row) There were 11 other hand written requests in onesies or threesies). Frances talked to dancers about Flying High that night...she told them if you want to do it ...then go inital for it ...I ask my students 'did you request?' ...I initial after, or stick it in FIRST, if it is really important to me. I know every instructor wants their students to have a GREAT social floor experience. I think ANNI WUNDERLIEH wants every CQS dancer to have a great time ...under her presidency the 'dance format' was made to address this issue. (Anni is a dancer, she owns Sunset Stampede! I am in awe at how high she can jump AND w/such ease!! )

New dances common to both CQS and BnB floor w/many trying VERY hard: 2 of Us, Vaya Con Dios, Father & Daughter (I am told that Jocelyn & I were the only two who rememberd the tag), Spanish Love, Rumba Breeze (Laura was THANKED for holding it together for all following), Rain Against My Windows (Marcie & Jeanette holding it together for followers).
AND The Way You Make Me Feel ...FRANCES nailed tag #2 which makes me think she did so last night! Variations were much fewer on/the CQS full floor.

Feet to the Rhythm & Reflections played at CQS ...to full floors. The latter w/variations.

Towards the end of the evening ...
The Cowboy (Kole Dunn 1995) brought us 'old timers' to the floor. At the first squeak of the door, the memories flowed & I was right back in 1995 at Sh Boom's; the pattern returned. Frances was kitty corner behind me ...just like back in the day ...How FUN for all of us on that CQS floor!

Time to Swing (Andrew & Sheila) is a Friday class hit. We went auto on the second music play. Most importantly, we still remembered it at the end of class. Thursday PM has requested it purely on hearing the music and watching the video. I have decided to teach it Monday.

Fools Fall was a rough teach Thursday AM ...the sheet is not brain friendly for ME. I ended up teaching it Friday because LaCreta was able to get section 7 into my feet. I never did figure out the count. The students just followed til it went into their feet. It was not requested or played 4th Friday at BnB.

Heads Up! LONG review on Friday ..still had to call "tag". Music will play, I might walk, or not.

Feet To The Rhythm & Bad Influence floor fillers earlier this month at BnB had 6 votes each & were not played 4th Friday. Reflections was the must know dance at the beginning of the month, on 4th Friday, no votes, no play at BnB.

45+ were on the floor Flying High (Jan Wylie's video) 4th Friday night at BnB ...10 initals for that 2000 hit dance! Seems Frances & Jocelyn had their memories jogged when the exact first 8 counts of that dance showed up in another teach this week ...JUST one walk at the back of the hall put those initials into action!
How cool for all of us to re remember that dance, still in my 'old' ipod ..will be on Monday's playlist!

Oldies played w/high initials: Cool Whip 12 (last dance w/19 on the floor), Hot Tamales 10 (Johanna's request but we had to nag Neil to play it), Jambalaya 10, She Bangs 12, & Shipwrecked 10.
Johanna Wise is the personality DJ host of line dance radio at Stanford U ...
I click 56K Stereo MP3 to stream her live show Tuesdays noon to 3...

10+ initals on DJ's printed request list w/plays: Amame, Crazy Foot Mambo, Moonlight Kiss 14, Oklahoma Wind, Sea Salt Sally, & Yes Sir, That's My Baby 11.

The Write Ins played:

The MOST nags at me to nag Neil goes to Painted Windows written twice w/13. He played it next to last, Poker Face (only 7 student votes) played just prior. All on the floor owned these two dances.

Early in the evening (just after 8:30 ..grins) ...The Way You Make Me Feel (6 student votes) played. Frances told me her review teach was quite long ...no matter, the first restart on wall two facing 6 o'clock was tonight's opportunity to loose the wall. (Dancers facing 3 different walls according to Chris) ...I grabbed a swallow from my drink and waited till the floor went back to sync ...it stayed that way til music end. Chris noted that we might have all danced through restart #2?

('Variations' in this dance prompted a wall discussion. I noted that for me the back of the BnB hall was my 12 o'clock teach wall. Johanna and I both agreed that the BnB 9 o'clock wall was in 'our minds' the Cupertino Sunday 12 o'clock wall. Gloria, couldn't grasp the concept at all ...to her the DJ is the 12 o'clock no matter what. OH ...how freeing that would be for ME ...I am forever fighting 'wall' challenge and 'memory' challenge. While following Frances' feet for Flying High ...my mind went back to 2000 to the Bonanza Bash Ballroom, someone was calling the steps while I was learning that dance on the darkened floor ...because I MISSED the teach because 5 different workshops were happening all at once ..or, I was at the pool ...grins)

Write Ins w/10+ STUDENT votes were: Holding On To Yesterday 11, Father & Daughter 11, Sister Kate 10 (Glenda, Girl, U OWN that dance!) Man Cheing Fei 11, Hold Me Love Me 12, & Cool Chick 13

Write In Voting Notes of Interest:

Let Me Love You w/8 votes for Annie's song ...(what I say to remind my dancers which dance) .. Friday AM the music played and we started dancing Father & Daughter, Laura had to 'remind us' ...by showing the kick kick and back locks ...OH ..wrong dance ..
The BnB front row made the same error ..Father & Daughter pattern came forth from feet instead of Let Me Love You ..too funny!

Lisa, YOU kept Cuban Kiss's (3 student votes) full floor on track, most own the pattern but need wall help.
Kathy & Marcie kept Rain Against My Windows (2 student votes) on track for followers.

You And I (11 votes) by Oli Geir & Hugrun needed a dance card to get it played ...the song (Someday by Hera Bjork) started out slow then got my attention when the music changed (& the pattern also)...Stella and Johanna & 9 others danced it flawlessly.
WHAT an endorsement! The sheet looks frightening, but the recent video makes it look great!

Jesse James (happy3 months birthday) a floor filler, as was ...Ay Amor, Go Mama Go, Ease On Down, Marry For Money, Coochie Bang Bang, Roomba Breeze, 2 Of Us & Vaya Con Dios.

Maybe it was just that kind of night, but it seemed that Neil Hale was 'nagged' more than ususal. He actually spends time reading the floor. We are so lucky he wants to please us all ...

72 were on the floor at BnB 3rd Friday when Debbie Kachalkin taught Fools Fall (Lois Lightfoot). Variations in my row; Thanks to Ron, we made it through!

Heads Up! by Vera & Teresa (I Said I Love You, Quando When Quando & Mildred My Friend)
Friday likes the music but pattern & tag didn't stick by end of class. Music played THREE separate times.
I won't be teaching it to other classes.

Painted Windows (Fitzgerald/Harris) Friday class hit. Not a BnB floor filler but no 'variataions' noted. Will teach to all classes.

The Way You Make Me Feel (Nigel Payne 2006) The 1 1/4 turn in the 4th set is the 'oportunity' to loose the wall. At one time during the music Frances said BnB dancers were facing ALL FOUR walls ...grins! I won't be teaching it to other classes.

Carol and I were social dancing 3rd weekend; at BnB Friday, CQS Saturday & Cupertino Sunday ..it is RARE to FIND affordable venues for linedancing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jamie Hogan will be hosting 2nd Friday at Barrett. Carol and I will continue hosting 2nd Saturday @ Westhope. (NO 2nd Saturdays NOVEMBER & DECEMBER)
I am considering adding a teach to this social since Feet To The Rhythm went over well.
Cupertino Sundays will ONLY happen twice in August. Sue and Kathy will be taking a much needed holiday during that month. Dancers continue to claim they want to just dance, but we are finding that the socials are NOT as well attended as the classes.

Father & Daughter (Karen Hadley June 09) took less than 10 minutes to teach to the Monday class. It is a great 48/4 wall dance, great music, perfect speed. We danced it twice. Isle of Paradise - The class remembered it w/help from Laura's feet and a review of the last 8 counts. We danced it twice. I won't be teaching it afterall ...the ipod will just let it play. GREAT dance from 2006! I allow 30 mintues for teaching, w/the extra time ...we danced Feet To The Rhythm again. AND Purple Rain came back into our feet by the end of the music.

27 danced on this Hot summer 3rd Sunday in Cupertino, playlist July 19.

3rd Friday at BnB club in Fremont w/31 dancers. Guest DJ Jamie Hogan had 20 dancers still on the floor at 10:55 when Love Me Hold Me played. Pre dances: Feet to the Rhythm ...they all were! Father & Daughter also full floor. Floor flush: Make My Day ...Frances & Glenda heard 'Perhaps' in that music and started to remember it down the back. Jamie noticed and asked ...would you like me to play the original music? WE DID ...and the floor was full ...most of us got Chris Kumre's 1999 one wall 64 count intermediate PLUS dance back in our feet. Singing along w/Doris Day ...PRICELESS way to start a dance evening!
I was totally surprised to see the DANCE CARDS flurry this night ...like the diehards got together and plotted amongst themselves to come up with their most favorite all time oldie.
ALL MY HEART was played ...to a FULL FLOOR! That made my NIGHT. Frances & Glenda remembering (non phrased) Hideaway Cha (2000 Joanne Brady, Jamie Davis Marshall & Jo Thompson) was so FUN to watch.
We remembered, No Matter To Me (2001 Jackie Snyder Miranda), Straighten UP and Fly Right (1999 Terry Hogan) Singalongmysong (2001 Michele Perron) AND then ....
Carl Sullivan's Such A Night (2002) to Elvis! IT was SUCH A NIGHT ...the newer floor fillers: Sister Kate, Jesse James, Whiter Than White, Holding On To Yesterday, Ease on Down the Road & Tennessee Waltz and the newest floor fillers just taught: Ay Amor, Reflections, Go Mama Go, Bad Influence, Feet To The Rhythm & Father & Daughter.
Late in the evening when Key Largo played ... Frances remembered that we danced Key Largo (2007 Irene Groundwater) back in the day. NO wonder that song seemed familar!!! Irene's 32 count beginner dance ...on youtube here. Here's Looking at You Kid, not a floor filler here, neither is 2 of Us w/ 5 students on the floor.
Jamie wrote down Sister Kate ...as the next dance she was going to learn. I am so smiling!!

Painted Windows (Fitzgerald/Harris) ...class likes the dance/music. It will remain on the Friday playlist.

3rd Friday I slipped in Margarita (Jesse Garcia) 40 count, 4 wall beginner/intermediate
no tags no restarts.
The dance flows, but it is not phrased to the music. I will not be reviewing it.

Feet to the Rhythm (Christine Bass/Carol Simmons) If you lose the plot, you can not stop moving your body to the rhythm! The music is that FUN and yet, not TOO fast. The patterns work w/the music, but you do have to think. It was too much fun for me to teach this dance at 2nd Saturday. All comments were positive, all laughter was infectious.

Bad Influence (Furnell & Kinsers) ...classes like the music. It fills the floor at BnB with everyone on the beat.

2 of Us (Maggie G) The music is SLOW and gets SLOWER before the dance ends. It was requested and played at BnB on Friday night. Many on the social floor were having difficulty going from the sailor into cross ball cross in the first pattern. BUT the real issue was the 'little' run runs into the rock recover 1/4's section for the 4th pattern.
Thursday PM & Friday class got it no worries. It is not my favorite. I didn't review it 3rd Friday. Only ONE request for it.

Ay Amor (Ria Vos) was a smash hit at all classes & at BnB on Friday night. EVEN the tag was remembered.

Poker Face (Craig Bennett) - I taught & reviewed this dance to 3 classes past 2 weeks. The 7th pattern is Still in brain failure for me w/that music. It is not a class favorite; it is a favorite at Cupertino Sunday. Must be a love or hate dance. Not my favorite.

Reflections (Michael Vera Lobos) - It looked akward on the BnB soical floor because of the slow timing of the dance. In the second pattern, the touch behind, full unwind turn and in the full turn in the third pattern, it is obvious that Not everyone feels the music. Carol LOVES the dance and goes into her zone. Yulie performs the intent of the dance and looks awesome in her interpretation. Too early to tell if it is a keeper on the social floor. It will remain on the Friday playlist. It is Too slow for me.
MVL's Kerry's Waltz is a Monday favorite ONLY IF I walk the pattern before the music plays. It is off the playlist.

Have Fun, Go Mad (Scott Blevins) - Lou Ann's Youtube video was reason enough to teach this Scott classic. It is not a class favorite. It IS a World favorite.

Beautiful (Shaz Walton) - Friday can perform the dance, no problem. They don't like music period. I won't be teaching it to other classes. I really like the feel of the dance to the music.

On Friday, I slipped in Spellbound (Alison Biggs), very easy dance w/one restart, one tag ...both easily heard. NO student requests, no play at BnB on Friday.

The love affair with Cuban Kiss & Coochie Bang Bang went bust (2nd Friday) at BnB. (Jay V wasn't in house). The requests slipped; no floor time for these two hard dances. CHA CHA was weak ...Rumba was strong, but not many on the floor.

Newer floor fillers: Jesse James, Whiter Than White, U Turn, My New Life, Amane, My Next Love, Ay Amor, Multipy, Go Mama Go, Holding On To Yesterday, Cool Chick, Moonlight Kiss, Ease on Down the Road, Hold Me, Love Me, Let Me Love You, Bad Influence, Guantanamera, Tennessee Waltz, Mojo Rhythm, and Gimme A Chance ( I was THRILLED to get to dance this one on the social floor).

Cactus Corners Line/Couples Dance Club July 3rd The Grange Hall (built in 1873 by Nathaniel Howard) Danville, CA. 67+ (near capacity) on that seasoned wood floor w/DJ Gary Clayton. 15+ requests: 18 Yellow Roses, Cabo San Lucas, CHA CHA, Cool Chick (18), Hold Me Love Me, Jesse James (18), Kill The Spiders, Toes, Whiter than White & U Turn.
Write In's w/8+: Coochie Bang Bang 11, Galway Girls 9,
I Lied 10 (to awesome Michael Bolton), La Secret 8, Life Without U 12, Marry for Money 10, Poker Face 12, and 11 votes for Swingin' Doors (Dee Musk).

& Sister Kate 11 ..(I love this dance!) I had to hunt for a spot to dance: Tennessee Waltz, Boyfriend of the Year, Go Mama Go, Holding on to Yesterday, Multiply & Wave on Wave. Oldie favs: Alley Cat, Fly Like A Bird, Cool Whip, Chill Factor, Prairie Strut, Jambalaya, -AND someone put xx's oo's & hearts next to East to West, It GOT played!
Neil Hale's Prancin' Pony, not to Fishin' in the Dark? I couldn't do it, BUT they all could!!!
At mid break, Gary & Janet taught a mixer to
50+ Reaching Out (1998/Charlotte Skeeters) ...MOSTLY smiles, & rare variations! How fun to hear that music once again!
Hard drives do EAT mp3's! Jesse James bit the dust! Fortunately, June & John carry class CD's w/them!

August 1999 Scott Blevins wrote Have Fun, Go Mad. The MOST danced OLDIE at events. Sadly, It never made it to mainstream classes/weekend socials in my area. (2005 Video) w/Paul, Bracken, Judy & Scott. In front of Scott - Eve Yeaton (co host Windy City) & Maurice having FUN. Confirmed Windy City Instructors.