May Dance Blog, 2009

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If you have tweens in your life ...then you know who Hannah Montanta is (btw relation to Joe ..grins) and you know that Hannah Montana The Movie opens on FRIDAY. I was watching GMA yesterday and Miley took off her heels and proceeded to dance Hoedown Throwdown with all the tweens gathered in the studio. I had NEVER heard of the Hoedown Throwdown but she was line dancing!

The Hoedown Throwdown (video pushing 3 million hits) is the big dance number in the movie. It is a REAL line dance (no sheet that I could find) ...if this young woman can jump start the line dance craze AGAIN ..just like her Daddy did back in 1992 when he released Achy Breaky Heart. How FUN would that be!!!

Melanie Greenwood wrote the line dance of the same name to that music in 1992 was labeled advanced ..and back in the day when I was first learning it (1995ish) I thought it was!

Below are the words she sings to clue the dance steps ...

pop it, lock it, polka dot it, countrify it, hip-hop it, hawk in the sky, side to side, jump to the left, stick it & glide, zig-zag touch step, across the floor, shuffle in diagonal (w/arm movements), hit the drum (kick left leg punch with right arm (repeat opposite) ending hands on the hips), 180 twist, (triple 1/2 right, 3 hops on L back 180, down) zig-zag touch step, slide left, lean it left, clap 3 times, shake it out (full turn around), throw it all together, thats how we roll.

Don't you just LOVE Jamal's neon yellow dance shoes!! Nice touch w/the hat ..
We've come along way from the boots and the cowboy hats ...but we still enjoy the sport of line dancing ...and it is here to stay ...Bless the Young Dancers!

BnB guest DJ Gary Clayton randomly played some oldie music before the Friday dancin' began. ...MMM-Bop (Kelly Kaylin) was the music and I started following feet ...didn't take long before we all went AUTO on this Internationl hit classic from 1997. Michael Barr taught it to us at the Y dance on a November Friday Night; It was the HOT NEW DANCE that played at my Pushin' 50 B'Day Party on SUNDAY! I have danced that pattern MANY times at MANY venues to alternate music ...It is in MY feet. I hear his words. This dance will forever be a San Francisco Bay Area classic.

Friday Class Empowerment Experiment ...Rachael taught us Jesse James on a Friday Afternoon. That following week area instructors taught her dance; It fills the weekend floors. WE worked all week on the tag/restart/tag. This morning in class, 'Alternatate' NC2 music (no tags) played ...the class danced. I saw the JOY in their feet; their words spoke the same. I want to believe they count. IMHO, Rachael has given us a perfect and interesting NC2 routine ...A separate routine for every piece of NC2 music? Maybe not. We will be dancing I Told You So (duet Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis) to Rachael's Jesse James routine. The pattern is ending as we face the back wall ~ 2.00 When Randy starts to sing IF I Got Down On my Knees... count one will occur. I ADORE Randy's voice. The music is played for Holding On To Yesterday at the weekend socials.

Some dances are Westhope or MY favorites ...the dances we own ...

...Swing M Swing (Dornstedts) ...I can feel that dance if I can also see Carol's feet, The dancers who love it ...OWN it and their joy is my visual pleasure as I sing along with Michael.
Purple Rain (Rachael McEnaney) the first inter/adv dance taught to Thursday AM class by request. It is one of my favorites. Sadly for ME, it never did make it to the weekend socials.
Gimme Me A Chance (Maggie Gallager) the ONLY 96 count dance I will ever teach. Students requested it to be taught in Monday class. It is one of my favorites. Sadly, it was gone from the weekend socials before anyone owned it. The music speaks to me and I had to teach it.

Joanne Brady brought pleasure to all of us at the LAPD event in April ...she owned Beulah (Michele Perron) and taught it beautifully. Terri and Tajali own that dance ...they helped me get the feel to the count. I know NOW how Joanne Brady feels ...Not ALL students own it by any means ...those who do ...I see it in their feet, my soul soares with the music. I thank Michele and Joanne so much for giving us such pleasure. The music just makes me feel like a dancer. It was danced once on a weekend this month, it remains one of my most favorite dances.

Within a minute of listening to Cha Cha by Eugene, I thought I heard a keeper; The CHA CHA (Peter Ng) dance does not disappoint. The students who like the music, love the dance. CHA CHA filled the floors the weekend after the teaches, immediate hit. By the end of the month ...initials are gone. I still LOVE the music and the dance.

Anne Murray croonin' Make Love to Me ... the music is the hook. Hold Me Love Me (Alan Haywood), The restarts are the MOST FUN part of this HAPPY dance. Some students just can't retain the step pivot patterns. It might be because they are lost in singin' the lyrics? It remains a weekend social floor filler. I LOVE the music and the dance.

Mojo Rhythm (Rob Fowler) Wynnona! I would say it is the top favorite right now, all Westhope classes. STILL a huge Weekend social hit.

Ease on Down (Rachael McEnaney, JP & Bracken Potter) instant class hit. I was amazed at how fast all classes picked up the pattern and retained it. I refer to it as the performance dance ...the music makes ME feel like we are part of a broadway production number.
Most remember the 4:30 tag. STILL a Weekend social hit.

Let Me Love You (Hazel Pace) the class loves this dance. At counts 37-43, I feel an 's' serpentine pattern in the music for this fast waltz. For me the dance is great, the music has always been a favorite, I just feel rushed when I put the two together. Played at the weekend socials.

Whiter Than White (Kim Ray) the newest class favorite. The lyrics are as I thought ..grins. Easy teach ...Monday dancers will keep it on the playlist. Many are trying hard to dance this one on the weekends.

Multiple (Paul McAdam) took more reviews than I care to mention to deliver this dance. I fade the music at 'so tired, so tired' ...the class keeps requesting this one. It is played at the weekend socials, but MANY dancers on the social floor are dancing while the music plays. THEN about 1/3 into the dance they all synchronize. When they do ...I join in. grins.

Happy Birthday! Love Worth Waiting For (Maria Tao) ...this dance was released May 2008! IF I leave it off the Monday list is ALWAYS requested before we leave. The last week of May, the initials fell and it was not played.

Yes, Sir That's My Baby (Lorraine Kurtela) ...a beginner dance enjoyed by all levels. Played at the weekend socials. We ALL adore Lorraine ...what FUN she has given us in this dance.

I appreciate the hard work the DJ's put into deciding which dances to play on the weekends ..I would hope that when they first play a hard dance that instantly fills the floor, i.e. Jesse James ...that they would actually look to see how many are dancing and how many are following. IF the intermediate PLUS dancers are in attendance, then why wait to the last dance to play the equally hard dance 'of the minute' ...or at least announce the last 3 dances to be played. When I see diehard dancers leave for the evening and the next dance called is something they waited all night to dance ...then everyone hurts.