Line Dance Fun ©2009 Doris Volz

Swedish dancers -
Mr. President (2003 Ward, Jenkins & Dunn)
The stars were aligned last night ...11pm came WAY too fast at BnB.
The dance cards worked DJ Neil Hale's database to a frenzy ...Tiggeriffic, Drawbridge Rendezvous, Divisadero Cha, Doors of Life, Hold Your Horses, Chill Factor @48 counts please, Hot Tamales (right before the shoulder pushes, someone might yell "French" or "Spanish" we count out loud 1-8 on that pattern. Last night, Carole yelled Chinese, Japanese & Roman Numerals!) That was a first! 2 cards to play The Cowboy (1995) grins, It filled the floor. Rob & Carole quick walked us through Mr. President, a mega hit from 2003. A full floor & we did so well! ONLY flub - first 4 counts in "H"! Simon, Dude ...we had so much fun remembering that dance last night ...back in the day we danced it so much, last night, our feet remembered!


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