Line Dance Fun ©2009 Doris Volz

140+ friends, family & SMILIN' ROWDY DANCIN' BUDS came from far and near to celebrate w/Lorraine Kurtela at the CQS Saturday night dance she turned into a party for all of us! The appetizer table included gi- normous shrimp cocktail and platters of pinwheels, veggie, cheese, and fruit platters. The fruit punch and various dips & chips were a plenty all night long! Her daughter-in-law Joanne hand-made two HUGE, beautifully decorated birthday cakes to grace the food table. Doris Sexton frosted number 85's. We consumed it all.

DJ's Evelyn and Denny had tons of requests (playlist) and kept the floor full w/the old, the newer and the brand new! How cool to dance Go Mama Go, Jesse James, Oklahoma Wind and Louisiana Swing w/Cindy Aldrich ...Head Penguin Mama! My highlights: Dancin' Ay Amor along side MARY and Cha Cha Lengua next to Lorraine! Neil Hale & his lovely Linda were in cowboy hats see him on the floor 'playing the piano' while dancin' his Hot Tamales ...PRICELESS! One of Lorraine's favorite dances is Terry Hogan's Along For the Ride ...she was front row dancin' that HARD, FAST dance 85! Michael Barr & Michele Burton taught Lorraine's 1998 winning dance: Funky Farmer to 120 plus jammed onto the floor. How fun to see the 'funky elbow' variations!
AND Yes, Sir That's My Baby played ...roof raising sing-a-long! What a SPECIAL night; Lorraine U be our shining STAR! Also at the celebration ...Juliet Hauser who teaches in Chico.
Jo Thompson will be teaching Juliet Hauser's Walkin' the Dog at Windy City.

42 Friday nite Oct 2 at BnB w/DJ Neil Hale ...he mixes waltzes, rock and country, in a fast, fast, faster ...then give them a break ... roller coaster ..way. He reads the crowd ...especially after 10:30. Carol was thrilled to re remember ROOMBA as Johanna led the way for us! Huelling (hadn't danced in 3 weeks and she IS the Queen of the Funky moves) ...asked me to walk Miami to refresh her memory. Miami was the last dance he played for the SIX of us .. Carol, Maria K, Johanna, Stella, Huelling and ME ...
Thank you so much Neil. My FRIDAY was PERFECT.

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