September Dance Blog, 2009
03 19 2010 PARTY w/the PENGUINS in Oroville (FLYER)

My intermediate students age range: 50+ to 83.
If the music tooooo slow for ME (& the class agrees) I drop the dance w/out review. There are NOT too many dances, just, IMHO not enough dances w/interesting patterns that actually flow to the music. Louisiana Swing co written Sept 09 by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, instant hit all classes, no review needed. That dance hit the BnB social floor that weekend and prompted 'zydeco' music talk and 'older' zydeco dance recommendations on the world newsletter.
Louisiana Swing flows beautifully to the music, 32/4 w/no tags, no restarts and FUN enough that 14 out of the 40 dancers at 4th Sat who had learned the dance, wanted to dance it. The ending, fabulous footwork to the music!
Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie also gave us the current world-wide smash hit ... Go Mama Go!

The dances w/double digit requests for 4th Saturday w/Mike & Joyce (40+ senior dancers) are:
Alley Cat 11, Amame 10, Ay Amor 11, Beer For My Horses 16, Brown Eyed Girl 10, Cool Chick 11, Ease On Down 13, Father & Daughter 16, Go Mama Go 16, Jesse James 14, Louisiana Swing 14, Love Worth Waiting For 10, Mojo Rhythm 17, Multiply 11, Oklahoma Wind 11, Paralyzed 13, Rock Around the Clock 12, She Bangs 11, Shipwrecked 11, Simplemente 11, Smokey Places 11, Storybook Endings 11, Yes Sir,That's My Baby 13, Zydeco Lady 12

AS I was going thru the 4th Saturday requests above ...the old, older, newer and brand new dances are all represented. EIGHT California choreographers are represented in that list of 24 dances.

Hedy McAdams wrote the oldies: Brown Eyed Girl 1998 and Shipwrecked 1997.
Ease On Down (2008) was Internationally co written by Jp & Bracken Ellis Potter and Rachael McEnaney.
Love Worth Waiting For (2008) is the first Mega World-wide hit for Maria Tao.
Paralyzed was written locally here in 2004 by Charyle Hartje and Gary Clayton.
Storybook Endings (Neil Hale 1999) requested & danced at every weekend social here for the past TEN years.
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
(2008) by Ms "Funky Farmer 1998" Lorraine Kurtela ... her 85th is October 3!
Zydeco Lady (1990) Chris Hookie (His bio states: "Chris began learning about Country Western dancing in 1981 at the Saddle Rack in San Jose, California while working as a California State Park Ranger in the Santa Cruz Mountains.") All the sheets can be downloaded at

3rd Friday at BnB w/Diana & Tina (40 dancers, MOSTLY seniors) ...their playlist w/initials counted.

Monday class didn't need but a walk for Stuff You Gotta Watch & learned Louisiana Swing so fast I gave them a choice: give me requests or learn Lorraine Kurtela & Darci Burton's 1998 Golden Gate Classic winning dance! Lorraine, We will be dancin' Funky Farmer w/YOU on your 85th B'Day! Great, readable sheet, no tags, no restarts, phrased 48/2 to Tracy Byrd singing I'm From the Country ...Lorraine's recent hit: Yes, Sir That's My Baby is a floor filler here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stuff You Gotta Watch (Michele Perron) now on both BnB playlist & CQS playlist.

Los Altos, CA senior center line dance w/Richard Campell on Tuesdays from 1 - 2 pm ...among the class stars are 3 dancers in their 90's ...WAIT one, just turned 100. Their class video is here. The afternoon I visited, they danced Chocolate City Hustle, Beer For My Horses, Linda Lu (Neil Hale's 1992 Classic Linda Lu is being danced on their class video), Waltz Across Texas, Sweet Sweet Smile and Lori Wong's classic Ain't Going Nowhere!

FREE: DVDVideosoft downloads audio from artist video (posted on Yipee) & produces mp3.

Rachael McEnaney & Cato Larsen dance Swingin' R's co written in 2000
by California choreographers Rob Ingenthron & Robert Royston.
Rob 'I' taught line dance in Sunnyvale, CA at Cheers in the mid 90's.
His Conrado Cha Cha (1998) was a floor filler at Cheers every week.
Met Rob and his wife out dancin' here in San Jose, CA back 2008.

Robert Royston and Laureen Baldovi in 1997 at UCWCD in Anaheim, CA
California had talent back in the day BEFORE DWTS ...the TV show.
They taught beginning & intermediate hustle at the Cowboy Country Club in the mid 90's in Pleasanton, CA. I met them in 1997 on the Cowboy Country Club line dance floor one Saturday night. They were line dancing & 'practicing' their routine for 'Worlds'. At that time I didn't know what 'Worlds' meant ...most of us now know it is a couples championship competition. This rare 1997 youtube video uploaded in 2007 ...predates DWTS the televison show by nearly a decade! Robert & Laureen wowed that huge audience w/their spectacular 7.16 minute non stop performance. They used music popular in line dancing: Be Bop A Lulu (Denny Hengen) and Swing Time Boogie (Scott Blevins).

Laureen and Robert in their Broadway performance SWING
original production photo by Joan Marcus from this website.

On Sept 5th, 200+ students & friends (group photo @ Sue & Kathy's website) were invited to DANCE in Cupertino with Sue Hsu and Kathy Chang's to celebrate their 3rd Anniversary as instructors.
This night was one food filled, HAPPY CELEBRATION to honor two talented instructors who add vitality and FUN to our local San Francisco Bay Area dance community. Sue & Kathy Line Dance Youtube videos are priceless teaching tools for our global dance community; Their choreography taught worldwide.
Come Dance With Me (Jo Thompson) played; The floor held ~100. Stroll Along Cha Cha (John & Janette Sandham), the pattern went askew for ~ 3 walls then, like magic, 100+ came into full sync!
Life Without U (Maggie G) got my attention: All in sync, great music. Jazz box tags, & easy patterns!
Tango Tonight (Sue & Kathy's newest) jam packed the floor. I squeezed in close to Carol to get a spot.
Santa Rosa was here! Sally traded space w/me for Beautiful (Shaz Walton) so I could follow.
Harder dances filled the floor while the easier ones jammed it.
Newest 'must do': Miami (Guyton Mundy/Will Craig) w/music clean? or explicit? Ipod had to be re started. The sheet is an easy read; 96 doable counts w/easy tag. Just add repeats & restarts!

Just before the cake was cut, Limay's students and then, Huelling & Rita's students danced for us. Their 'outfit accessories' a must acquire! First time to see J V dance as solo performer. Dude, awesome isolation & muscle control and fluid movements. Impressive composure under pressure! Many SnK students danced for our enjoyment; The nicest 'break' entertainment at a social, for sure! Their published playlist for Sept 5.

My current favorites: Stuff You Gotta Watch (Michele Perron), Second Chance (Yvonne Anderson) You and I, Jesse James, Sister Kate, CHA CHA, Painted Windows & still, Purple Rain, Whiter Than White and Beulah.

Stuff You Gotta Watch a rare instant class hit w/Thursday PM (18 of us) and Friday (8 or so more).

On Friday ...I thumbed through my old Ipod ...playing possible favorites for the class ...and the ones we chose for a re look are: Crystal Clear, Guardian Angel, Show Me Wot U Got, Rainy Night, The Way You Look, My Heart is Broken Too, Oh Mama, and You're My Destiny. (Friday night ...Come Tommorrow and T.G.I.F. were BnB dance card requests and filled the floor w/all helping each other remember.) Why? Because I can't find a supply of NEW dances that measure up to EASE on DOWN! (One of my original students blurted out in class ...why can't we learn some more fun ones like EASE on DOWN if they existed ...I would be keeping them a secret? Grins.)

All the 'promotion' talk going on in the dance community, I hear YOU all. Would it help the credibility of your reports to talk numbers? Maybe. If you have single digit numbers in your class (or 35) is that an important fact to state? If 2/3 of the dancers who attended a "newline workshop" danced mainstream dances ONLY ... isn't that an important fact? For me, The issue is numbers. If MOST dancers are following on ANY dance, then it is not a floor filler. Does following only happen on my social floors? Everyone would appreciate truth in what dances actually are being enjoyed on the weekend social floors.

If I teach a dance one week, review it the next and on week 3 they (sometimes me too) still can't remember how it starts or the restarts or tags, OR I don't review it and they don't even ask for it ...duh. OR we dance the dance and decide no way we even like the music or the pattern ...this happens. If I write about it .. YOU know I hear about it! The weekend requests are visual proof to any instructor who wants to look. At least a dozen of my students attend the weekend socials ...their requests get my attention. If MOST dancers are following on any dance, then it is not a floor filler.

I try to pick THE MUSIC that my students will enjoy enough to want to put the effort into learning the dance. If in doubt on the music ...I allow them to decide. I want to give them a quality dance ...Oklahoma Wind, Gimme A Chance, Ease On Down, Purple Rain, Jesse James, Whiter Than White and You and I come to mind and throw in an easy one ...Mojo Rhythm & Cool Chick, instant hits ...Go Mama Go and Holding on to Yesterday ...tags were a challenge, and recently, Father & Daughter mega hit.

40+ first Friday BnB w/DJ Neil Hale; Neil also DJ'd 60+ Saturday Aug 29th at CQS
Joyce Shannon's
complete playlist from the August 29th CQS dance. (BnB regulars usually attend CQS)

The list of dances that my notes "remember" played at both venues; # indicates BnB votes.
Alley Cat 8, Amame 8,
Ay Amor 11, Bosa Nova 10, Cowboys Don't Cry 8, Crazy Foot Mambo 9, Cha Cha Lengua 9, Cool Chick 11, Father & Daughter 9, Fly Like a Bird 1, Go Mama Go 11, Guantanamera 8, Holding on to Yesterday 10, Hot Tamales 12, Jesse James 10, Let Me Love You 6, Love Worth Waiting For 7, Moonlight Kiss 10, Multiply 10, Nothin' But Taillights 11, Rain Against My Window 8, Rock Around the Clock 10, Rumba Breeze 9, Simplemente 4, Storybook Endings 10, Vaya Con Dios 6, Zydeco Lady 9

The dances w/the highest requests and played at BnB last night:
Ease on Down 10, Marry for Money 10, Sea Salt Sally 10, and Speak to the Sky 11.

4 Dance Cards ...T.G.I.F. (Michele Perron/Jo Thompson 2000) fun to hear that music and go auto again! At least 20 on the floor and All but 2 got that 32/4 dance back in their feet.
Miller Magic (Andrew, Simon & Sheila 2005) Joyce had the tags and the music just carried the whole floor until everyone was in sync on this 64/4 beginner/inter dance.
Along for the Ride (1997 Terry Hogan's The Ant's Dance) a tricky 64/2 dance w/a tricky start.The sheet says to begin on the words 'our steering wheel' ...when I hit those jumps was 1997 all over again ...funny how some dances just make your heart soar. Frances was on auto with the brutal ending, I had to follow.
Come Tommorrow (Michele Perron's mega 32/4 world hit from 2005) I remembered the restarts but section 3 didn't come back into my feet. I LOVED that dance ...a revisit is a possibility.