February Dance Blog, 2010

& Alison's American Cowboy is the newest smash hit floor filler at BnB ...
I will teach
Peter & Alison's Parachute at the 2nd Saturday INTERMEDIATE social.

On Monday Rachael released Rhyme Or Reason to Sugarland ...to EXERCISE music!
I couldn't resist teaching it after viewing the video posted by Winnie and her Canadian dancers. I was SHOCKED to have it played 2nd Friday at BnB w/DJ's Diana & Tina (55 dancers ) in primetime. Seems a few Westhope dancers asked for it and it got played. After teaching Americano to the Friday class and a LONG review of Martini Moments w/them ...my brain was fried AND I was in party mode.
LUCKY for me ...I tucked that sheet into my boot bag prior to the long drive to the club. Reading the sheet on the floor while the music played ...no worries. I always print in LARGE font! AFTER the 3rd wall, I and the floor dancers went into perfect sync. I was doin' good to remember the pattern to the music, remembering that there was a restart ..NOT!
This dance will go onto the Monday playlist.

The other new dance played at BnB 2nd Friday ...Martini Moments ...as a pre dance and again in prime time. The 5th set of 8 ...not working out at each wall for me and most others. We were all following each other on the social floor the whole dance. I personally won't count a dance in order to dance it after I teach/learn the patterns. NOT my favorite. Friday class will get a review. It will remain on the Thursday PM playlist by request only.

Peter & Alison have written American Cowboy (non country music) to Jada. Class hit.
and Parachute to Cheryl Cole. Now that the sheet is available a re teach is possible.
No way could my students retain this fast 32/4 w/tag on one teach from one week to the next. YOUTUBE dancers are extremely valuable to students and instructors. I couldn't teach 3-4 dances a week without my students WANTING to keep the steps in their brains by sheet or by video. Amerian Cowboy was requested and played at the Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekend socials.

Americas Got Talent 2009 finale ...Susan Boyle Sings Wild Horses ...and I watched in awe.
Back in 1971 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote Wild Horses ...ranked #334 out of 500 on the 'songs of all time' list in 2004. 1995 - The Rolling Stones performing Wild Horses ...as a fan, I remember.
Wild (Craig Bennett) written to Wild Horses (Radio Mix) by Soo-Bo feat. Tee Webb. Friday's teach was based on newsletter 'hype' which indicated that Wild was the 'hit dance' at 2010 Crystal Boots Awards Weekend. Assuming that Wild could be the next event floor filler here in the US ...I was jazzed to teach/learn it. The 64/2 pattern brought no excitement to that track for me or the students ...no review. No complaints.

First Friday at BnB ...no rain ..57 were dancin' the oldies, new and newer w/DJ Neil Hale.
Dances played to a full floor that were taught around the area last month include:
And I Love You So and Pii Pii from the Vegas Event.
(Bad Influence (Kinsers/Furnell) was a 'most' played dance at the Vegas event and it continues to fill the floor at BnB. Their Broken Heels, a must know last month, 2 requests, & not played.)

Playing With Fire (Craig Bennett) MOST mainstream floor filler in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Deja Vu (JP Potter) filled the floor ...most remembering it from back in the day ...but new to my students. Such a 'timeless' dance to 'timeless' music. I will catch up w/JP and his lovely wife Bracken in Indiana in March.
I was asked to teach this dance in the Thursday class because many will be going to Boogie in March and JP will be our DJ at that workshop.

Evergreen (Karen Hunn) continues to fill the floor w/each dancer choosing a different 'variation' for the 5&6&7 8 ending. Simon Ward's Yeeee Haaaa 'performed' by those of us remembering it from back in the day, but easy enough that others have joined in the floor fun.

Newer dances to appear on the BnB floor 1st Friday:
Mambo In The Moonlight (Maria Tao) this 64/2 intermediate was the 'hit' with Westhope classes this week. The BnB floor was full and most had the dance perfectly by music end. As always, Music is the KEY and her steps draw you into that music.

American Cowboy had ~ 20 on the floor dancing this one perfectly. The restart, no problem. The music has a STRONG beat, the lyrics not my favorite. The students like the dance and retained the 64/2 pattern by the end of the class week despite no sheet, no video.
It was highly requested by the 'P&A Cruise dancers' as one that they wanted to KEEP.

Regresa (Ruben Luna) easy 32/4 to a long piece of music. I, and others were dizzy after dancing it twice after last week's teach. No review this week, no complaints. Many on the BnB floor for this one.

Amore (Pat Stott) easy 32/4 w/easy tag to long piece of music. I stopped the Ipod midway at the PM teach and a "designated dancer" was assigned for the rest of us to follow. MOST dancers can't hear/feel the beat at all times AND that was the case on the BnB floor. 2 dancers were consistently on the same beat, One up the front & one down the back. All others were just dancing while the music played. No review.

Martini Moments (Francien Sittrop) dance card request ... bouncy Latin music for this 64/4 w/tag and restarts. (Francien's Beautiful Tena was last months BnB must know floor filler. 2 requests, not played.)
Beautiful Tena will remain on the Westhope Thursday playlist and Friday playlist.

I used a dance card to request Robbie McGowan Hickie's Got What It Takes ...full floor, no following for this upbeat, medium fast, country track. Exercise music to my ears! Carol wanted to use a card for Shoes of Another Man. ~ 3 at the most in the venue could dance it perfectly w/her and ONE was not ME.
She decided NOT ...grins. One request when I looked.