4th Friday at BnB ...Amy & friends joined us on the dance floor. Craig Bennett's Senoria (Oct 09) was 'the' dance to know. From those I spoke with, This beginner 48 count dance was 'the hit' of the Cactus Corners workshop ...the floor was jammed when Alex Swang & Oscar Sang ...Senorita.

Country-western line dancing originated in bars across the USA. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are fortunate enough to have two smoke free bars. The Saddle Rack in Fremont caters to all age groups; The Rodeo Club in San Jose, mainly the older generation. Couple dancers out number the line dancers in both venues.
Line dancing taught & danced in the social halls and senior centers throughout the World is geared to the dancer who wants a 'social' experience without partnering. All music (nightclub two step rhythm, waltz, Latin Cha Cha & Samba...even hip hop) is the 'norm' for dancers taking line dance lessons in 2010.

Each venue/class is UNIQUE. Each dancin' their 'classics' and new choreography at the higest level the teacher can deliver. I prefer FAST, upbeat country tempo i.e. Louisiana Swing (9 votes) & Got What It Takes (7 votes at BnB 3rd Friday w/ DJ Neil Hale) ....
and Carol feels the slow sultry dances i.e. Shoes Of Another Man (2 votes).
Played on the weekend from the Tampa Bay Classic in November:
And I Love You So (4 votes from 51+ dancers); Thursday & Friday class clapped!

Dances from the Vegas Explosion danced at BOTH BnB & CQS on the weekend:
Pii Pii (10), Bad Influence (12) and Broken Heels (8).

The Newest dance played BOTH venues: Playing with Fire (11) & the OLDEST: She Bangs (2000) 10 votes, Oklahoma Wind (2008) 12 votes & Jesse James (2009) 10 votes.

'Oldie' written requests (6 for each) played at BnB on Friday:
Simon's Yeeeee Haaaaa & Neil's Las Pistolas.

January 1st ....Plano, TX line dance class performs Hot Tamales to kick off the year 2010!
Neil Hale wrote Hot Tamales back in '93 ..it filled the event floor at 2009 Las Vegas Explosion.
Neil Hale's home base -the San Francisco Bay Area- updated bio.

Large fluffy SNOW fallin' an inch an hour? You Ain't Goin' Nowhere!
Plan B = downstairs dance hall. Linda helped me re learn: Faith In Love, Basha, Déjà Vu, Bossy, & Feed the Fetish. Her request ...Stuff You Gotta Know. We danced: Mojo Rhythm, Toes, Roomba, Charanga, Sister Kate, Jesse James, PURPLE RAIN & LARGER THAN LIFE.
I am SO lucky.

I am on Holiday in the heart of the midwest. Falling snow & brutal single digits did not deter dancers from driving over the river and into the woods to dance at the Stone Country Dance Hall the night before NYE. 35+ on the floor for beginner lessons at 7ish. 50+ entered the floor after the review of Paul's Crazy Foot Mambo. 8ish open dancing classics included: Rachael's Mars Attack, Simon's Turn Me Loose, Gaye Teather's Kill the Spiders and JP Potter's Déjà Vu. (California choreographers JP & Bracken Potter will be on staff at the Dance for All in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in March). TEN on the floor for Craig's Poker Face ...more men than ladies! and No Following; tag executed perfectly. (Dancing w/seniors AND college men on the SAME floor until 10pm ish on a week nite ...LineDanceHeaven!)

2009 Worlds workshop schedule
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