Line Dance Fun August 2010

Lorraine Kurtela was born, raised and educated in San Francisco.

Why did I choreograph a dance to Yes Sir, That’s My Baby and Hello Dolly!  Promise not to laugh, I will tell you!
I was born October, 1924. Do the Math! I have been a very active person and I keep thinking, what am I going to to do when I can't line dance anymore! I am approaching the 'rest home' stage, just not quite ready to go yet.

The thought occurred to me ...I can pick out the good OLD songs, choreograph some easy steps to the music and I can become an instructor at a future Rest Home I may be residing!!! The music has to have a good toe tapping beat, one we 'matured' generation like that makes us want to get up and dance, even if it turns out to be chair dancing. So, there you are!!!! My goal is selfish, I have always been a very active person, I will need something to occupy my time, to keep my bones limber and dance my way to heaven!!!

I started line dancing about 14 years ago after my husband Mitch died. We have two children, Mitch Jr. and Michele. My daughter, (Michele Burton) encouraged me to start line dancing.  It took a while for me to get started as I did not know a kick ball change from a kick in the pants!  However, I did, and do like music.  My husband and I danced jitterbug, waltz, two steps, etc.
The first competition event that I recall was the Bay Area Line Dance Event in Belmont. I entered the Senior Division for my first time and placed second and third. I went on to compete at Bill Ray's Desert Sands Las Vegas Event, Klamath Falls, Sacramento and the Golden Gate Classic ...I won my division at each.

Lorraine continues to attend the San Francisco Bay Area weekend socials. She was a Monday and Thursday AM Westhope Saratoga student. She currently takes lessons in her hometown, San Carlos, CA and w/Michael Barr in San Mateo.
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Hello Dolly was written in May 2010, by August 2010,
Hello Dolly placed in the top 20 of the weekly world survey.
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Lorraine Kurtela ( October 1998) Photo taken just after Funky Farmer (co written with her grand daughter Darci Burton) placed 5th at the 1998 Golden Gate Classic held in Union City, CA.
The Line Dance Fun original 1998 Golden Gate Classic report, complete with photos.
(OMG we all looked so YOUNG back then.)
Funky Farmer was Lorraine's first dance.
In 1009 she wrote Yes Sir, That's My Baby (videos below)
and in May of 2010 she wrote Hello Dolly (videos below).
The Hello Dolly listing on has a total of 11 different demo videos for this dance.

Jo Thompson Szymanski teaches Hello Dolly (August 2010) in Seoul, South Korea

Hello Dolly w/Juliet Lam dance N teach June 2010

BACBC Line Dance Yes Sir, That's My Baby (January 2010)

Sue n Kathy line dance Yes Sir, That's My Baby (December 2009)