March Dance Blog, 2010

DJ Cindy Aldrich hosted A
Perfect Penguin Party for 50+ dancers
Oroville, CA was the place to be on Boogie Eve. 3 1/2 hours of non stop dancing!
22 'Penguins
' ...along, w/a few brand new dancers were among us. Chica Boom Boom and Mamma Maria were the first called dances. The scripted list continued w/Toes, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Under the Sun, Louisiana Swing, Walkin' the Dog, American Cowboy. I got to rest when Hey Soul Sister, Love Ya, Coochie Bang Bang, Fiona, Moonlight Madness, Regresa, Tango Cha, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Broken Glass, The Riv, Rockin' That Body Body & Seduced were played. On the floor for Walkin' in the Rain, Sister Kate, Hands Up, My New Life, Playing with Fire, Pii Pii, Hot Tamales, Bobbi with an I, Beautiful Tena, Faith & Desire, Deja Vu, Martini Moments, And I Love You So, ICU, Crazy Foot Mambo, Jesse James, Ease on Down, Bad Influence, Father & Daughter, Shoes of Another Man, I'll Have What She's Having, People are Crazy, Go Mama Go, Cool Whip, Faith in Love, Okalahoma Wind, Amame, Holding onto Yesterday & Evergreen.

200 on the floor at Michael and Michele's 2010 Boogie Til The Cows Come Home Workshop w/DJ ...JP Potter
61+ of the 200 were experienced dancers who attend classes/socials in the San Francisco Bay Area!

JP played a mixture of classics, country, pop, & funky. New dances: Rhyme or Reason, Bobbi with an I, American Cowboy, Parachute, Tik Tok Drop and Faith & Desire ... thrilled to dance this one next to LouAnn!
Playing with Fire played 3 times. Playing twice: Bad Influence, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Rain Against My Window, Fiona AND Shoes of another Man ...Carol was thrilled!
JP came down on the full floor and joined us for his mega world wide 2001 hit ...Deja Vu. Many joined in as the music played and their feet remembered!
Juliet Hauser dancin' front and center with me for her Walkin' the Dog jammed the floor!
ALWAYS FUN to catch up & dance Cool Whip, Chill Factor, Hot Tamales, Amame, Bosa Nova, etc ...the older & newer classic hits w/Cindy Lambert and numerous other instructors who dance the Boogie front row.

Making everyone's day ...Lorraine Kurtela (Yes, Sir That's My Baby) dressed as Harpo Marx (didn't EVEN recognize her) and her side-kick friend, Carolyn, dressed as Groucho. These two ADORABLE looking ladies were posing in front of camera's all day long!
AS ALWAYS, The costumed penguins including ...Cindy Aldrich, Head Penguin Mama, made a HUGE daytime Boogie statement w/their banner/table decorations, laughter and FUN loving dancin' spirit.

The ONLY show I ever attend in full is this one. Michael & Michele dance together. The Country Gold Dancers from Redding, CA perform Irish Choreography. I recognized Razor Sharp, Warriors & Electric Reel. These talented dancers are Youtube stars w/~31,000 hits w/this routine.
AND IMHO ....Stealing the show are the 7 Expressions from the Bay Area. At the young age of 85, Lorraine Kurtela produces, directs & appears in each years skit. This years sound director for the production of Snow White and the OLDer 7 Dwarfs was Glenn Wiegand.
Each dwarf, had an adult rated story behind their given name ...dopey was especially jaw dropping. BUT playing the 'older' Snow White midway through the skit was Helen D. Girlfriend, you are an actress! Appearing on scene, disheleved, VERY pregnant and smoking ...we couldn't stop laughing. When you were lying in await for 'the kiss' ...we could see your chest moving in supressed gigling. A surprised Prince was chosen from the side lines to render 'the kiss' ...what a good sport Michael is ...grins.