November Dance Blog, 2010
Congrats to our own San Francisco Bay Area dancer Lorraine Kurtela! What an exciting 85 amd 86th year for her. Lorraine's dance, Hello Dolly won first place in her choreograpy division at the 2010 Las Vegas Dance Explosion.
She was in Louie's ballroom to dance Hello Dolly with us and she enjoyed her teaching experience (video) which in her words ...turned out to be a comedy performance!
Linedancer Magazine published Hello Dolly in the November issue of their world-wide dance publication.

2010 Las Vegas Dance Explosion ...5 days non stop!
(Vivienne Scott's comprehensive 2010 Las Vegas Explosion Report)
Beginner Dance Of The Year
Under The Sun by Sue Hsu and Kathy Chang (Cupertino, CA ...Congrats to U both!)

Intermediate Dance Of The Year
Quarter After One by Levi Hubbard

Advanced Dance Of The Year
Oh Ruby by Debbie McLaughlin
Trouble Is by Scott Blevins

MANY more CA dancers/students were new to this event in 2010.
Since Louie's main ballroom floor could hold ~ 200 dancers confortably, I had plenty of time when I didn't know a dance, or the floor too jammed, OR I too happy, to catch up with many to hear their lists of current and new favorites. AND, to talk shop with other instructors ...which is always SO helpful for ME.
Comments & questions from newbies ...eye opening. Shotting a drink from the Danes ...floor dropping!

IMHO ...The intermediate WOW dance, Jumpin' The Gun ...A dozen or so on the floor in the request room on Wednesday night to jammed main ballroom after Jackie Miranda's Thursday 10AM teach. (Doug & Jackie Miranda's complete 2010 Las Vegas Workshop Schedule.) I totally relaxed while sipping/watching all the workshop demos on the in house hotel TV station ...a brillant idea ...I could look, re look on any dance suggestion given to me at any time.)

Intermediate dances to fill the main ballroom floor w/Louie on Wednesday night that I can remember: Smooth Operator, Shanghai Surprise, Jumpin' The Gun, CanAM Tango, Box it Up, You're Amazing, Wonderland Waltz, Dog-Gone Blues, Make You Sweat, Hot Hot Hot, Hey Soul Sister, Snap Your Fingers, I Run to You, Roomba, Dog-Gone Blues, Fortune Foxtrot, Walking in the Rain, American Cowboy, and True Love Two Step PLUS Hello Dolly (first dance to JAM Louie's Wednesday nite floor and Under the Sun (the second jam). Louie played a great mixture of old, new, beginner/inter to advanced dances the first two hours of the social night. Remembering Amame, Mojo Rhythm and Larger Than Life, NOT ...but FUN trying

Larry Bass (Askin' Questions) (...I LOVED his Rumba Ride and Hootchie Dance from back in the day!) and Michael Diven (Stuck on You) kept the dancers happy in the ALL REQUEST ballroom all event long.

I remember dancing in the request open ballroom Wednesday thru Saturday ...All Nite Long, Cool Cat, American Cowboy, B.C.O, Bosa Nova, Playing with Fire, Toes, Out & Jump, Bad Influence, Louisiana Swing, Bobbie w/an I, Oklahoma Wind, San Francisco, Hands Up, Holding Onto Yesterday, Quarter After One, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Rhyme or Reason, Jesse James, Titanic, Gave it All Away, Cry Me Out, Evergreen and Everything I Do.

Rachael McEnaney teaching Ohh I Like That ....made the biggest visual splash! The round up for the circle of dancers, the laughter & smiles and then the audience reaction ...priceless. Partner dances just are not something my class wants to do. BUT those who were doing the dance looked like they were having FUN.

Niels Poulsen's Blue Sky, the music makes it a must try. The restarts easy. 3, 4 + 5 wall optionals too killer for ME.

Guyton Mundy's You're Amazing, In my opinion, is amazing ...will re teach by request.

I asked Fannie Tan (She is the most beautifully dressed & most graceful dancer on EVERY event floor!) to introduce me to Miz Mary (B.C. Canada). Mary is 80 years young and was dancin' Blue Sky so smoothly in Niels Saturday afternoon class, I had to meet her. Her soul was soaring w/that music, I could tell; She confirmed. It is her current favorite. She has only been dancing 11 years ...what an inspiration she is for us all. In that conversation she told me 18 Yellow Roses (Maria Tao) was one of her dance favorites.

Miz Mary (Juliet Hauser's CA senior student) and I conversed about how all the dances seem way harder NOW than they were back in the late 90's. Snap Your Fingers and Jumpin' The Gun are her current favorites, NOT easy dances! One of Mary's highlights was taking a class from Rachael ...MANY newbies shared that same sentiment w/me!

Around midnight or so, Louie's main ballroom became inter/advanced dance heaven. So cool to see so many high level experienced dancers from CA attending this year. Scott Blevins was back on staff again ...his Trouble Is was named Advanced dance of the year. Congrats to Scott!

So many photos on FB ...everyone just seemed to be having fun at the event ...AND doing all the things one can do in VEGAS ...