October Dance Blog, 2010
Congrats to Lorraine Kurtela!
Hello Dolly climbed to the top ten (no. 6) in the world dance weekly survey ending October 24th AND
Linedancer Magazine will publish Hello Dolly in the upcoming November issue of their world-wide dance publication.

3rd Saturday Celebration w/Cindy Aldrich and her Orville Penguins:

Hail Hail The Gang was all here in Oroville to celebrate Michael Barr and Michele Burton and their contibution to our line dance world. Lorraine Kurtela did most of the planning, as she knew which "older" dances would light a spark in their eyes.... and oh boy did that happen. It was just precious to see Michael and Michele bent over laughing so hard when they finally noticed that...aha one of their older dances were being danced for them. Trickle, Trickle, Wink, Holdin' Back The Water, Oh Behave to mention a few. The entertainment that Lorraine put together was hilarious...each skit was so well thought of and executed by her friends and Michael and Michele's students. The audience was entertained for a bit and then encouraged to become part of the entertainment.  

What was so special about this day were all the secrets. Lorraine knew it was for M&M and M&M knew it was a surprise for Lorraine, however, Michael figured since it was his birthday, it was also a surprise for him. So Michele knew some and so did Lorraine. It was great to see it unfold and truly surprise a few folks. Even Lorraine had a solo sang to her and the whole group danced Hello Dolly for her. Top hats and canes were in the front row and yes, Lorraine beamed.

Michael told us about Jo Thompson Szymanski and the challenges that lie ahead for her. He sold every wrist band he had with him. We then danced This Little Light Of Mine for Jo.  

There were so many highlights of the day. My penguins opened with a march to Hail Hail The Gangs All Here ...hilarious - the way they waddle! The food was outstanding and gourmet-ish! The penguins kept very busy bringing out dishes of food and just being wonderful hostess'. I get so proud of them!

All the many people who were there made the day most awesome. It felt so good to have over 80 dancers join us in Oroville. What wonderful folks we have as friends! I guess that is why we call them family. The line dance world is blessed to have Michael and Michele and we are doubly blessed since they are in our own backyard.   Hail Hail!

Can't wait to all gather again, the night before Boogie - March 18, 2010

Dances move in and out so fast at our weekend socials. I was at BnB on the weekend before Windy City and I recognized and had taught or passed on every dance on the 1st Friday playlist. Fall Apart (Dee Musk) was a request card and a hand full of dancers performed that inter/advanced dance flawlessly. (I attended the workshop at Windy City. The sitdown rate was high before the dance was even fully taught to wall one. The wall changes, multiple turns and music speed were a challenge for me and I passed on teaching it to my seniors.)
A Little Love (Szymanski, Barr & Burton), I Hate Your Boyfriend (Rep Ghazali) and Bundle of Joy (by local choreographer Mike Hansen) were the three 'new' dances played that night.

The week AFTER I returned from Windy City ... Fall Apart, Blue Sky, Missouri Swings, Private Dancer and Trouble Is were the FIVE new Advanced and Inter/advanced dances on the 3rd Friday playlist. Box It Up, Bumpy Ride, CanAm Tango, Don't Ask Forever, Smooth Operator, The Thrill Is Gone (local choreographer Jan Hanway) were the SIX new intermediate dances. The THREE new ones from 1st Friday mentioned above were not played.

I taught Smooth Operator (Barr, Luna, Schrank) just prior to leaving for Windy City and was able to dance it multiple times at the event. Smooth Operator, Don't Ask Forever (Maria Tao), CanAm Tango (Barr, Burton and Perron) were successful teaches this week. I will be reviewing Sugar Candy, Cool Cat and CanAm Tango next week.
Guyton Mundy's intermediate You're Amazing was a Windy City hit. The pattern is doable, but the music is the challenge. I will not be re teaching it. Craig Bennett's Box It Up was not a class hit. I won't be re teaching it.
Missouri Swings (Michele Perron) ...not a class hit. Will only walk it on Thursday PM.

I no longer will be teaching inter/advanced dances ...

4th Friday at BnB ...Box It Up and Bumpy Ride were not played.
No Other Love (Ria Vos) was a new intermediate request but not played.
The THREE new dances (in addition to the FIVE new from last week) were Rachael McEnaney's new inter/advanced Don't Miss A Thing. Jumpin' The Gun (Jackie Miranda, Judy McDonald, & Jo Thompson Szymanski) intermediate and Cocoo Jambo (Sebastiaan Holtland) beginner/intermediate.

The Windy City Linedancemania, Chicago 2010 ....600+ staff in attendance.
AND the WOW at this event was a HUGE Magic Screen. ~ Photo by Dorothy Bender.

The photo of the Magic Screen w/ 14 dances listed during prime time Saturday night!
You're Amazing (Guyton Mundy's new one), Cry to Me (Paul McAdam's classic), Together Forever (Scott Blevin's classic), Zenyatta's Waltz (Michele Burton), Hello Dolly! (Lorraine Kurtela), Americano (Simon Ward), Murder My Heart (Neville Fitzgerald), So Said Joe (Scott Blevins and JP & Bracken Ellis Potter's new one)

My Highlights:
Louie having FUN while singing Hello Dolly (just like Louie Armstrong) while we danced on a jammed floor!

Jo, Rachael & Scott up front dancing together Shanghai Surprise (Sept 2010) to re enact their youtube video.
This Jo & Rachael dance jammed the floor, played multiple times. Many joining the floor to pick it up.

Ooh I Like That (Rachael McEnaney) a rotationg circle partner dance was absolutely entertaining to watch. A HUGE double cirle of smiling dancers enjoyed funky movements to this catchy music. Watching Jacob Ballard dancin' with Rachael and then Natalie Mundy as his partner ...priceless!

Cyclone (Rachael McEnaney) was scheduled for a small room. We were moved into the main ballroom and when me & Linda turned around, the floor was JAMMED. Very entertaining teach with sound effects and sit, tilt, up ...butt movements. The music is fast, the dance is advanced. It absolutely filled the social floor that night.

Everything I Do (Rachael McEnaney) full room ...danced to Brandy and Bryan.
Louie plays Bryan Adams each time, the social floor jammed. Played multiple times.

You're Amazing (Guyton Mundy) full floor of learners. The MOVEMENT on the floor looked AMAZING.
The youtube video BELOW taken by Cathy Shiu during open dancing.

Scott Blevins taught Trouble Is and brand new Private Dancer to a Jammed floor.
Many here can dance every Scott classic, & his Trouble Is & AABABABBB and Murder Machine flawlessly.

Fall Back (Dee Musk) Rona Kaye did an absolute fabulous job of teaching this HARD dance w/multiple wall changes. The dance was done flawlessly in the evening by those who love it!

Smooth Operator (Shrank, Barr, Willis) I have NEVER seen a new teach when everyone had the dance perfectly that night. By Saturday night, the floor was full by those who just picked it up.

Clogging w/ Junior Willis was so FUN. Eve dropped by to see the full teach floor and promised we could keep the class for 2011 and then John dropped by to 'pretend step' with us ...grins ..I think he was just checkin' to see if Junior really did have all of us students!
The Windy City Cloggers performed their routine at the Saturday show.
Choreographers Frank Cooper (Home) and Amy Christian-Sohn (Jai Ho) were in clogging class! Feed the Fetish, Have Fun Go Mad, Faith in Love, Make You Sweat, Oh, Ruby, Snap Your Fingers, Jesse James, Hey Soul Sister, Dog-Gone Blues, It's Amazing, Doors of Life, Hideaway Cha, Imma Bee, I Run to You, Jai Ho, Let Me C, Swingtime Boogie, Sentimental, Faith & Desire, Turn Me Loose, Sunglasses, Shoes of Another Man, Jukebox, Dizzy, Everything I Do, Cry Me Out, Jamba Jump, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Playing with Fire, True Love Two Step, Fortune Foxtrot, Hands Up, Hot Hot Hot, For The First Time, Larger than Life, Martini Moments, Rain Against My Window, Roomba, Quarter After One, Slow Burn, Under The Sun, Change, Wonderland Waltz, Flip Flop & Fly, Mama Maria, Cool Cat, Missouri Swings, Peek a Boo, Little Red Corvette, People are Crazy, So Said Joe, 649, Hallelujah (Poulsen), Toes, Bad Attitude, Zenyetta's Waltz, & Hello Dolly!

Neville was on the full floor for Murder My Heart, NY Cha, & Nothin' Better. His newest is Not the One.
Louie played Sugar Candy after 2AM for us on Thursday so we could dance it with him!

Lisa spotted Malene Jakobsen walking off the dance floor and came to tell me ...OMG ...her name wasn't on the attendee list ..YOUTUBE makes you recognizable! We had a great chat. Lisa, Peggy, Renee, Anita, Johanna, Dorothy & Me ...danced CRY ME OUT right with Malene on a jammed floor. It Played multiple times, so happy I practiced that one!
So happy that Mark recommended it to all of us!

To watch Junior, Joey, Craig, John & MB Learn a dance while judging choreography ....brain burn obvious. Jacob Ballard's teach was calm & concise.They LOOKED fabulous dancing it in the Saturday show.
A Walk On The Wild Side (Jacob Ballard) the 2010 Windy City choreography winner
Jacob turns 21 on October 14th. Happy Birthday Young Dude!

2010 Windy City comments from Levi and Mark
There is NO restart in Quarter After One. Levi J. Hubbard sends his apologies for his part in the 'confusion' on the dance floor at Windy City.
He has watched the 30+ videos of this dance on YOUTUBE and they are danced correctly.

AND Mark says about Jill's Ballroom in 2011 ...  It won't be a dedicated beginner room come next year... and at the same time, the beginners won't be sitting around all night.  Tricky mix, but Jill can pull it off. And with Louie posting the dances as he did this year, people will know when to be in which room without either emptying out. 

(Jill's format will be: Right after the choreographer refreshes their beginner dances ...their requested oldie classics will be danced. This makes ME so happy!)

2010 Youtube videos:

Guyton Mundy dancing You're Amazing ...during open dancing at Windy City.

A sample of dances done w/Louie or Jill that I remember or recognized.
Amame, Americano, American Pop, American Cowboy, B.C.O, Broken Heels, Bobbi With An I, Crazy Devils, Fall Apart,

Craig Bennett teaching his Box It Up ...with 2 Left Jazz Boxes

Rachael teaching Ohh I Like That

Ohh I Like That danced at full speed