201August Dance Blog

Information is coming that all instructors had to submit choreography MANY weeks in advance of the WOW schedule. It is now questionable that dances created within the month of August (that we are currently reading about by way of social networking) will be taught. Youtube RULES yet again!

Simon is blogging comments on his FB page ...the winner of the costume contest (Rachael's dances in costume form) was Shanghai Surprise! He says the photos are being taken ...MANY of them!
DJ Big Dave Baycroft is blogging live at Rachael McEnaney's 30th Birthday weekend celebration on his FB page!
He is counting down the top TEN Rachael dances as voted on at this event ...10 = Alabama Slammin' 9 = Poetry In Motion (to Hotel California) 8 = I'm No Good 7 = Everything I Do 6 = Addicted 5 = It's Alright 4 = Let It Be 3 = Soul Food (I didn't know she created a dance with this name? it might be it got so many votes?) 2 = Raise Your Glass and the # ONE dance is JESSE JAMES ...OMG ...I LOVE that dance!

Simon Ward is also commenting on his FB page. He just 'learnt' Rachael's newest dance, sheet not released, called Free Fallin' ...he is giving it 3 LOVE'S!
Free Fallin' - a wow ADV West Coast (John Mayer - Live version). No sheet for this as it was hot off the press - A HUGE hit here this weekend. (quoted directly from the World Dance Masters 2011 website)
SO ...it is RARE, but of course not unheard of ...that we would know in advance ...what the WOW dance will be at 2011 WOW.
I will be in Rachael's Free Fallin' class, just sayin'! NOW do U C Y I FB? Social Networking is INSTANT!

~100+ danced at the BnB Swiss Park on 4th Friday. This nite was honoring Sue, Kathy and Limay (their total of 47 dancers) for their contribution to the local line dance community. DJ Tina (along w/hard working Frank) had the floor full all nite long. There were 42 dancers on the floor for the LAST dance! Tina asked SnK what their students would like ...much considersation ...then Not Without Us was the REQUEST Choice ...so cool to see everyone in sync with this Ria Vos beginner dance. Will teach Monday.
Inter to inter/adv to ADVANCED Floor Fillers were:
SUE HSU & KATHY CHANG: Their Under the Sun and It Hurts jammed the floor!
RACHAEL McENANEY: Toes, Alabama Slammin', Bobbi With an I, Make This Day, Dancing In Circles, Rhyme or Reason, & Mr Mysterious JAMMED the floor.

JOEY WARREN: His Talkin' to the Moon ... jammed the floor.
NIELS POULSEN: 1-2-3-4, Something in the Water, My Hero (ahhh, my right now favorite), & Lady Luck jammed the floor.
SIMON WARD' SHOW ME THE LOVE is the NEWEST smash hit here in the Bay Area. ONLY 2 missed the NC2 tag at the ninth wall! My students were ELATED to dance it flawlessly at this venue. Way different experience to dance this dance outside of class and now they feel READY for the WOW open dancing! Just FYI ...Judy Chen has announced that only those holding VIP passes will be allowed entrance to the Thursday nite open dance and scheduled previews. There will be TWO request ballrooms.

My COUNTRY favorites Quarter After One and BITTERSWEET MEMORY had a full floors & class favorites: Burlesque, American Cowboy, Askin' Questions, Amame, Big Jimmy, Hello Dolly, Swan and San Francisco did as well.
The new beginner dance to catch my eye at the SNK Summer Social and here at BnB is Deep Love. Deep Love was aThursday AM class hit, will teach on Monday along with Not Without Us.
I did see Not Drunk Enough, I Scream and BURNING ...danced flawlessly! I bow down to those students!
Sue Hsu was taking photo after photo ...they will be on the SnK website.

I was on my FB page blogging the playlist live w/my Ipad ...because Swiss Park has free wi fi ...IF you EAT at their bar/grill.
OMG ...we got seated as happy hour was still on ...2 ABSOLUTs, Chicken Finger Plate (don't judge), ONE medium rare fabulous hamburger/fries AND free wi fi for the evening ...22 bucks ...I LOVE Swiss Park in Newark, CA!