2011 June Dance Blog
50+ were at 4th Saturday w/Mike & Joyce ...
There is always a 'nag' dance, last night it was MR Mysterious (Rachael McEnaney). TWO different write ins for this new dance. I added my vote making a total of 14 requests. 24 students were on the floor just after 10PM when this dance played. I give myself a B+ ...BUT you all remembered the dance & the 2 tags perfectly! ..YOU earned A++.
The dance that filled all 15 slots = Bittersweet Memory ...ahhh ...I LOVE dancing that dance! To see the floor full with this one ...warms the "cockles of my heart". (For those of you who read the world newsletter ...I had to include that saying somewhere!)
The dance that flushed the floor but everyone trying really hard to keep in flow w/Maria T ...Say Grace! This will be the slip in dance for Thursday PM. AND because I won't have to completely re TEACH MR Mysterious as I THOUGHT I would ...Say Grace will be the NEW teach for Thursday AM.
The BRAND NEW Alabama Slammin' (Rachael McEnaney) flled the floor both Friday and Saturday nights as did Rachael's advanced NC2 Let It Be, released in January 2011.
Last week's teach: ALL OF ME (Maggie Gallagher) released in May, filled both weekend floors.

Gertrude Khuner, age 99, just retired from teaching line dance classes at the North Berkley Senior Center! I met her when she was in her late 80's at a dance in Danville! What an inspiration for those of us who have shared the dance floor with her! Neil Hale attended her 'retirement' dance party June, 2011.
First Photo taken in 1997 and at age 95 in 2008

HELLO DOLLY ...Ms Lorraine Kurtela ...just got her Face Book page!

Beginner dances don't get much attention when 170 dances are taught at an event!
(Stacy Garcia complied a complete JG list w/videos by the choreographers)

I SHOULD HAVE WATCHED THE YOUTUBE VIDEO for Disappearing Bubbles, but I could read the sheet perfectly fine ... if I had watched ..I would have HEARD THE RESTART ...I see the students stumble at 1.32 and hear their instructor cue them to keep proceeding.
I am sure the pattern flows at that part but I can't get past a restart (that I HEAR) no matter what. I won't teach to another class. The music is nice and only 3ish minutes.
ONE of my students asked for the teach ...others who were at first Sunday agreed that they wanted to learn this dance. I just came off of a brutally HARD teach for that dance. EVERY pattern is different and so is the count to every pattern. I am NOT one of those instructors who teaches 8 counts at a time ...I rather break up a dance into 3 parts ...and follow the flow of the music the way I HEAR it. But there was nothing I could do except teach 8 at a time ...and I am NOT of those instructors who cues the dance as you hear in the VIDEO at some points ...we have to own the pattern to the MUSIC before we proceed on. AT least MOST of us ...including ME ...we have to own it before we proceed to the next wall, there were FOUR in this dance. At 1.32 we were at the 9 o'clock wall and we heard it. ALL of the students at first Sunday were following the front row and the back row person ...they had fun following to that music. Please continue to have fun. I will be teaching Done Gone (Ethel Prime) so I can enjoy dancing w/o brain drain.

It was back in May 2005 that I decided to publish 'dances of merit' by year created and include my reports/photos of all the workshops/events that I attended. MOST of the step sheets up until 2005 were in my .pdf collection but towards the end of 2005 I started linking dances to the yipee step sheets. I will be spending this month making .pdf files from all the original sheets on the Internet and then publish my own .pdf's of those sheets. EVERY famous choreographer has their own website, so finding original sheets will be easy. Step sheets on linedancefun.com are .pdf's that I create.
The step sheet links on www.dorisvolz.com WILL work ...I am workin' on it. ...

AS I was going through my older files today, I came across my FIRST blog. Linedancefun.com went live July 1996 and The first Golden Gate Classic I attended was 1996. A LONG read ...Sept - Dec 1996.
Just FYI:
If U google the words "free youtube to mp3" NINE websites come up on page one.
I have used www.DVDVideoSoft.com for3 years now to convert files ...just sayin' ....

Current newer floor fillers at BnB June

1 2 3 4    
All Night Long                                               
American Cowboy 
Amor De Heilo
Asking Questions
Big Bang Boogie  
Big Jimmy
Bite the Dust
Bittersweet Memory
Calypso Mexico
Can Am Tango
Chicken Walk Jive 
Everything I Do
Gambling Man 
Great Pretender 
Hello Dolly   
Homeward Bound 
I Run To You 
I'm No Good   
Johnny Got A Boom Boom
Journey to The Stars
Let It Be 
It's Murda
Make This Day 
Make You Sweat        

Only Girl 
Out N Jump 
Prince Charming  
Quarter After One  
San Francisco 
Sara Smile
She Comes To Me    
Soul Food 
Still Got The Blues 
Sweet Georgia Brown
Talk'in To The Moon
Twist With The Fat Boys