My Mom's Day Photo ...Cathy did my hair and makeup and shot this photo w/her phone.
2011 May Dance Blog

Martie, Gerald, Gloria, Carolyn, Chi, Jim, Colleen, Johanna, Ron, Bill, MaryJane, Deana, Joyce, Chris
Judy, Carole, Maria K, Doris, Carol, Jean J, Jean A, Phyllis, Wenling, Nora, Anne, Maria T, Dolores

On 4th Friday at Swiss Park - Memorial Day Holiday weekend
The Best Dance Experience it could EVER be for 32 Westhope Dancers! The BnB club hosted their first instructor recognition night, 74+ in attendance. Carol and OUR students, many for the very FIRST time to a club social, OWNED the dances played that night. MY favorites are: Swan, Still Got the Blues, Bittersweet Memory, Talkin' to The Moon, & Only Girl. I counted 67 on the dance floor at 10 PM and 37 on the floor at 10:50 PM ...what an outstanding tribute to our DJ Tina ...SHE does play the request list. (directly below w/request #'s)
Pre dance: Calypso Mexico, Let it Be, Swan, Bittersweet Memory, Still Got the Blues,
True Love 2 Step, Gambling Man, and Fortune Foxtrot

1 2 3 4    15
All My Exs
All Night Long  13                                              
American Cowboy  14
Amor De Heilo
Asking Question  13
Big Bang Boogie  12
Big Jimmy  13
Bittersweet Memory 12
Burlesque  14 
Calypso Mexico  13
Can Am Tango
Chicken Walk Jive  14
Come Dance With Me  11
Evergreen  11
Everything I Do   13
Fly Like A Bird  10
Gambling Man  10
Great Pretender  12
Hello Dolly  15
Hold Your Horses  11
Homeward Bound  13
I Run To You  14
I'm No Good  14
Jambalaya  12
Johnny Got A Boom Boom 13
Let It Be  11
Love Worth Wating For  (Card)
Make This Day  13
Make You Sweat  14       
On the Water  12
Only Girl  15
Out N Jump  15
Prince Charming  14
Quarter After One 13
Rio  13
San Francisco  14
Sara Smile
She Comes To Me  12
Smokey Places   12
Soul Food   (Card)
Still Got The Blues  12
Sweet Sweet Smile
Talk'in To The Moon
Twist With The Fat Boys  12

The CQS B&W Ball happened 3rd weekend May ...w/DJ Neil Hale.
Dolores gathered and printed out all our photos from previous Black and White balls and used them to decorated the hall ... made for NICE take home memories! My first memory of attending this annual CQS dance ...Neil in his TUX back in 1996 ...he still fits the same tux shirt and coat!
He played EVERY single dance I knew back in 1996 and I remember thinking how tired I was and the only dance I didn't get to do was ...and then HE called Crazy Legs as the last dance had taken me forever to get the rhythm for the first pattern and I was getting to dance that dance at the B&W BALL ...this year the dance for me was Swan ...he played it next to last and I was HAPPY all the way home. CQS has a format ...he stuck to it.
Oldies, club classics and the new ones played.
My oldie favorites he played ...*Cha Cha Lengua and Hot Tamales! (read the dances in the yellow box below for sure)

looking back TWELVE years ...AND what I remember from the 'blog' I wrote ...noted in RED.
1999 Country Quick Steppers "Black & White" Ball with DJ's Bruce Bowman and Evelyn Khinoo
Jason and his decorating committee transformed a high school gym into a magical dance hall setting for the glamorous black & white all were wearing (except for Bruce, he wore a smidgen of red in the form of a ribbon tied at his neck ... I couldn't decide if this was a statement of if he was just being a trendy Dude!)
...just reading these words about Bruce's red ribbon ...took me back to the memory of what I wore that May evening back in 1999...a short black swishy skirt w/kippy belt, black lacers w/black socks w/lace hanging in pointy points, long sleeved white western blouse w/black ribbon trim and a black cowboy hat w/rhinestone hat band ...stuff gone from my wardrobe long ago! Western clothes, hats, belts, footwear cost a fortune back in the day! I don't even want to think about how much money I spent on 'the western outfits'... and the memory most vivid ...ironing that blouse before I left for the dance!

The dancers brought the food; the DJ's split the floor for beginner, intermediate, and couple dancers and the top ten dances from the April ballot were called: Still The Same (Hedy McAdams); I See it Now (Michele Burton); That's My Hat (Evelyn Khinoo), Cajun Girls & Gumbo (Mike Sliter), Brown-Eyed Girl (Hedy McAdams) All-Right-A (Michael Barr), Mama's Lil' Baby (Charlotte Sketters, Mucara Walk (John Steel), Sweet Nothin's (Gina Mello) and Cuban Heels (Terry Hogan). (Our dance floors have been crowded lately, the popular line dance waltzes ... Husbands and Wives (The Hutchinsons) and I See It Now (Michele Burton).

The Sagebrush Country Dancers from SouthBay make it up the Peninsula at least twice a year to dance at the CQS dances ...tonight Ellie and Frances were BIG door prize winners ...they were impressed that "the same popular dances were called" and Nancy made an interesting comment ..."I'm too tired after working all day to go to lessons every night so I don't know as many dances as my husband does ...but I enjoy watching others dance and I like the idea that the floor is split from side to side" (as opposed to front and back). ...I immediately saw what she was saying ... the dancers on the sidelines can enjoy the 2 wall 'view' of 40 dancers all in a row.

...the can-can line for Michele Perron's Senorita Sway made up of those "rowdy" moose club dancers ...most impressive!
...just reading these words ..I see Annie, Lorraine, Jeanette and Sara my minds eye ...I remember Sara & Annie started the mens boxer underwear under our skirts ...and you ladies swished those skirts so we noticed them! I bought a pair in Oz w/the Bundy logo ...I totally remember that!
If a dance takes your eye, or the music makes your boots move is easy enough to try to pick the dance up in your head and then keep to the back of this dance floor set up fault implied, but remember Impinging! ...smiles.

The newest dance that filled the floor ...If My Friends Could See Me Now (Evelyn Khinoo)...also called,but very much in the baby duck stage is Neil Hale's new dance, his cha cha with a Latin feel ...Whole Lotta Peppas.
The intermediate/advanced dances called: Too Much Fun (Terry Hogan), Hysteria (Noel Brady) and Unbelievalbe (Ian St Leon) me have to had lessons to dance these dances fault implied, by remember Impinging! ...smiles.

...I don't recall who was impinging ......there will always be those who only follow ...if U do ...try hard not to annoy ...

I know it has been bantered around that if you don't KNOW the dance go to the middle or the front row to follow. I am disagreeing. When the social floor is FULL/JAMMED, it is annoying for those of us enjoying a dance to have to 'watch' out for the dancer in the middle who is trying to follow feet. Please consider dancing off to a side or down the back. Back in the day, intermediate dances were MUCH EASIER. There is NO WAY someone can follow & pick up 90% of those dances being choreographed today. On ANY social floor, It is NOT your right to impinge.
If you knew the dance and are trying to get it back is polite to give others around you heads up or a thank you when the dance is completed.
While I am on the soapbox, it is not anyone's right to 'pad' the request list so YOUR dance gets played. Period.

Below is the list of dances played at Funk n Cheap Event in Stoke UK April 2011
I had to publish this list. Saturday nite prime time: *Neil Hale's Cha Cha Lengua & Hot Tamales played!

Rolling In The Deep - Maggie Gallagher
Drip Droppin  - Kate Sala
Amazing Faith - Rob Fowler
Wonderland Waltz - Rob Fowler
Burlesque - Norm Gifford
Those Applebottom Jeans - Joey  Warren
Disappearing Bubbles - Gaye Teather
Scandalous - Neville  Fitzgerald
I Run To You - Rachael McEnaney
Freaky Skillz - Shaz  Walton
Calypso Mexico - Ria Vos
Hideaway Cha - Joanne Brady
I Scream! -  Scott Blevins
Nightshift - Kath Dickens
Only Girl - Niels Poulson/Simon Ward
Poetry In Motion - MIL
Snap Your Fingers - Rachael  McEnaney
Faith and Desire - Johanna Barnes
Wild - Craig Bennett
Eyes Wide Open / Catch A Grenade -
Neville Fitzgerald / Ria Vos
Private Dancer -  Scott Blevins
Rhyme Or Reason - Rachael McEnaney
Written In The Stars -  Shaz Walton
Marz and Mummies - Niels Poulson/Matia Maag
Gambling Man  - Maggie Gallagher
California King - Debbie Mclaughlin
Dirty Bit - Shaz  Walton
The Way - Gerard Murphy
Have Fun Go Mad - Scott Blevins
Talkin' To The Moon - Joey Warren
Quarter After One - Levi J Hubbard
Raise Your  Glass - Rachael McEnaney
Deeply Completely - Rob Fowler
No Salvation -  Scott Blevins
Unpredictable - RM Hickie
I Belong To You -  
Niels Poulson/Simon Ward
Pot Of Gold - Liam Hrycan
You're Amazing -  Guyton Mundy
Good Girl - Craig Bennett
Senseless Cha - Neville  Fitzgerald
Killer Love - Ryan Hunt
I'm No Good - Rachael  McEnaney
Shiver 'N' Shake - Scott Blevins
Stoked - Joey Warren
Mission To Please - Dan McInerney
Islands In The Stream - Karen Jones
Now Or Never  - Kathy Hunyadi
Coochie Bang Bang - Scott Blevins
Come Tomorrow - Michele  Perron
Hold My Hand - Neville Fitzgerald
Get Sexy - Joey Warren
Somebody Like You - Alan Birchall
Let It Be - Rachael  McEnaney
Party Freak - Kate Sala
Break Free Cha - Scott Blevins
S. X.  E. - MIL
Perfect - Guyton Mundy
Just For Grins - Jo Thompson
Beautiful  Monster - Niels Poulson
Poker Face - Craig Bennett
High Off Ur Vibe - Amy  Spencer/Adam/Roberto
Rock This Party - Simon Ward
Soul Food -  Lorenzo Evans
Night Owl - Ryan Hunt
Jose Cuervo - Max Perry
Cowgirls And Switches - Scott Blevins
Don't Miss A Thing - Rachael  McEnaney
All She Knows - Jordan Lloyd
Syncopated Rhythm - Rob & Michelle Fowler
Don't You Remember - Dee Musk
Faded - Rachael McEnaney
Cha Cha  When - Scott Blevins
Sweaty Dogg - Ria Vos
AM to PM - MIL
The Way You  Lie - Frank Cooper
Circus - Joey Warren
Like A Nightmare - Amy Spencer/Adam Berman
Magic - Shaz Walton
Hurts Instead - Dan  McInerney
Wild Wild West -
Pump It - MIL
Let Me Love You - MIL
Cold  Blooded - Scott Blevins
Angels On The Moon - Guyton Mundy
Rappers Delight  - Rachael McEnaney
Brucie - Scott Blevins
Musicology - MIL
Jump Jive  'n' Wail -
Tick Tock Drop - Guyton Mundy/Will Craig/Rob Glover
Ooh I Like That - Rachael McEnaney


SATURDAY DAYTIME : (In between teaches)
Mysterious Girl - Neville  Fitzgerald
Lamtarra Rumba - Tony Chapman
Nu Flo - MIL
Double Vision - Scott  Blevins
Smooth Criminal - Barry Porter/Paul Hulatt
I Am Afraid - Neville Fitzgerald
Insatiable -  Shaz Walton
Knee Deep - Peter & Alison
Say It - Dee Musk
After  Tonight - Niels Poulson
It's Up To You - Kim Ray
Its Going Round Round -  Joey Warren
Time To Play - Peter & Alison
Much Obliged - M T  Groove
I Lied - Andrew & Sheila
Each Tear - Shaz Walton
Right To Be Wrong - Scott Blevins
Jesse James - Rachael McEnaney
Can't Get Involved -  Neville Fitzgerald
Inside Your Heaven - Rachael McEnaney
Trouble Is - Scott Blevins
Butterfly Daze - Amy Spencer/Adam Berman
Killer Love -  Ryan Hunt
Digital Thunder - Ed Lawton/Lee Birks
My Motivation -  Guyton Mundy
I Hear Your Heart - Ryan Hunt
Latin Groove - Scott  Blevins
Carry Out - Joey Warren

(up to 2.30am when Ryan took over DJ  duties...:-)
Into The Arena - Michael Vera Lobos
Dizzy - Jo  Thompson
Feed the Fetish - Scott Blevins
Patient Heart - Micheal Vera Lobos
Unbroken - Neville Fitzgerald
Playing With Fire / Bad Boys -
Craig  Bennett / Jo & John Kinser
Sexy Back - Shaz Walton
J'ai Du Boogie -  Max Perry
Feel - Scott Blevins
Feet Don't Fail Me Now - Peter  Metelnick
Don't Drop Your Cha - Niels Poulson
The Real World - Ruthie  B
Sentimental - Rachael McEnaney
Bumpy Ride - Peter & Alison
Like A  G6 - Jean-Pierre Madge
Funky Cha Cha - Barry Duran
Boo-Taay / JR Drop -  
Amy Spencer / Rachael McEnaney
Crazy Foot Mambo - Paul McAdam
Whats My  Name - Dan McInerney
Rolling In The Deep - Maggie Gallagher
Geek In The  Pink - Johanna Barnes
I Held Your Hand - Niels Poulson
Blue Night Cha -  Kim Ray
Smoke And Mirrors - Joey Warren
Jig About - Maggie  Gallagher
Hot Out The Box - Shaz Walton
Wrong Side Of The Road - Peter  & Alison
No Regrets - Scott Blevins
Good Girl - Craig  Bennett
MmmDada - Guyton Mundy
Born This Way - Craig Bennett/ Simon Ward
Strobe Lights - Rachael McEnaney
Soul Food - Lorenzo Evans
Hot  Tamales - Neil Hale
The Pulse - Kate Sala
Boo Boo's Bounce - Scott  Blevins
Walk The Line (to Give me hope J'oanna)
Cry Me Out - Malene  Jakobsen
San Francisco - Kath Dickens
How Come The World Won't Stop -  MIL
No Goodbyes - Robbie McGowan Hickie
Shootin' Star - Jordan  Lloyd
Faith In Love - Craig bennett/Junior Willis
Disappearing Bubbles - Gaye  Teather
Party Rockin - Shaz Walton
Wicked - Joey Warren
Everything I Do - Rachael McEnaney
U Get On My Nerves -
Let 'Er Rip - Peter  Metelnick
Bobby With An I - Rachael McEnaney
Together Forever - Scott  Blevins
For the Lovers - Craig Bennett
Cha Cha Lengua - Neil Hale
The  Smell Of Your Sweet Perfume - Simon Ward
Prince Charming - Kate Sala/Rob Fowler
Drive Me Wild - Scott Blevins
Beethovens Boogie - Rob Fowler
Raise Your Glass - Rachael McEnaney
Murder My Heart - Neville  Fitzgerald
Switchblade - John Robinson
X2C - Shaz Walton
Poison - Craig  Bennett
Gave It All Away - Maggie Gallagher
Last Minute - Joey Warren/Rachael McEnaney
Fuego - Amy Spencer
Have Fun Go Mad - Scott  Blevins
Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson
Meltdown (Teary Eyed - Missy Elliott) - Scott Blevins
Give A Little More - Kate Sala/Dee Musk
M J Moves (to  Blu Cantrell) - Michele Perron/Jo Thompson
Party Freak - Kate Sala
Only Girl - Niels Poulson/Simon Ward
Americano - Simon Ward
Like A Nightmare - Amy Spencer/Adam Berman
Power Surge - Steve Sunter
Killer Love - Ryan Hunt
About  That Walk - Rachael McEnaney
Dangerous - John Robinson
Last Man Standing -  June, The Lady In Black
NoNoNoNoNo Notso - Pim van Grootel/Daniel Trepat
M J Moves (to Drizabone) Michele Perron/Jo Thompson
Ooh I Like That - Rachael McEnaney
The  Way You Lie - Frank Cooper
Swing Your Chains - Dee Soares/Shaun Maguire
Talkin' To The  Moon - Joey Warren
Razor Sharp - Stephen Sunter
Cherry Poppin - Neville  Fitzgerald
Brucie - Scott Blevins
Beat It Up - MIL
Spotlight - Dee  Musk
Wobble Wobble - V.I.C.
Just For Tonight - Larry & Tracey Harmon
California  King - Debbie Mclaughlin
Sweaty Dogg - Ria Vos
Syncopated Rhythm - Rob & Michelle Fowler
Playboy - Joey Warren/Shaz Walton
Make You Wanna - Paul McAdam
Smooth Criminal - Barry Porter
Nu Flo - MIL
Hurts Instead - Dan  McInerney
Peace Train - Julie Molkner
Marz and Mummies - Niels Poulson/Maria Maag
Stand Up Routine - Jordan Lloyd
Trouble Is - Scott Blevins
Insatiable - Shaz Walton
Shoop - Daniel Trepat
Double  Vision - Scott Blevins


SUNDAY DAYTIME : (In between Teaches & Recaps)
Burlesque - Norm  Gifford
Let It Be - Rachael McEnaney
Gypsy -
Haunted - Paul McAdam
B. C. O (Baby Come On) - Rachael McEnaney
I Gotta A Feeling - Niels Poulson
Titanic - Simon Ward
Gave It All Away - Maggie  Gallagher
Insatiable - Shaz Walton
Chill Factor - Daniel Whittaker
Out  & Jump - Rep Ghazali
Gambling Man - Maggie Gallagher
Buttons - Dan  McInerney
I Hear Your Heart - Ryan Hunt
Good Girl - Craig Bennett
Let Me C It - Guyton Mundy/Will Craig
Cry To Me - Paul McAdam
California  King - Debbie Mclaughlin
Ain't It Funny - Liam Hrycan
Sex Machine - Scott  Blevins/ Rachael McEnaney
Playa - Guyton Mundy
I Spy - Paul  McAdam
Raise Your Glass - Rachael McEnaney
S&M - Shaz  Walton
Cheetah - MIL
Single Moment - Aiden Montgomery /Zoe Dixon
Can't  Handel Me - Guyton Mundy/Carey Parson
Under Your Spell - Bracken  Ellis

Hurts Instead - Dan McInerney
Broken Heels - Jo & John Kinser/Mark Furnell
Jesse James - Rachael McEnaney
Ain't Going Down -  
Good Girl - Craig Bennett
Fall Apart - Dee Musk
Two Time Trick - Scott  Blevins
Dirty Bit - Shaz Walton
Liverpool Fling - Stephen  Sunter
Elevator - Neville Fitzgerald
Gallery - Junior Willis
Those  Applebottom Jeans - Joey Warren
Let Me Love You - MIL
Cha Cha When - Scott  Blevins
Grundy Gallop - Jenny Rockett
Shoulda Been - Joey  warren
Spoiled - MIL
Mack The Knife - Rachael McEnaney
Poison - Craig  bennett
Got To Be Funky - Dawn Beecham
Make You Wanna - Paul  McAdam
It's Up To You - Kim Ray
Smooth Criminal - Barry Porter
Party  Rockin - Shaz Walton
Burn It Down - Neville Fitzgerald
Only Girl - Niels  Poulson/Simon Ward
She Will Be Loved - Rachael McEnaney
Party Freak  - Kate Sala
Oh Ruby - Debbie Mclaughlin
Dirrty - Scott Blevins
We  Belong - Robbie McGowan Hickie
Feels So Good - Amy Christian
Papi -  Rachael McEnaney
Perfect - Guyton Mundy
Some Kind Of Wonderful - Peter  & Alison
Ain't Got No Money - Neville Fitzgerald
Gambling Man - Maggie  Gallagher
Down To The Wire - Shaz Walton /Jannie Andersen
Freaks To The Floor - Scott Blevins
Descarada - Joey Warren
AM to PM -  MiL
Footprints In The Sand - Dee Musk
After Tonight - Niels Poulson
Get  Sexy - Joey Warren
Alane - Helen O'Mally
Wonderful - Paul McAdam
How  Kud U - Guyton Mundy/ Rob Glover
Like A Nightmare - Amy Spencer/Adam Berman
Killer Love - Ryan Hunt
Must Get Free - Dan  McInerney
Hideaway Cha - Joanne Brady et al
Scandalous - Neville  Fitzgerald
Don't You Remember - Dee Musk
Nothin' Better - Neville  Fitzgerald
High Off Ur Vibe - Amy Spencer/Adam/Roberto
Cha Cha  Tonight - Scott Blevins
Tush Push -
Be Back Soon - Debbie Mclaughlin
Cha  Cha Loco - Jo Thompson
Dip Dive Socialise - Francien Sittrop
Bam-A-Lam -  Guyton Mundy/Joey Warren
I Belong To You - Niels Poulson/Simon  Ward
Uh Oh - Max Perry
Walkin' On Me - Scott Blevins
NoNoNoNoNo Notso -  Pim van Grootel/Daniel Trepat
Sweaty Dogg - Ria Vos
Blue Night Cha -  Kim Ray
Holdin It Down - Dan McInerney
Losin' The Love - June, The Lady In  Black
Wikkedest Ting - Neville Fitzgerald
These Castle Walls - Joey  Warren
About That Walk - Rachael McEnaney
Cupid Shuffle -
Wobble Wobble  - V.I.C.
Tooty Ta-
Soul Food - Lorenzo Evans
Oops Upside Your Head -  DJ Casper
Talking To The Moon - Joey Warren
Cowgirls And Switches - Scott  Blevins
Think About It - Joey Warren
Everything About U - Paul  McAdam
Brucie - Scott Blevins
Right To Be Wrong - Scott Blevins
Pump It  - Mil


Carol and I were out dancin' all first weekend in May w/the NEW DJ on the block ...
Tina Beare w/Frank or Jeanette stepped out on HER own in DJ duties for all 3 bay area dances.
The Ebb and Flow she produces on the dance floor? She attributes to experience as a ballroom DJ.
Those Observation Skills?...come from her ICU RN experience.
And her secret weapon for reading the floor?
Let's just say I was bone tired and the ONLY dance that would get me to leap up off my chair at near 4ish quittin' time on SUNDAY ...was Jesse James and She knew, or She guessed correctly.
The floor was full; The dancers were flawless with this Rachael McEnaney classic.

The NEW dance on the floor: Swan (Daniel Trepat) 9 votes at BnB. All on the BnB floor KNEW the dance.
She Comes to Me 9 votes at CQS, music faded. No one could keep that dance going.
My newest favorites Talk'in to The Moon & Still Got the Blues ...we danced on Friday nite.
Let It Be ...I got to dance on Sunday to Katie Stevens. Tina apologized for playing the wrong song verson on Saturday ...we couldn't get the feel and we stopped. Rachael McEnaney wrote to Katie Stevens (American Idol Season 9) ...some guy singing just didn't do it for ME.

Friday at BnB -50ish dancers, Saturday at CQS -50ish, & First Sunday -30ish
The dances that made ALL 3 playlists w/# of requests at/over SEVEN are:
1-2-3-4 (Niels Poulsen) 11 - 10 - 9
American Cowboy 10 - 7 - 9
Asking Questions 11 - 7 -
Bite the Dust 9 - 7 -
Burlesque 12 - 12 -
Chicken Walk Jive - 9 -
Evergreen 10 - 7 - 8
Gambling Man 10 - 15 - 8
Great Pretender 10 - 11 - 9
Hello Dolly
Hey Soul Sister - 11 -
I'm No Good - 9 -
Johnny Got A Boom Boom - 9 -
Make This Day 10 - -
Prince Charming 10 - 11 -
Soul Food 10 - 7 - 9