November Dance Blog
4th Friday at BnB w 52ish in the hall on November 25
Domino, Sunny in Seattle & Without You were the 3 'new' dances played 3rd Friday, which also played on 4th. (3rd Friday new ones Not played were: No Llores, Suspicious Minds, That's Why You Go Away, Leave Your Mark, Lauguage of the Heart, and Mr. Wonderful.) Add Dance Dance Dance, Deep Love, Hotstepper, Hurt Me So and On the Line as new ones for 4th Friday.

3rd Friday at BnB w 49 in the hall on October 21. 38 dances had 10+ votes: 1234 14votes/full floor.
Alabama Slammin' 13 w/24 & American Cowboy 14 w/26 on the floor. Amor de Hielo 10. Bittersweet Memory 12/23.
Bobbie w/an I 10. Beer For My Horses 12/30. Caballero 11/full. Disappearing Bubbles 12/17. Drinkin' Wine 12/17.
Evergreen 13/22. (Freak A Little More 3 votes and was played last 1/2 hour per request w 17 on floor). Hey Soul Sister 14/15. (I Want You had 6 votes and was played last 1/2 hour per request). I'm No Good 10/33. Jesse James 10/23. Journey to the Stars 12/33. Jazzy Girl 11 w 5 dancing and 7 following). La Luna 14/full. Louisiana Swing 11. Love Letter Waltz 11/19. Lady in Blue 10 w 3 dancing and 12 following. Make an Appearance 13/23. Melon Heart 13/full. Mr Mysterious 16/27. My Hero 14/15. Nothin' But Taillights 14/full. On The Edge 12/full. Party Freak 12/20. Proud Mary Burning 10/21. Quarter After One 10/full. Rhyme or Reason 13/23. Rock Around the Clock 11/full. Rock Your Body 14 w 4 dancing and 13 following. San Francisco 14/32. Simplemente 14/full. Sweet Sweet Smile 10. Toes 11. Tush Push 10/full. Wonderland Waltz 10.
3rd Friday at BnB w 35ish in the hall on November 18 w/many of us in Las Vegas for the Dance Explosion. No dances had 10 initials/votes. Pre dance My Hero & Rock Your Body had 10 on the floor and both were not played during the dance. The most double digits on the floor: 25 Quarter After One. 20 were on the floor for 3 dances: Make This Day, Melon Heart & Mr Mysterious. New Ones on the floor since 3rd Friday in October were: Domino 13. Language of the Heart 7, Leave Your Mark 8. Mr. Wonderful 6. No Llores 17. Sunny in Seattle 19. Suspicious Minds 8. That's Why You Go Away 9 & Without You 18.

Doug & Jackie's Las Vegas Dance Explosion 2011 ....700+ staff in attendance. Workshop Schedule
Stacy Garcia's link to YOUTUBE videos from all dances taught at this Vegas event.
My front row Highlights: Lorraine Kurtela ...OMG she is the funniest when she is teaching! Sweet Georgia Brown had 82 dancers in the Beginner ballroom at 5:30 on Friday night. Give her a mic and she can rule the world. A people magnet for SURE! How FUN for all of us bay area dancers to see our DOLLY teach her newest dance Sweet Georgia Brown to a jammed floor!

Rachael: Rachael was singing the whole time we were dancing her Let It Be! I was so moved!
She was front and center singing Gambling Man both times we did Maggie G's dance in Louie's room, how devine!

Guyton: Jump in da Line is an event HIT for him! His teach was full ...Jackie was learning along w/us. Everyone was smilin' and laughing and those who love it were dancing it in Louie's ballroom each night.
That kinda Lovin' had a near full floor dancing it perfectly before his Saturday teach. Since he COULD tell that MOST all knew the pattern, his teach was mostly counting to the music as it played 3 times. Dancing w/him at the end of the teach was so moving. He writes funky hand movements to funky music, but he gets into blues rolling 8 with such feeling it brought tears to my eyes.

This City ...those on the floor including Jill R had it down pat. She is ONE AMAZING new dancer. So HAPPY that others could witness her MOVES! She REALLY made the step back w/sweeps look doable in Free Fallin'!

Scott: dancin' 5 10 15 Swing up the front w/Rachael, John K. & Scott. Freak A Little More jammed the floor the 2 times I heard it played. His new Hurt Me So was an event hit.

Will Craig: I knew going into the event that his Without You was THE dance to watch out for. I couldn't believe my good fortune. Southwest got me to the event in time to take the first 2'oclock workhop w/him on Wednesday. The floor was capacity and everyone had the dance perfectly at the end of his teach. He delivers the pattern & then counts. Counts during the music and then we were on our own. EXCELLENT teach. He is one GREAT instructor! Without You was the event HIT. Capacity floor at night. He made the last pattern in B doable in his teach! On paper that pattern killed me!

Roy Verdonk: OMG to see him dance Soul Food ...unbelievable! To see the skill level of the Verdonk dancers, Mind Blowing!
Youtube has MANY clips of Roy and his dancers at the 2011 Explosion. Carol was smitten w/his This Is A Mans World and she will be teaching it to us in November classes. The floor was capacity and looked awesome for this flowing rolling 8.

I was impressed w/inter choreography winner Jaci Gecelter's -Wherever Would I Be to Dusty Springfield/Daryl Hall.

Bottom line: at or Near Floor Filler (teaches) in the mainball room: 5 10 15 Swing, Domino, Freak A Little More, Free Fallin', Hurt Me So, Jazzy Girl, Jump in da Line, Mony Mony (Maggie G 2001), Playa, Proud Mary Burning, Purr Kitty, Sexy and I Know it, Thata Kinda Lovin', The Thrill is Gone, This is a Mans World and Without You.

We were not sitting around in any of the 3 ballrooms grumbling about not dancing ...we were. The temp in the ballrooms - perfect. The wood floors were large enough to allow everyone to dance in comfort. The Beginner Ballroom floor was so large it would be considered an event floor at many events! The staff in there kept the dancing non stop by going over patterns before the music. (CAN you imagine if we had staff who did this for all the oldie intermediate dances we USED to know? I would be BRAIN dead in 2 hours) The bleachers in Louie's room were so awesome, I could see who was on the dance floor perfectly. The water was cold & cups plentiful. My 4G phone worked until the battery gave out or I did each nite for FB posting.
FACEBOOK has forever changed how events are covered! I just read on Lou Ann's page that magic screen projecting will be added to Louie's room and the R room for next year!
Projection Screens and Great Staff & Comfortable Floors and Iced Water! A perfect 10 projected 4 Vegas 2012!