October Dance Blog

Fourth Sat w/Mike & Joyce
Dances I remember that were in common w/BnB list below R: Alabama Slammin', Amor de Hielo, Bittersweet Memory, Caballero, Drinkin' Wine, I'm No Good, Make an Appearance, Melon Heart, Mr Mysterious, On the Edge, Rhyme or Reason, San Francisco, and Wonderland Waltz. I was too happy to dance one of my right now favorites w/my students: Show Me the Love ...

Third Friday at BnB w 49 in the hall. 38 dances had 10+ votes: 1234 14votes/full floor.
Alabama Slammin' 13 w/24 & American Cowboy 14 w/26 on the floor. Amor de Hielo 10. Bittersweet Memory 12/23.
Bobbie w/an I 10. Beer For My Horses 12/30. Caballero 11/full. Disappearing Bubbles 12/17. Drinkin' Wine 12/17.
Evergreen 13/22. (Freak A Little More 3 votes and was played last 1/2 hour per request w 17 on floor). Hey Soul Sister 14/15. (I Want You had 6 votes and was played last 1/2 hour per request). I'm No Good 10/33. Jesse James 10/23. Journey to the Stars 12/33. Jazzy Girl 11 w 5 dancing and 7 following). La Luna 14/full. Louisiana Swing 11. Love Letter Waltz 11/19. Lady in Blue 10 w 3 dancing and 12 following. Make an Appearance 13/23. Melon Heart 13/full. Mr Mysterious 16/27. My Hero 14/15. Nothin' But Taillights 14/full. On The Edge 12/full. Party Freak 12/20. Proud Mary Burning 10/21. Quarter After One 10/full. Rhyme or Reason 13/23. Rock Around the Clock 11/full. Rock Your Body 14 w 4 dancing and 13 following. San Francisco 14/32. Simplemente 14/full. Sweet Sweet Smile 10. Toes 11. Tush Push 10/full. Wonderland Waltz 10.

The Windy City Linedancemania, Chicago 2011 ....400+ staff in attendance. 5 workshops going from 9 - 5. Mainball room had 100+
300+ in Louie's ballroom dancing oldies, mainstream and advanced ongoing til 4ish on Friday and Saturday AM.
Jill's ballroom played the easier teaches every 15 minutes w/walks as necessary. Then oldies or current from same instructor/choreographer. That room was high energy whenever I was in there. I danced MMM-Bop to the real music! AND 5 Boot Scootin' Boogies goin' on; I joined Joey and Debbie who were doing the ONE I know by Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair. Another interesting dance: Jill called 2Nite music. Joey and Debbie started Will Craigs dance on 2nd floor and someone was queing 'an easier' dance to the same music on the 'first' floor which was FULL. By the end of the music MANY had joined us for Will's dance cause there was continuous 'checking' going on through the 'secret' door.
(During the Friday & Saturday evenings the 'walls' were removed and 4 rooms became TWO ballrooms. Plenty of room.)
300+ in Louie's ballroom dancing oldies, mainstream and advanced ongoing til 4ish on Friday and Saturday AM.
2011 Windy City is the FIRST USA event to get positive INSTANT facebook attention.
The BEST ever event for ME because Louie did NOT flush out the floor with all the workshop dances on Friday nite. In conversations w/a few instructors ...I gathered that if ONLY 1 or 2 dozen were in class and 400+ were in total attendance, then those dances were NOT played in the main ballroom. (~30 on the floor following til they get it and 300 sitting ...is a floor flusher.) I AGREE with that decision. On Saturday ...Louie had 7 dances up on that screen. 5 out of the 7 were workshop dances.
Focusing on the NEWER floor jammers:
Rachael: Raise Your Glass, Papi, Ooh I Like That (TWO double rows because it is STILL a HUGE event hit), About That Walk, Mr Mysterious, Alabama Slammin', Let It Be. Everything I Do jammed as did other oldies. Her Cyclone, Free Fallin' and Dominio ~100 on the floor.
Guyton: OMG Jump in da Line is an event HIT! That kinda Lovin' full floor and You're Amazing and Perfect jammed it. All his oldie hits ... were played. This City ...everyone trying hard and Jill R had it down pat. She is ONE AMAZING new dancer.
Niels: Blue Sky (hard one STILL for me), My Hero (my favorite), Still Got the Blues, 1234, Something In the Water, Love 2 Dance, Lady Luck, and after it was Friday: Melon Heart JAMMED the floor. His Hallelujah pretty full floor!
Scott: 5 10 15 Swing, Hold On Tight, & Fangbangers Cha. ~100 for Freak A Little More on Thursday. By Saturday, Freak A Little More had been played maybe 7 times to a jammed floor...it was the LAST dance played on Saturday at 4:44ish AM.
Joey: Talkin' to The Moon, Descarada, and Throw the Dice ..and his newest and easiest Never Enough.
It is always interesting to see what Louie plays as the lead off: Burlesque and then Proud Mary Burning!

Bottom line ...We were not sitting around in Louie's room grumbling about not dancing ...we were. The temp in there was perfect. The posted upcoming dances was the BEST idea ever! The floor was being screwed down whenever it needed it ...it was not the most perfect. Everybody had a chair. Louie had the lights turned down lower as the evening wore on. The water was cold & cups plentliful. The choreography contests and the show, great. There was HIGH energy every single nite. I danced so much My feet hurt in my fancy shoes so I had to wear my dance sneakers when it got late into the night. Who could ask for anything more?
(Everytime I need to refresh my drink at a event, I will post to my FB page. This will be a regular habit.)