September Dance Blog

On 5th Friday at BnB:
I counted 39 dancers at BnB last night. At 8:30ish I counted the initials (votes).
1234 = most w/13. Alabama Slammin' & Bittersweet Memory tied w/12.
On The Edge & Hello Dolly 9. Make An Appearance, Melon Heart, Mr Mysterious, Party Freak, Proud Mary Burning & Something In The Water 8. Dissappearing Bubbles, My Hero & Sleeping Child 7. Dance card = Freak a Little More (5) front row missed the 16 count tag. Not played: Take U Home (1) La Luna (2) Jazzy Girl (3).

The winning dance at Swiss Park Friday night w/DJ Tina Beare was Niels Poulsen's Something in the Water w/60 on the floor. That pretty much tells the story. The dance is easy to follow, the music is fabulous and the dance is interesting enough for all levels. It received 15 initials (votes). His dances had the most on the floor and the most votes. 1 2 3 4 had 17 and 60ish on the floor, Lady Luck 14 w/ 30ish on floor PERFECTLY, Melon Heart 19 w/44 on floor and My Hero 14 students know the 16 & restart, the others, not. I have NEVER seen such a mess on the floor when there are NO lines ...and all of a sudden complete stopping down the back. Grace was in the front (she teaches herself via YOUTUBE and knows EVERY dance!)...she closes her eyes and becomes ONE with this music ...she was our saving Grace tonite. There was NO issue at WOW for this one ...those of us who feel that music, heaven! To dance it w/Niels at an EVENT ...Priceless!
Check my Facebook page for a live dance feed for this social.

It will be retro nite at Swiss Park 4th Friday w/cowboy hats & western wear for teacher appreciation nite w/Evelyn Khinoo (Silk & Satin 1995) Cry To Me (Paul McAdam 2006) will be the NEWEST request of the 5 she & her class will showcase.The remaining, her choreography: 1996 Attitude; 1997 How Sweet It Is; 1998 That's My Hat; 2001 The Lady & Me. (Information says Jackie Snyder Miranda's Sometime When 1999 is a class favorite (video from 2006) could be a request card.)
A link to August 28th 1998 'blog' How FUN to read what was being taught end of Summer 1998.

Monday Class 16 dance Playlist: September Voting results
Make This Day was on the survey twice. It received a 5 first listing 6 the second. (2 dancers caught & noticed voted for it, the other did not.) I am satisfied the 'survey' is a true representation and not a popularity vote. Mr Mysterious was the last dance verbally requested and played & had 2 write in votes. Those remaining on the floor owned this dance which was a MIND change from I'm No Good. 3 other requests played: All Nite Long, San Francisco, American Cowboy.

My Hero 13
Make an Appearance 8
Only Girl 6
Askin' Questions 4

Bittersweet Memory 13
Burlesque 8
Gambling Man 6
Chicken Walk Jive 3
All of Me 11
Let It Be 8
Make This Day 6
Bite the Dust 2
Alabama Slammin' 10
1 2 3 4 = 7
Swan 5
Mr Mysterious 3

Thursday PM 16 dance Playlist: September Voting results

My Hero 10
Talkin' To The Moon 9
Let It Be 6
Gambling Man 4

On The Edge 10
Mr Mysterious 8
Party Freak 6
Melon Heart 4
Lady Luck 9
Bittersweet Memory 7
All Of Me 5
Still Got the Blues 4
Show Me The Love 9
Only Girl 7
Make An Appearance 5
Love 2 Dance 2

The 2011 WOW workshop schedule with appreciation to Event Director Judy Chen and her staff.

My students and I tried to be one of the first dancers into the open dancing ballroom on Thursday nite. Before we could even sit, Louie made the announcement that the first TWO rows all around the room were RESERVED for those holding the $30 dollar video pass. More than 80 chairs reserved? I grabbed one chair from a stack and sat up 'a row' opposite the DJ and he said it was fine. Others followed, but every 15 minutes he was making that 'reserved' announcement chasing dancers from chairs. He wouldn't let dancers put chairs on the oppsite wall because his 'speaker wiring' was in place and to delicate to handle chairs.
What a WARM Welcome on Thursday night SRO ...but we still had FUN...
At 7 PM open dance 300+ dancers were milling in & around the lobby to this 'main' ballroom AND Hors D'oeuvres were served promptly at 8PM! At 8:30 Judy took the mic and announced 2 more rounds of beef needed to be eaten ...Bob took up the offer, but I saw no one else leave ...most of us had already eaten dinner & I only saw empty serving platters when I tried going towards the tables of Hors D'oeuvres. The pizza was plentiful and good and then I happened to wander into the lone server of the prime rib in one corner of the lobby. The beef was excellent.

Louie kicked off the night with Burlesque. I spotted Norm in the crowd way in the back to my left HAPPY for HIM!
I blogged live on FB the dances played on Thursday PM. (Below is what I can remember, if I don't know the dance then the name isn't there.) The sound system was not the best and MOSTLY it is good when he is the DJ. Per his usual, he just started the music and the mad scramble to the floor happened! The ONLY current dance that flushed the floor 'that night' was Rolling in the Deep AND Some OLD OLD dance (he said it was ) ...played and a dozen were on the floor trying and finally remembering it. All other dances jammed the floor but honestly NOT hard to do when the hall is SRO and the main floor holds ~250. It was obvious that 2 smaller wood floors w/chairs in between were being danced upon to the back of the hall. My first thought, how nice, overflow space for ~ 40 for the most popular dances or split dances.
9 - 10 PM demos began ...and it didn't take long for 'seasoned' event goers to explore and realize that those two different small floors could and WOULD be separated by 'curtains' and become workshop rooms NOT part of the MAIN room.
Next ballroom over ONLY had ~ 7 x 10 wood floor floating on carpet in the same size spacious room as MAIN ballroom.
(A wedding was booked into that space on Saturday nite which meant the two small floors were closed back up after the show to become the 'request ballroom'.)

Cake enough for 400 was served on the ballroom floor after the Saturday night show and while photos of the staff were taken. Then PRIME ballroom seating was replaced with the 'dividing curtian' to make way for the 2nd ballroom ...back to SRO.
This event was UNIQUE in the fact that so many bay area dancers were here. AND one day passes were issued on Friday or Saturday which brought 75 additional dancers adding to the ~ 300. We were told the number of dancers would be limited so there WOULD BE enough floor for all to dance comfortable. No one NOW feels that statement is truthful. BUT we still had fun.

This was my 4th dance event/workshop in a hotel in the bay area. WE don't have a need for powerful AC MOST of the time. ALL 4 times AC was the issue. The last GGC was so HOT ...Charlotte made the AC man come to the mic and say it is as high as it will go. Fans didn't help ...won't help ..note to the WORLD ..San Francisco bay area hotels do not provide adequate AC. EVERY room every day was warm except for Sunday ...less than 50 were in the main ballroom for open dancing and it was delightful.
I have NEVER showered/washed my hair, changed my clothes so much at any other event. Outside tempertures were perfect for walking to alternate food sources. $21 seemed steep for the hotel breakfast buffet. AND $25 for dinner buffet seemed steep when a reasonably priced prime rib house was a walk across the street. The Pizza Hut was an in hotel restaurant, but I only found out on accident. Their menu was listed right after the room service menu. The pizza was the BEST. (NOTE to self ..check all Marriott's for Pizza Hut menus)

The dancers were fortunate that Marilyn was on staff and had all her new music on her laptop. NO second DJ was hired for the event. She VERY graciously agreed to DJ for both nites. We BOW deeply, down to HER. We were told that there would be a second request ballroom. We did have fun both nights with her til midnight or later.

U know I LOVE Junior and his clogging ability and his fabulous gift for teaching clogging. He makes it so fun. I am told we were all smiling big time when we performed at the show ...It is just that much FUN to dance with HIM.
Joanne Brady the same ...I don't know how she pulled strings to get her Proud Mary Burnin’ (Philip Sobrielo) into the show ...especially since it was a 'secret' teach? It is NOT on the schedule and we are just now learning the name of the 'performance'. My students who were in the performance were so excited to talk about it in class this AM. AND TALK THEY DID.
THIS was unique to any event show I have seen ...U were special!

No one knows why King Louie decides what to play and when. Talkin' to the Moon (well, we know the lame reason why on this one) was not played PRIME time, NOR was My Hero. It even seemed at times that the choreographer/instructor had just left the room when he played this or that? WE notice because we are WAITING for this or that. We WANT the magic screen please!

I couldn't believe that the HARDEST dances (Lady Luck, Mr Mysterious, My Hero) were on the schedule for SUNDAY, not Friday when everyone has fresh brains? I am just thinking that My Hero moves all around the floor and Louie KNEW this fact and he didn't want an accident happening PRIME TIME on Friday and Saturday nites and ...I'll stick to that story! I hate the floor flushing that the ALL the new teaches bring on Friday and Saturday nites ..that is why for ME a 2nd request room is imperative. MOST dancers didn't want to 'lose' their chair to wander over to Marilyn's room during prime time. But we still had fun.

SRO every night meant we had time to talk to each other out in the lobbies and down in the lobby overlooking the bay. (I guess I am so BAD ...I would rather dance My Hero w/Niels then watch planes land at SFO) and I KNOW all this socializing we all did added to the FUN everyone had.

Despite the fact that the wood floors/AC weren't adequate to keep those 375+ of us happy, I was forced to STOP dancing at 2AM. Event rule. This meant I was UP each morning early. I couldn't NOT take lessons because I was UP ...which made the floors that much more crowded. SORRY, but I had to squeeze in on the rug. All event dancers really want is a comfortable, plentiful dance floor and a chair for our tired butts. These are the only things that matter to MOST of us. I am possitive it was hard on the hired staff to teach us in such close quarters, but they are professional and nothing but professionalism was seen all weekend from them. We bow down to their HARD work and the giving of their energy making it fun for us.

For ALL the newbies who attended for the FIRST big EVENT in their dance experience ..U experienced the thrill of being taught by WORLD CLASS instructors who have CREATED your favorite dances. U must have noticed what exceptional dancers they are when the SHOW showcased their talents. AND I know you appreciated the chats you might have had with each of them. The REASON events are special is because of the choreographers on STAFF. EACH brings a hidden talent ..and it is up to all of us to find it. Scott did a great job of being an MC but honestly, how could he miss w/Joanne as his co host. WE all know she can humor the crowd, I was STUNNED to find out that he can also.

The big event buzz of the moment ...John Robinson's 45th Vegas B'day Party in July. We were all comparing the dates when we signed up far ...I AM the earliest!

Here is a pdf file link that Stacy Garcia created include open dances from WOW w/video links.