November Dance Blog
November 23th
4th Friday at Swiss Park w/DJ Tina along w/Frank
53 in the hall the day after Thanksgiving ...the BnB dancers came to dance; Tina kept the floor FULL.
Mainstream dancers got an added bonus, pre dance at 7:30 = Baby, Don't Rush, Night Nurse, 50 Ways, Time Bomb, Gotcha Where I Want you, Let the Sky Fall and Call Me Maybe. Most were replayed during the evening!
Top 19 Requests = Boys Will be Boys, 50 Ways = 15 votes
Don't Stay, Pontoon, Twinkle, Windy City Waltz, Wom Bom Bom = 14 votes
Baby Don't Rush, Beautiful in My Eyes, I Wanna, Night Nurse, Soul Fire, Stuck, Time Bomb = 13 votes
Drive By, Intrigue, On the Water, Rock This Party, 1929 = 12 votes

2012 Las Vegas Line Dance Explosion w/Doug & Jackie 'exploded' on Wednesday when 250+ filled the main request ballroom to learn Larger Than Life (1999 event classic) w/Simon Ward; 300+ were jammed on the floor when the music played end of workshop! How FUN to see all these NEW dancers enjoy the dance. The Saturday afternoon Riveria Hotel flash mob = Larger Than Life was uploaded to youtube. On Friday night, The Hello Dolly flash mob roaring 20's themed flash mob happened; it also was uploaded to youtube.
California's newest choreographer, Brenda Shatto took first place in the choreography comp with Don't Stay (a floor filler at BnB Friday following the event)
The playlist all the dances played in Vegas in JP/Louie's Ballroom is always a work in progress w/input from those of us who were on his floor. Floor Fillers played all three nights = Boys Will Be Boys, Back in Time, Beautiful In My Eyes, Fairytales & Love Songs ...Whatever, Hairspray, His Only Need, Jenkins Sisters' Jam, Time Bomb and Louie played funky upbeat fast music and called Somewhere With You ..same music all three nights to this dance written to country music. (the first time there was slight grumbling, but not the 2nd and 3rd that I could see).
The dances that I saw that filled or JAMMED Louie's floor after their Friday or Saturday teach = Bang Bang, Back It Up, Drive By, Cold Blooded Lover, Farewell, Wicked Echoes, Loving You, Misty Blue, Soul Fire, Wom Bom Bom, Windy City Waltz, Now You See It, Now You Don't, Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Scarborough Waltz, Spoiled, Skiffle Time, Through the Fire, Clap Your Hands and Dem Jeans (soul line dance, no sheet). Louie's typing ceased late prime time on Saturday ...and I was back and forth in main and Jill's ballroom LATE Saturday nite. I only saw a handful of floor flushers, that I won't be mentioning. Louie kept his floor so rockin', there was NO grumbling that I heard.
At any event, the playlist will reflect the POPULAR dances of choreographers on staff.

Intermediate Dances = JAMMED floor @ Vegas = I have taught:
Back In Time, Bang Bang, Beautiful In My Eyes, Bittersweet Memory, Boys Will Be Boys, Bound To You, Burlesque, Call Me Maybe, Cold Blooded Lover, Domino, Drive By, Farewell, Gotcha Where I Want Ya, Half Past Nothing, His Only Need, Intrigue, Jenkins Sisters' Jam, Misty Blue, Rock Your Body, Scarborough Waltz, Still Love You Tommorrow, Through the Fire, Time Bomb, To Infinity & Beyond, Without Fire, 1929.