October Dance Blog
Oct 28th
4th Saturday w/DJ's Mike and Joyce = high energy w/all the newer dancers who have found the weekend social scene. Back in 1996, 'beginner' dances = Ain't Going Nowhere & Strat Cat Strut. Easy to follow on the floor, but NOW, Mama Maria & Come Dance With Me = beginner dances & FUN for even the experienced dancer. A HUGE thanks to Mike and Joyce for their hard work in bringing a new influx of experienced senior dancers! These dancers KNOW the dances; a pleasure for those of us who have to watch the pattern, before our feet can remember enough to jump in line and join the FUN! Intermediate Floor FILLERS in common w/BnB on Friday night = 1929, Back It Up, Beautiful in My Eyes, Boys Will be Boys, Half Past Nothin', Love You in a Barrel, Night Nurse, Scarborough Waltz, Time Bomb, and Windy City Waltz. OMG, Mike played Skiffle Time as the last dance = Calories burned!

October 15
The playlist all the dances played in at the 2012 Windy City Event in Louie's Ballroom is always a work in progress w/input from those of us who were on his floor. Floor Fillers played all three nights = Boys Will Be Boys, Back in Time, Beautiful In My Eyes, Fairytales & Love Songs ...Whatever, Hairspray, His Only Need, Jenkins Sisters' Jam, Time Bomb and Louie played funky upbeat fast music and called Somewhere With You ..same music all three nights to this dance written to country music. (the first time there was slight grumbling, but not the 2nd and 3rd that I could see).
The dances that I saw that filled or JAMMED Louie's floor after their Friday or Saturday teach = Bang Bang, Back It Up, Drive By, Cold Blooded Lover, Farewell, Wicked Echoes, Loving You, Misty Blue, Soul Fire, Wom Bom Bom, Windy City Waltz, Now You See It, Now You Don't, Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Scarborough Waltz, Spoiled, Skiffle Time, Through the Fire, Clap Your Hands and Dem Jeans (soul line dance, no sheet). Louie's typing ceased late prime time on Saturday ...and I was back and forth in main and Jill's ballroom LATE Saturday nite. I only saw a handful of floor flushers, that I won't be mentioning. Louie kept his floor so rockin', there was NO grumbling that I heard.
At any event, the playlist will reflect the POPULAR dances of choreographers on staff.

With so much thanks for MUCH hard work by event directors: Mark, Eve and Glenn
Windy City LineDanceMania celebrated 10 years of dancin' first weekend October 2012. 650+ were seated/and or performing at the Saturday Night Dinner Show. A much anticipated Event that lived UP to the expection for sure! The 2012 Workshop Schedule. (My First Attendance at Windy City documented HERE.)
A shared community of all level of dancers enjoyed a jammed main ballroom Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights w/DJ Louie. Jill was the DJ in the beginner (turned request after midnight) ballroom all 3 nights.
Some don't like a crowed floor; I do. Dancin' within that ENERGY is a HIGH for me. Cold Blooded Lover comes to mind as an 'alive' experience ...the music, the FLOW of the pattern, the excitement of seeing Joey in front dancin' & enjoyin' it with all of US ...or SIMON in front for Larger Than Life ....that is the RUSH of an event for ME!
I had an added bonus ...the smilin' face of Kai ...HE was so into the experience I have chicken skin just thinkin' about how much FUN he was having w/Alice at their FIRST 'big time' dance event. He has only been my student for ~3ish years, if that ...he was on Louie's floor constantly cause ALICE is his 'other' teacher!
This is the FIRST event that FaceBook and Youtube have played a MAJOR, MAJOR role in the success of an event. When a dance is a HIT at any event, we know instantly because FB is instant. Louie's jam packed floor for nearly ALL of the dances played during prime time happened, no matter the level.
Louie's 'screen' = added bonus this year. SMART PHONES/Internet are so fast that any youtube can be viewed prior to the dance to be played! YOUTUBE stars Yvonne & Vivian and Winnie & Dodo were dancin' on the floor constantly ...ladies a HUGE thank you for all the hard work you all do to keep all of us on the dance floor. My students won't learn a dance unless a youtube is available.
Youtube teachers have changed the pace of line dance for the BETTER. We are so GRATEFUL.

Dances w/ JAMMED floor @ Windy City = I have taught: Back In Time, Bang Bang, Beautiful In My Eyes, Bittersweet Memory, Boys Will Be Boys, Bound To You, Burlesque, Call Me Maybe, Cold Blooded Lover, Domino, Drive By, Farewell, Gotcha Where I Want Ya, Half Past Nothing, His Only Need, Intrigue, Jenkins Sisters' Jam, Love's Kiss, Misty Blue, Rock Your Body, Scarborough Waltz, Still Love You Tommorrow, Through the Fire, Time Bomb, To Infinity & Beyond, Without Fire, 1929. Feed the Fetish, Feel, Have Fun Go Mad taught and forgot. Larger Than Life I learned in 1999 when Simon debuted it at the Bill Ray Vegas event ...I don't EVER want to mess w/my memory of that teach by teaching it myself. I had Grace Lee teach my students Poetry in Motion cause I didn't want to mess w/my memory of Rachael debuting it to us at 2003 Bonanza Bash. Too hard to retain for ME, but it jams the floor the MULTIPLE times it plays at events to the Eagles singin' Hotel California, I sing and remember her teach in my head!
Advanced dances: Hairspray (Rachael McEnany and 'mystery guest' Simon Ward danced the demo together), Loving You & Wicked Echoes were floor jammers and ARE world wide 2012 HITS on the event circuit.

My Highlights: Ria Vos, her first USA debut! What an addition to our line dance community. She can teach, she can write & she CAN dance! His Only Need filled the floor on Thursday, jammed it Saturday. Soul Fire jammed on Saturday night after her teach. She was an awesome addition to Team International along w/Darren Bailey and Simon Ward.
I was among the handful who knew Simon was going to be part of Team International. I had that Competition teach on my must attend list. I saw the demo (caught on youtube for all to watch) in conversation w/Ruben sitting beside me ...we were so JAZZED ...I told him thank YOU ...'this' memory is forever burned into my head!
Windy City Waltz = WOW dance for ME. Mainstream for sure & the bridge was just FUN. This First Place award winning $700 dance will be a smash hit around the world event circuit. Simon's first WCW teach is Fremont, CA - October 12.