2013 AugustDanceBlog

Up until, August 23rd, BnB was a request list rules club. Top 'initialed' requests play 8 - 11PM
The 'coveted' Dance Card is now played ONLY at DJ discretion.
In contrast, CQS club plays 1 oldie, 1 classic, 1 new 'format'. ALL Requests taken after 10PM til 10:30PM.

August 23, 2013 Swiss Park BnB 4th Friday dance report:
Just finished Fish n Chips @ Swiss Park and the music began. I was on the BnB floor ~7:45 for No Man's Land & WOW Tokyo ...and then I saw Rita walk in, She is everyone's dance ANGEL! I'm on my Ipad and the party has begun!
The BnB Dance BEGINS at 8PM! (54 in the hall)
Kick off dance = 1234 w/27 on the floor, followed by one of my favorites: Believe in Me w/30 on the floor and then Tush Push w/22. Bitterweet Memory (6 votes) starts playing and I am torn between the request sheets OR trying to remember that dance! 32 of us DID. 4 dances have played & by now a BIG crowd is at the DJ booth writing their requests. As I was waiting MY turn, I recognized the 'the format' one classic, one new and ONE old: 1234 8 votes, Believe in Me 13 & Tush Push 10. And so it went: Solayoh 12, Dizzy 14 & American Cowboy 12. I'm No Good 2 votes, Nothin' But Tailights 5 & Kreedom 16. Caballero 6 votes, Hey Love 16 votes & It's Up to You 18 votes.
Floor counts with 54 in the hall.
Hello Dolly full floor, Beautiful in my Eyes 29 & Hey Love 16 on the floor w/Millie, Thousands of Songs 37 on the floor, Jumpin Up 13 following on the floor w/Millie, Treat Me Right 27 of us on the floor, No Man's Land 35 of us on the floor. A liquid Lunch 38 on the floor, (announcements just now w/54 in the hall) 50 Ways (27 on the floor 27 watching), Everything I Do 27 on the floor, Faking It 34, Dance Card She Bangs.
The last 30 minutes = Long Distance Love 27 on the floor, When I Was Your Man 25, Dance Card JR Drop, Waltzing at Twilight 13 on the floor, WOW Tokyo 12 on the floor and last dance = Hurt Me Carefully 13 on the floor.

Millie's published playlist (seen ONLY on Facebook) reflects the dances played, not the format. The music is at DJ discretion. It seems only natural that a dancin' DJ would play NEW that she has taught during '8 - 10 prime time' (Hey Love 16 with following, Jumpin' Up 8 w/13 trying HARD to follow, People Like Us 20, Solayoh 12 & Where We Belong 15), But the ISSUE is by playing the 1 old, 1 classic, 1 new: NO time to play
16 votes for Hold Your Horses & My Spanish Love. 15 votes for Gleefully There & To Eternity.
@ 10:30PM she hasn't yet played the most initialed
Long Distance Love 17, When I Was Your Man 17, WOW Tokyo 15 and Hurt Me Carefully 17.

San Francisco Bay Blues WAS played @ BnB Aug 16 w/11 votes but NOT August 23.
San Francisco Bay Blues is a personal & class favorite, My BAD for not recording the votes.

WRITE IN votes = 11 Blurred Lines (banned), 8 JR Drop (dance card), 9 Let It Be and Madness 6 votes.
2 NEW @ BnB Aug 16 = Jumpin' Up 7 votes & Solayoh 11. (no attendance published, no playlist on website)
1 NEW @ BnB August 23 = Cotton Time 8 votes w/15 on the floor. (We have MANY dancers who teach themselves).

The 2013 Chattanooga, TN Extravaganza workshop schedule.

Stacy Garcia put together a pdf file of the dances taught plus video links at 2013 World Dance Masters.

(My Aug 16 FB page post) I got my timing back on Blurred Lines @ Amy's Afternoon social. The Published Playlist
@ 1PM Amy starts to play the harder dances & 27 = in the hall & on the floor for Blurred Lines! JR Drop was 'the run to the floor' dance & the FUN one for Me & Carol to watch. 22 of us for When I Was Your Man, Purple Rain, Misty Blue (almost got it back). Believe in Me & Hurt Me Carefully (27 on the floor) were our requests. 
I just relearned JR Drop. Too Fun, let me know & I will get In The Ayer! (and I had NO student takers.)

Clarification: Blurred Lines is NOT 'Banned in the Bay'.
ONLY the FIVE BnB DJ's (Diana, Millie, Tina, Evelyn & Denny and Mike & Joyce) are refusing to play the Robin Thicke music at the BnB club dances. The BnB Dance Card issue falls under DJ authority, which equals music censorship, which in turn means a dance card for Blurred Lines is banned. ANY number of dancers above 35 on any given Friday night is a 'good' crowd. The dancers are VOTING for Blurred Lines and will dance to this music at OTHER bay area venues.

Aug 16 BnB w/no attendance # published on FB SF group report. Top votes: 16 A Liquid Lunch & Gleefully There. 13 Caballero, Faking It & His Only Need. 12 Believe in Me, Boys Will Be Boys, Kreedom, WOW Tokyo & 50 Ways.
Beautiful in My Eyes, My Spanish Love, No Man's Land, & San Francisco Bay Blues = 11 votes. Thousands of Songs 8.

Aug 17 CQS (67 in attendance) dances played in common w/BnB = A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Beautiful in My Eyes, Believe In Me, Boys Will Be Boys, Faking It, Gleefully There, Hurt Me Carefully, Kreedom, No Man's Land, Solayoh, Thousands of Songs, WOW Tokyo, 50 Ways.

Aug 9th BnB w 54 in the hall @ announcements. Write In's = Blurred Lines 10 (banned), Follow Me 8 (12) Hey Hey Hey 7 (not played), It Don't Matter 8 (not played), Tonight 8 (19), No Life After You 10 (19) Skinny Love 5 (not played) Booty Chuk 5 (21). Top votes = 14 A Liquid Lunch, Faking It, Hurt Me Carefully & I Wanna. 13 = 50 Ways, Pontoon & WOW Tokyo. 12 = Believe In Me, Gleefully There, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, Kreedom, Long Distance Love & My Spanish Love. Dance Card honored = JR Drop (10)

August 2nd BnB w/39 in the hall. Be My Baby Now, So Beautiful & Throw Away the Key floor fillers July 26th = absent from Aug 2nd playlist, also absent = the newly added last week, Dreams I Dream.
added Aug 2nd = The Lone Ranger, Thousands of Songs and No Man's Land.
Dance Cards = Fall Apart, Oh So Beautiful, Waltzing At Twilight and Wild Wild West Boogie.
(information = SF Bay Area Line Dance Group Facebook page. BnB website playlist page is still 'down for repairs'.)

The THREE new dances that were keepers on the BnB floor in July =
21 Kreedom (47 on the floor) and 17 San Francisco Bay Blues (31) and 18 WOW Toyko (22)

July 26th Swiss Park top votes w/69 in the hall = 21 Kreedom (47 on the floor). 20 Believe in Me (46). 18 Hurt Me Carefully (29) andWOW Toyko (22) . 17 San Francisco Bay Blues (31), Waltzing At Twilight (27) and A Liquid Lunch (46). 16 Mirrors and Faking It. 15 Be My Baby Now (54), Gleefully There, I Wanna (30), So Beautiful, Throw Away the Key (27) & To Eternity (20). My Spanish Love 28 on the floor. Dance Cards = Thousands of Songs and You're Amazing. Blurred Lines denied. NEW added = Dreams I Dreams w/21 on the floor.

As of June 29th, Saturday, the BnB home webpage has removed the playlists section of the website with a note saying it is 'down for repairs' ...
The Nine new Dances to hit the BnB floor in June = All Those Yesterdays, Be My Baby Now, Feel This Moment, My Spanish Love, Outta My Heart, Wagon Wheel Rock & Mirrors.
The THREE new dances to hit the BnB playlist for 1st Friday June = Blurred Lines, Mirrors & Never Say Never.
Blurred Lines has been banned by the BnB board for lyrics issues and Never Say Never ..never played again.
No New dances were added 3rd Friday and the All Club Dance happened 4th Friday.