2013 JulyDanceBlog

3rd Weekend July = Florida Fun In The Sun Event. Stacy Garcia w/help from many = main ballroom dances.
Blurred Lines played twice Thursday & Friday nights and was taught on Saturday.
Dances = all 3 nights = 1929, 50 Ways, Beautiful in My Eyes, Blurred Lines x 5, Dem Jeans, Feel, Feel This Moment, Freak A Little More, Gleefully There, Have Fun Go Mad, Hideaway Cha, Hootenanny, Humanised, Hurt Me Carefully, It Don't Matter, Let's Get It Started, Madness x 4, Mirrors, Moves A Like/Moves Like Jagger, Now You See It Now You Don't, Poetry in Motion, She's Dirty, Sippin' On Southern, Skiffle Time, Skinny Love x 4, Somewhere With You, Trespassing, Waltzing at Twilight, We're Not Broken, When I Was Your Man, Wom Bom Bom & Wild Wild West (Siebe/Cameron).
Stacy Garcia's complete list of dances taught at FITS = video links.
Congrats to San Francisco Bay Area choreographers Neil Hale (Crusin'), Lorraine Kurtela (Hello Dolly), and Sue & Kathy (Under the Sun) = dances = Beginner Ballroom @ 2013 FUN IN THE SUN Orlando, Florida.

Top dances @ BnB 3rd Friday. 21 A Liquid Lunch. 19 Throw Away the Key. 18 = Hurt Me Carefully, My Spanish Love, and San Francisco Bay Blues. 17 = Better With You, Faking It and WOW Tokyo. 16 From Russia with Love, Kreedom & When I Was Your Man. 15 = Long Distance Love, Mirrors, Together We Dance and Where We Belong. 2 NEW added to BnB to the playlist = Kreedom = 16 votes = 40 on the floor @ primetime. AND Cloud #9 with ONE vote. Blurred Lines = a write in = 14 votes. 15 of us on the floor who wanted Blurred Lines played (20ish in the hall) @ 10:48 when Shelly & I were denied my 2nd dance card request of the evening for this dance.

2nd Saturday July Playlist

Top dances @ BnB July 2nd Friday. 14 = My Spanish Love. 13 = A Liquid Lunch, Beautiful in My Eyes, Boys Will Be Boys, Pontoon, San Francisco Bay Blues, To Eternity & Together We Dance. 12 = Be My Baby Now, Gleefully There & Mirrors. Write Ins: Blurred Lines 6 (Dance Card denied), From Russia With Love 5 (played), & People Like Us 7 (not played).
35 in the hall = Hurt Me Carefully = 23 on the floor, My Spanish Love & San Francisco Bay Blues (1 NEW added to BnB playlist tonight) = 24 on the floor. Be My Baby Now & Gleefully = 26 on the floor.

July 5 @ the Moose in Sunnyvale ...it is SUMMER & 100+ were in the hot hall; The couples were out in force. Always fun for me to re connect w/the old Sh-Boom dancers from back in 1994. Interesting to see Kole Dunn's The Cowboy (1995) done CONTRA (no room for ME) split with Neil Hale's Cha Cha Lengua (1994) to the Smokin' Armadillos music & I had to think/dance FAST! Lorraine Kurtela's Hello Dolly (2010) to a full floor!
Sal Gonzalez Ooh! Ahh! (1996) Rock Around the Clock & Donna Aiken's Alley Cat (1983) & then Neil Hale's Cruisin (1998) to the Beach Boys always SCREAMS Summer to me! Randy & Stephanie Krul's All Shook Up (1995) To Billy Joel = STAPLE here as is Sal Gonzalez's Dancin' With You (1997) Kathy Hunyadi's Ghost Train (1998) Jo Thompson's Come Dance With Me (2002) Max Perry's Roman Holiday (2005) and Kate Sala's Simplemente (2005).
Other staples = Linda Nyffeler's Bottle It Up, Phil Dennington's Bosa Nova (2005) Paul McAdam's Crazy Foot Mambo (2008) Bracken Ellis Potter's Moves Like Jagger (2011) & Neils Poulsen's Something in the Water (2011) had a full floor. Teach = Petra v d Velden's Zjozzy's Funk (2007) OMG ..they didn't teach the tag after wall 6 & Carol's feet died in motion! We used to LOVE that dance! James O. Kellerman's Men in Black and various Cleveland & Cupid shuffles, & Elvra, etc got everybody up. Chill Factor, Suds in the Bucket, Alabama Slammin' & I Run To You, not so much.
Close to the end of the night DJ Van called Hey Bruce (Michael Barr) as I was thinkin' ummm can I remember that 1997dance? I HEARD it ...Hey, Everybody Get up! ...whew... hey hey hey & I was on that floor in a flash ...following, remembering Hey Bruce all the while Robin Thicke sang the Summer Anthem 2013! I had a GREAT time!

Top dances @ BnB JULY 5 w/34 in the hall - My Spanish Love 13, Life Without You & Long Distance Love 12, Hurt Me Carefully & It Don't Matter 11, and Where We Belong 10. Joey Warren's It Don't Matter = One NEW to the BnB floor and danced to FULL speed! (this Information gathered via SF Group FB page, BnB playlist page still down)

The 10 New dances added to the BnB playlist in May = A Liquid Lunch 12, Believe In Me 11, Throw Away the Key 11, From Latin with Love 6, Mexicoma, Nothing to Cry For, Oh So Beautiful 8, Shake the Room 6, Waltzing at Twilight 10 and Love Affair 11. 
The 9 New dances added to the BnB playlist in June = The SIX new dances to hit the BnB playlist for 2nd Friday June = All Those Yesterdays, Be My Baby Now, Feel This Moment, My Spanish Love, Outta My Heart & Wagon Wheel Rock. The THREE new dances to hit the BnB playlist for 1st Friday June = Blurred Lines, Mirrors & Never Say Never.

Here in JUNE, but Gone from the BnB Playlist on JULY 5 = From Latin with Love, Mexicoma, Oh So Beautiful, Waltzing at Twilight & Love Affair. Feel This Moment, Outta My Heart, Wagon Wheel Rock, Blurred Lines, and Never Say Never. (Blurred Lines is banned by the BnB board for lyrics issues.) REMAINING on the playlist from APRIL = Treat Me Right, Faking It, Fire it Up & Slip and from MAY = A Liquid Lunch, Believe in Me, Throw Away the Key, Nothing to Cry For & Shake the Room.

July 2 ...had lunch with an old step sheet today ...Rachael McEnaney's Let It Be ...I had to scroll through my 2011 Thursday Spring teaches to find my first teach ...April 7, 2011. The link to that playlist. Here we are getting ready for Wild Wild West 2013 and I will be re teaching, or not, Let It Be, one of my all time favorites. As I was drooling over the playlist because Bly Sky was there, and Gambling Man (danced that one next to Rachael in Vegas that year) and Guyton's Perfect, Snap Your Fingers, loved it, and Sugar Candy ...AHHH ..WE all loved that one ...and even Always Gold ...which we knew, HE meant Patron. 2011 WAS a very good year!

As of June 29th, Saturday, the BnB home webpage has removed the playlists section of the website with a note saying it is 'down for repairs' ...
The Nine new Dances to hit the BnB floor in June = All Those Yesterdays, Be My Baby Now, Feel This Moment, My Spanish Love, Outta My Heart, Wagon Wheel Rock & Mirrors.
The THREE new dances to hit the BnB playlist for 1st Friday June = Blurred Lines, Mirrors & Never Say Never.
Blurred Lines has been banned by the BnB board for lyrics issues and Never Say Never ..never played again.
No New dances were added 3rd Friday and the All Club Dance happened 4th Friday.