2013 NovemberDanceBlog

15 Dances played in common at BnB, CQS & 1st Sunday (Dec 1) = 50 Ways, A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Beautiful in My Eyes, Believe In Me, Faking It, Kreedom, Mirrors, No Man's Land, San Francisco Bay Blues, Shakin' My Head, Storybook Endings, The Good Life, and WOW Tokyo. I Hope You Find It = BnB & 1st Sunday & only pre dance at CQS.
22 Dances played in common at BnB, CQS & 1st Sunday (Nov) October = A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Believe in Me, Boys Will Be Boys, Evergreen, Faking It, Gleefully There, Happy Dance, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, If I had Wings, Knockin' on Wood, Kreedom, Memories are Made of This, No Man's Land, On the Water, San Francisco Bay Blues, She Bangs, Solayoh, The Good Life, Thousands of Songs, WOW Tokyo & 50 Ways

15 new dances seen @ BnB November = Same Thing Happened To Me, The Fox Line Dance, I Hope You Find It, Sexy Lady, Stripes, Follow Me, Stay, Frozen Heart, Weep, Whatever Happens (2003 Windy City classic Bogan/Kline), Coming Unplugged (Patrick Fleming Nov 2013), Coolio & Don't You Remember (Dee Musk 2011).
Not The Only One & My A.D.D. (pre dance only 5th Friday BnB)
There are NO links to any playlists for any dances on the Nov updated BnB website. My documentation of the 'new dances @ BnB' and dances played in common w/CQS & 1st Sunday are taken from Facebook posts and emails provided by the DJ's.

5th Friday Swiss Park Pre Dance = Coming Unplugged (Patrick Fleming), I Hope You Find It, Not The Only One (Maria Maag), Girl Power, Counting Stars, Wrong Side Slide, No Man's Land, The Good Life & My A.D.D.
Top votes @ BnB w/44 in attendance = 20 Shakin' My Head (w/32 on the floor), 18 I Hope You Find It (w/40), 16 WOW Tokyo (w/32), 15 If I Had Wings (w/30) 15 Kreedom (w/29), 14 Faking It & The Fox Line Dance (w/29), 13 A Liquid Lunch, Beautiful in My Eyes (w/27), Frozen Heart, Knockin On Wood (w/17), San Francisco Bay Blues, The Good Life (w/27) & Weep.
Top FLOOR FILLERS @ BnB w/44 in attendance = 40 I Hope You Find It, 32 Shakin' My Head & WOW Tokyo, 30 If I Had Wings, No Man's Land, Sweet Sweet Smile & Under the Sun. 29 Kreedom & The Fox Line Dance. 27 Beautiful in My Eyes, Clap Happy, & The Good Life. 26 Believe in Me & 50 Ways. 25 Be My Baby Now.
Dance Cards = Coming Unplugged (Patrick Fleming), Coolio (w/9), Don't You Remember (Dee Musk), Outlaws of Love (w/13) She Bangs (w/18), and Skinny Love (w/10).

ALL Playlists were removed from the BnB website at the November 2013 update. I use the DJ playlists to determine which dances I teach. The following playlist copied from SF Group Facebook Page: @ BnB Nov 29 with Tina & Frank Pre DANCE = Coming UnPlugged, I Hope You Find It, Not the Only One, Girl Power, Counting Stars, Wrong Side Slide, No Man's Land, The Good Life, and My A.D.D.
Dance w/votes posted on Facebook by Tina:
12 50 Ways
13 A Liquid Lunch
12 Be My Baby Now
13 Beautiful In My Eyes
9 Believe In Me
11 Boys Will Be Boys
12 Clap Happy!
Coming Unplugged DANCE CARD
Don't You Remember DANCE CARD
9 Dream Lover (floor splitw/Daniel Whittaker & Jennifer Choo Sue Chin)
14 Faking It
10 Follow Me
14 Fox Line Dance
13 Frozen Heart
12 Happy Dance
18 I Hope You Find It
15 If I Had Wings
13 Knockin' On Wood
15 Kreedom
11 Make A Move
11 Mirrors
12 No Man's Land
11 Outlaws Of Love
11 Pontoon
11 Same Thing Happened To Me
13 San Francisco Bay Blues
20 Shakin' My Head
Silk & Satin
Skinny Love DANCE CARD
11 Soloyoh
12 Somewhere In My Car
12 Stay
Storybook Endings
Sweet Sweet Smile
13 The Good Life
Under The Sun (Kathy Chang in house)
13 Weep
Whatever Happens
16 Wow Tokoyo
12 Wrong Side Slide

Nine new on the floor @ 5th Friday BnB = Follow Me = 10 votes (w/14), 12 = Stay (w/15), 13 = Frozen Heart & Weep. Whatever Happens. Dance Cards = Coming Unplugged, Coolio, and Don't You Remember. Pre dance = Not The Only One.

The San Francisco Bay Area dance community is remembering Frances Lind

Frances Lind (right) during the 2005 Hawaii Line Dance Cruise Talent Show
Published © February 1999, LineDanceFun - Also last night, I danced with another friend...she is a great line dancer, precise with her steps, nearly always remembers the pattern first time around, an experienced dancer who takes lessons and learns the hottest, newest dances. She was on the dance floor for EACH dance the DJ called. You can tell by her attitude and smile that she dances in line dance heaven and other dancers...take notice...Frances is definitely an angel!! -- Doris Volz, San Francisco Bay Area

Nov 20-24 2013 Las Vegas Explosion workshop dances. 855+ @ Wednesday opening nite. 3 HUGE screens announced the upcoming dances in all 3 evening ballrooms. The 'beginner' ballroom consistantly at capacity; 25 dancers across, 8 rows down. 200 dancers who 'felt' the music AND danced perfectly after each 25 minute teach! This is the ONLY event that provides space for 200+ dancers who WANT low impact dancin' morning, noon & night. It was also packed that way at prime time evening. I got to use the carpet when Amy Glass taught her VERY FUN, Istanbul! Because Jo Thompson was the FIRST 'famous' USA instructor I ever took a class from back in 1998, I was curious to see if I would remember 'anything' about her teach style.! I had to WATCH, the room was so jammed. (In 1998 she taught Java Jive (the 'arm movements' were FUN to learn) Rita's Waltz, Simply Irresistable and John Robinson's Dangerous (too hard for ME back then but I was fascinated watching the teach & seeing the ADVANCED dancers enjoy the dance). My '1998 report link'.)
NOW I have a J. T. Symanski Love Lifted Me memory. Love Lifted Me was requested at Saturday Noon open dance. 2 twinkles, cross points, repeat ...etc ...her voice was in MY head. I jumped in line and danced. I did try Wrong Side Slide on Thursday, thinking her teach might change my mine about that dance, it didn't. Jo taught September in the Rain (Karen Tripp) on Friday and Sunday, it got 3 different recommendations as a GREAT improver dance to teach.

The Wednesday nite kick off floor jammer in Louie's ballroom was Lorraine Kurtela's Hello DOLLY! Sue & Kathy's Under the Sun was a floor filler in the all request room as was Hello Dolly each time it played. We ARE Bay Area proud! AND California's Brenda Shatto is the Vegas Explosion choreography WINNER for the 2nd year in a row! Video Link to her I'm Mad.

Shakin' My Head taught Wed @ 3pm and was a floor jammer there after. 50+ on the Wed floor w/Niels for I Hope You Find it, floor filler/jammer after his Thursday/Saturday teaches. WOW Tokyo, Showstopper, Kreedom & Mirrors jammed the floor before and after the teaches. 'Everybody Get Up' was heard multiple times a night; The RACE for a spot = BLURRED LINES. (The request room was so jammed we had to look out for the 3 easy dances that were ALSO being done to this music.) 20+ California dancers on the request floor for A Liquid Lunch, 4 for Liquid Lunch. 20 + on the request floor If I Had Wings, playing at the same time on Louie's floor was Waltzing at Twilight. I had to squeeze out a spot for ME to join them.
The request floor had 50+ of us for Shakin My Head with/Guyton at 1:20AM on Friday. (My request!)
Many oldies on that floor = FUN to remember: ZJozzy's Funk, Wave on Wave, Wonderland Waltz AND Sister Kate!
The Fox Line Dance jammed the request floor with many learning it for their very FIRST time. Rachael brought the energy level to HIGH when she made all of us get up onto Louie's floor while she cued Dem Jeans ...that song is LONG, the dance is FUN!

The BEST 'highlight of the event' for ME ...Roy Verdonk 'performing' Soul Food late night in Louie's ballroom. He FEELS that dance down into his SOUL. The applause was thundering!

Blurred Lines is the REGRET I don't know dance for some of the 'area diehards'. They have SEEN this FUN dance JAM the floor @ Wild Wild West and @ Vegas Explosion. Blurred Lines IS the 2013 event dance to KNOW. Mirrors IS the 2013 event contra dance to KNOW. The ADVANCED dance de jour @ this event was My A.D.D. so brillantly taught (fascinating to see Guyton teach this dance) and choreographyed by Guyton Mundy, Roy Hadisubroto & Carey Parson. I enjoyed learning Will Craig's I'm Going Down (advanced) and I will be dancin' that one with him in February @ his The Big Bang Classic.

The 12 Dances TAUGHT @ Vegas Explosion that I have taught = Mirrors, Shakin' My Head, Showstopper, Make A Move (Amy Glass) Kreedom, I Hope You Find It, Dream Lover (Daniel Whittaker & Roy Verdonk) Somewhere In My Car, Wrong Side Slide, Remember That, and Never Say Never.

My favorites that played multiple times to full floors = Clap Happy!, Blurred Lines, Beautiful In My Eyes, Come Together 2013, Gleefully There, The Good Life, His Only Need, Hurt Me Carefully, No Man's Land, No Life After You, I Hope You Find It, I'm In Love With You, Mirrors, Outta Control, Shakin' My Head, Shanghai Surprise, Waltzing at Twilight, and WOW Tokyo.

3rd Friday BnB Top votes w/41 dancers = 19 Counting Stars, 18 **I Hope You Find It, 17 A Liquid Lunch, ***Kreedom, Remember That and Solayoh. 16 Faking It, If I Had Wings, **The Good Life and ***WOW Tokyo.
15 Evergreen, ***Girl Power, *No Man's Land, **Shakin' My Head, and Together We Dance.
14 ***Beautiful In My Eyes, *Boys Will Be Boys, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, and Pavement Ends.
13 *Be My Baby Now, ***Clap Happy!, ***Gleefully There, ***Hurt Me Carefully, *Knocking On Wood, San Francisco Bay Blues and **Wrong Side Slide. 11 votes **Half Past Nothing, **Pontoon and ***Waltzing at Twilight.
*The *STARS* indicate how many evenings the voted BnB dances above played @Tampa Bay Classic.
three new on the floor @ 3rd Friday BnB = I Hope You Find It w/18 votes, Sexy Lady 8, Stripes 7.

Nov 7-10 Tampa Bay Classic workshop dances Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
Information gathered by Denise Brault, Betsy Courant and Stacy Garcia = dances played all 3 nights:
50 Ways, Beautiful in My Eyes, Blurred Lines, Clap Happy!, Dem Jeans, Descarda, Follow Me, Girl Power, Gleefully There, Have Fun Go Mad, His Only Need, Hurt Me Carefully, I'm In Love With You, Intrigue, Kreedom, Love Somebody, Madness, Mirrors, My A.D.D., Now Or Never, Post Code Envy, Skiffle Time, Throw Away the Key, Trespassing, Twisted DJ, Waltzing at Twilight, Watch it Burn, When I Was Your Man, Wild Wild West (not Bay Area), Without Fire, WOW Tokyo, & Yes, You Won't.
From the Bay Area, Lorraine's Hello Dolly and Sue n Kathy's Under the Sun played at the event.

2nd Friday BnB Top votes w/29 dancers = 13 If I Had Wings, 12 Kreedom, 11 No Man's Land, 10 Pavement Ends, 50 Ways & Girl Power. 9 = Believe in Me, Shakin' My Head & Same Thing Happened to Me
Dance Cards = Jumpin' the Gun & Mirrors. one new @ BnB The Fox Line Dance

2nd Friday w/Jamie in Belmont. 40+ dancers welcomed Jamie Hogan back to dancing after her horrific bicycle accident.
So FUN to see all the 'regular' CQS dancers, including the couples, fill her floor for NEW music for the 'oldie' dances. I LOVE how she happens upon a 'cha' or 'waltz' and just walks a simple OLDIE dance a few walls and then puts on the NEW music. The Fireman and TGIF didn't fill the floor, but I was able to follow Janet and get those oldies back again!

1st Friday BnB top votes = 13 Gleefully There & Shakin' My Head. 12 = Happy Dance, Girl Power, River of Dreams, Pavement Ends, Together We Dance, A Liquid Lunch, and WOW Tokyo. 11 = On the Water, Be My Baby Now & Solayoh.
Dance Cards = Mirrors and one new @ BnB for November = Same Thing Happened to Me.
(Dances 'new in October' w votes = 9 I Hope You Find It & Counting Stars. 8 = Wrong Side Slide & Outlaws of Love)

1st Sunday San Bruno Dance top votes = 13 A Liquid Lunch, Kreedom & Pontoon. 12 votes = Believe in Me, Beautiful in My Eyes & San Francisco Bay Blues. 11 votes = If I Had Wings, Hurt Me Carefully & No Man's Land. 9 votes = Girl Power.
50 Ways, A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Beautiful in My Eyes, Believe in Me, Chocoloate City Hustle, Dizzy, Evergreen, Faking It, Girl Power, Half Past Nothin', Hurt Me Carefully, If I Had Wings, Jambalaya, Just a Little Love, Knocking On Wood, Kreedom, Memories Are Made of This, Night Nurse, No Man's Land, Oklahoma Wind, Outta My Heart, Pavement Ends, Pontoon, Remember That, San Francisco Bay Blues, She Bangs, Solayoh, Something in the Water, The Fox Line Dance, The Good Life, This is Me, Thousands of Songs, Throw Away the Key, Together We Dance, Waltzing in Twilight, WOW Tokyo, & Wrong Side Slide.

Dances Played in common at 1st Friday BnB, 1st Sat CQS & 1st Sunday November
= A Liquid Lunch, Kreedom, Girl Power, If I Had Wings, Pavement Ends, Knockin' On Wood, Evergreen, Wrong Side Slide, 50 Ways, Something in the Water, WOW Tokyo, Memories Are Made of This, No Man's Land and The Good Life.

Dances played in common at BnB, CQS & 1st Sunday (Nov) October = A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Believe in Me, Boys Will Be Boys, Evergreen, Faking It, Gleefully There, Happy Dance, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, If I had Wings, Knockin' on Wood, Kreedom, Memories are Made of This, No Man's Land, On the Water, San Francisco Bay Blues, She Bangs, Solayoh, The Good Life, Thousands of Songs, WOW Tokyo & 50 Ways