2013 OctoberDanceBlog

Dances played in common at BnB, CQS & 1st Sunday, First weekend October = A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Believe in Me, Boys Will Be Boys, Evergreen, Faking It, Gleefully There, Happy Dance, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, If I had Wings, Knockin' on Wood, Kreedom, Memories are Made of This, No Man's Land, On the Water, San Francisco Bay Blues, She Bangs, Solayoh, The Good Life, Thousands of Songs, WOW Tokyo & 50 Ways

2nd weekend Windy City 700+ dancers (Dances familar to ME) to jam Main Ballroom = w/300+ on the floor)
Blurred Lines, Mirrors, Gleefully There, The Good Life, WOW Tokyo, 50 Ways, Hello Dolly, Madness, Skiffle Time, Showstopper, Through The Fire, Feel This Moment, Wom Bom Bom, Come Together 2013, Trespassing, Freak A Little More, Domino, Drive By, Faith & Desire, Post Code Envy, No Life After You, Payphone, Hurt Me Carefully, It Don't Matter, Boys Will Be Boys, Kreedom, Bang Bang, Beautiful in My Eyes, Break Free Cha, Clap Your Hands, Fairy Tales & Love Songs Whatever, Half Past Nothin', Have Fun Go Mad, Feel, Hideaway Cha, His Only Need, Humanised, Jenkins Sister Jam, Larger Than Life, Outta Control, Poetry in Motion, Pontoon, Rain Against My Window, Rock This Party, Shakin' My Head, Turn Me Loose, and Waltzing at Twilight.
Dances played all 3 nights in Louie's main Windy City Ball Room = Blurred Lines, Mirrors, Clap Happy!, Clap Your Hands, Dem Jeans, Drive By, Fairy Tales & Love Songs, Faith & Desire, Feel, Free Fallin', Gleefully There, Hairspray, Have Fun Go Mad, Hurt Me Carefully, Kreedom, Larger Than Life, Madness, 1929, No Life After You, No Man's Land, Outta Control, Rain Against My Window, Ray of Light, Rhythm of the Night, Showstopper, Skiffle Time, Skinny Love, Trespassing, We're Not Broken, When I Was Your Man, Wom Bom Bom and WOW Tokyo.

Two new dances @ BnB 2nd Friday w/DJ Gary Clayton w/35 dancers = Somewhere In My Car and This Is Me.

Dances played in common BnB & CQS 3rd weekend = 1234, 50 Ways, Boys Will Be Boys, A Liquid Lunch, Believe in Me, Faking It,
Gleefully There, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, Hurt Me Carefully, Happy Dance, If I Had Wings, Knockin' on Wood, Kreedom, No Man's Land, San Francisco Bay Blues, The Good Life, Solayoh, and WOW Tokyo.

4 New dances @ BnB 3rd Friday w/DJ Tina (30 attendance) = Clap Happy!, Counting Stars, Shakin' My Head and Showstoppers.
(Ruben Luna visiting and his Regressa, Trendin' and A Little Party were also played)

8 New dances on the floor @ BnB Halloween Party Swiss Park w/64 in attendance
14 on the floor for Outlaws of Love, 16 I Hope You Find It, 32 Girl Power, 19 When a Man Needs a Woman w/Julia Wetzel, 29 Wrong Side Slide, 7 Cruel Love, 18 Post Code Envy and 11 Private Dancer.
Dance cards = 18 Post Code Envy, 11 Private Dancer, 22 Somewhere In My Car & 27 Uno, Dos, Tres.
3 October new ones Not played during the dance @ BnB Swiss Park = This Is Me, Counting Stars & Showstoppers
22 votes = Knockin' on Wood w/36 of us on the floor. 20 votes = Be My Baby Now w/37 on the floor.
19 votes = The Good Life & 40 of us on the floor. 17 = Remember That & 36 on the floor.
17 votes = Shakin' My Head w/24 on the floor PRE dance @ Swiss Park & full floor perfectly @ 9:07!
16 votes = Outlaws of Love (14), I Hope You Find It (16), and Wrong Side Slide (29).
14 votes = No Man's Land w/33 of us on the floor; 14 votes = Girl Power w/16 following 16.
Floor Fillers = 45 Something in the Water 42 Rock Around the Clock 40 The Good Life & Sweet Sweet Smile.

Dances played in common October BnB Swiss Park (64) & 4th Saturday (65) w/Mike & Joyce = 1234, 50 Ways, A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Evergreen, Faking It, Fly Like a Bird, Happy Dance, If I Had Wings, Knockin' on Wood, Kreedom, Remember That, Rock Around the Clock, Shakin' My Head, Something in the Water, Silk & Satin, The Good Life, Treat Me Right.