April 2013 Dance Blog

The question ...how many new dances a month are we doing @ BnB? The answer is 10.
(BnB website has not published playlists since March 1 ..the information about the April dances = gathered from Facebook posts.)
Here is the 4 week list of 'newer' dances @ BnB I gathered from published playlists.

(4 weeks) Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22 & Mar 1 = newer dances played @ BnB per published playlists =
50 Ways, Back It Up, Better With You, Boys Will Be Boys, Call Me Maybe, Don't Stop the Party, Drive By, Drunk on Love, Flower, Forever You, Gleefully There, Gotta Be Somebody, Happy Dance, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, Half Past Nothin', His Only Need, Hurt Me Carefully, I Wanna, I'll Walk With You, Imelda's Way, Judy Likes to Rock, Let the Sky Fall, Long Distance Love, Outta Control, Pavement Ends, Pontoon, Point of No Return, Rise & Shine, Skiffle Time, Spanish Harlem, Tango De Pasion, Till Now, To Eternity, Trendin', Together We Dance, When You Call My Name & Windy City Waltz

On April 5 = 10 new dances added @ BnB = Boom Sh-Boom, Come Together 2013, Rhythm of the Night, Shiver, Treasure, Treat Me Right, Trespassing, We're Not Broken, Whatjado That Fo', and When I Was Your Man.

April 26 @ BnB 'NEW' dances now gone = Rhythm of the Night, Treasure, We're Not Broken, & Whatjado That Fo'

The 10 new dances played April 26th = Baby Baby Baby, Faking It, Feel This Moment, Fire It Up, Satisfy My Love, Slip, So Beautiful, Time in a Bottle, Voodoo Jive & Wherever I Go.
The 12 **newer dances PLAYED on March 1 & STILL played MAIN dance playlist April 26 @ BnB = Boys Will Be Boys, *Gleefully There, Happy Dance, *His Only Need, *Hurt Me Carefully, I Wanna, Long Distance Love, *Outta Control, Pavement Ends, Spanish Harlem, Tango de Pasion & *To Eternity.
*5 = (MY favorites/my teaches) ARE Intermediate International dances HIGH on the WLDN weekly survey.
**Beautiful In My Eyes (Simon Ward) is the ONLY dance that has been on our playlists continuously since it was first taught here in July 2012.

Knox Rhine MC Golden Gate Classic 2001, Saturday nite Prom Theme.
The dance community is remembering Knox on his FB page ...his archived LineDanceFun Bio.

CQS (57 in attendance) April 20th top 13 NEWer dances @ 8:30 = 15 = Gleefully There, 13 = Heaven's Just A Sin Away & VooDoo Jive, 12 = Long Distance Love, 11 = Boys Will Be Boys, Hurt Me Carefully, Tango de Pasion & Together We Dance, 10 = Boom Sh-Boom, Faking It, I Wanna, Time In A Bottle & Treat Me Right.

April 6, 2013 = Goodbye Dolly celebration at CQS. Lorraine Kurtela will be leaving the San Francisco Bay Area she has called home for 88 years and moving to her apartment in Chico, CA to be closer to Michael, Michele and her only grandaughter, Darci. She is looking great & in great spirits. 120+ dancin' friends (current & from 'the Moose' past) were gathered together in Belmont to send her on her way. Singing and dancin' and laughin' and, some tears, as the near first & the LAST dance = Helly Dolly! She wants us to know Her laptop/email will be set up ASAP!
I attended Lorraine's 75th B'day party at the San Bruno Moose and we became travelin' friends shortly there after... Dancin' together in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Canada and Australia.

The 4 NEWER dances that were played 1st Saturday April @ CQS w/DJ Gary Clayton NOT played the week before =
Come Together 2013, Hurt Me Carefully, Whatjado That Fo', and Trespassing.

NEWER dances that were played 5th Saturday @ CQS w/DJ's Evelyn & Denny
50 Ways, Beautiful In My Eyes, Boom Sh-Boom, Boys Will Be Boys, Call Me Maybe, Gleefully There, Happy Dance, His Only Need, I Wanna, Long Distance Love, Pavement Ends, Pontoon, Rhythm Of The Night, Shame & Scandal In The Family, So Beautiful, Spanish Harlem, Tango De Pasion, To Eternity and Treat Me Right.
Top votes @ CQS 5th Sat = Gleefully There 15, 50 Ways & I Wanna 14
Boys Will Be Boys & Tango de Pasion 13, Pontoon & Pavement Ends 12
Beautiful in My Eyes, Heaven's Just A Sin Way & His Only Need 11
Newest Floor fillers = Treat Me Right 10 & Boom Sh-Boom 9