February 2013 Dance Blog
FACEBOOK has made My JOB of finding the next dance to teach so much easier. FaceBook Instant feedback is always welcome, private or public. I can share all files in instant message, no issue.

Big Bang Classic, NC 2nd weekend February 2013Workshop Schedule
Lisa Goodman has provided a list of dances on the evening social floor via the big screen.
Floor fillers were = Outta Control, Windy City Waltz, 50 Ways, Gleefully There, Twinkle & Intrigue.
Jesse Chan's FB page gave the WORLD dance community her instant comments, photos & videos!
Stacy Garcia gave the community a list/w youtubes of the dances taught @ Big Bang Classic N.C.
Added to the published schedule = Better Believe (Scott Blevins original pdf)
My teaches = taught @ Big Bang Classic = Drive By, Judy Likes to Rock, Outta Control, Windy City Waltz, Gotcha Where I Want Cha, Gotta Be Somebody, Stuck, Gleefully There, 50 Ways, Jenkins Sisters Jam, I Wanna, Intrigue, Twinkle, On A Saturday Night, and Oh Girl (Bay Area Choreographer/Dancer Julia Wetzel.)
Dances played all THREE evenings w/DJ Louie @ this event =
50 Ways, B2h, Back in Time, Beautiful in my Eyes, Clap Your Hands, Dem Jeans, Don't Stop the Party, Drive By, Half Past Nothin', Have Fun Go Mad, How You Gonna, Humanized, I Like It, I Like It, Jenkins Sisters Jam, Outta Control, Street Soul, Stuck, Windy City Waltz & Wom Bom Bom.

A shuffle dance = not a good thing or a bad, it is what I call it. My FB page = my opinion.
1 2 3 back shuffle, turn turn sailor, behind angle shuffle, rock recover, back recover, rock recover, back, back shuffle, turn turn shuffle 1/2. Cross recover shuffle, cross recover 1/4 shuffle, cross recover sailor, forward, step lock step lock step, forward recover coaster recover, 1/2, shuffle full turn. Forward recover, side together x2, back recover forward recover, back, shuffle back, 1/2, forward, shuffle 8&1 2 3 (I teach in 3 sections w/music each section.)

February 1st BnB FRIDAY DANCE w/DJ Gary Clayton w/52 in the dance hall! (initials/votes)
Repeat dances from January 2012 were:
1-2-3-4 (11) Evergreen (8) Oklahoma Wind (10) On the Edge (8) San Francisco (9) Silk & Satin (9) Something in the Water (12)
TOP Dances at BnB February 1st 2013
Tango De Pasion* (17) (10) Forever You (Maria Tao 18) Outta Control (16) Boys Will Be Boys (15)
Don't Stop the Party (15) To Eternity (14) Together We Dance (14) Drive By (13) Pontoon (13)

Current Dances I REMEMBER playing while in the hall w/count = initials were:
1929 (11) 50 Ways (11) Beautiful in My Eyes (10) Backtrack (8) Boys will be Boys (15) Don't Stop the Party (15)
Drive By (13) Forever You (18) Gleefully There (12) Gotta Be Somebody (10) Happy Dance (10) Hello Dolly (6) Heaven's Just a Sin Away (12) His Only Need (11) Hurt Me Carefully (11) I Wanna (13) Let the Sky Fall (7) Night Nurse (11) Outta Control (16) Pontoon (13) Rise & Shine (9) Shame & Scandal in the Family (12) Spanish Harlem (12) Storybook Endings (8) To Eternity (14) Till Now (9)Together We Dance (14) Windy City Waltz (12)

*written in ON two separate pages = Tango de Pasion (17) (10)
w/high counts No Time To Play or I MISSED @ BnB = Call Me Maybe (12) Judy Likes to Rock (13) Twinkle (12)

TOP Dances at 4 Sat & BnB February 2013
Gleefully There, To Eternity & Tango de Pasion ~ 30 on the floor 4th Saturday
Top votes 4th Saturday w/Mike & Joyce (and BnB w/Millie)
Judy Likes to Rock 15 (17) Boys Will Be Boys 15 (14) I Wanna 14 (19) Drive By 13 (9)
Gleefully There 13 (15) Half Past Nothing 13 (10) Night Nurse 12 (19)
Shame & Scandal 12 (17) Time Bomb 12 (13) To Eternity 12 (15)