January 2013 Dance Blog
FACEBOOK has made My JOB of finding the next dance to teach so much easier. FaceBook Instant feedback is always welcome, private or public. I can share all files in instant message, no issue.

To Eternity, Outta Control, Tango de Pasion, Gleefully There = instant AM/PM class & BnB HITS.

My teaches in January = To Eternity, Outta Control, Sing Sing Sing, Till Now (request) Just Be (request)
When You Say My Name (request) I Wanna (request) Tango de Pasion, Gleefully There and Don't Stop the Party.
Don't Stop the Party = TOO hard for most students, keeping it on the PM playlist for those of us who = LOVE it. 
I have the luxury option for slip in request teaches for my PM class. 
Dances taught = not played @ BnB = Just Be (3), Sing Sing Sing (5) When You Say My Name (7)

February 1st BnB FRIDAY DANCE w/DJ Gary Clayton w/52 in the dance hall! (initials/votes)
Repeat dances from January 2012 were:
1-2-3-4 (11) Evergreen (8) Oklahoma Wind (10) On the Edge (8) San Francisco (9) Silk & Satin (9) Something in the Water (12)
TOP Dances at BnB February 1st 2013
Tango De Pasion* (17) (10) Forever You (Maria Tao) 18 Outta Control (16) Boys Will Be Boys (15)
Don't Stop the Party (15) To Eternity (14) Together We Dance (14) Drive By (13) Pontoon (13)

Current Dances I REMEMBER playing while in the hall w/count = initials were:
1929 (11) 50 Ways (11) Beautiful in My Eyes (10) Backtrack (8) Boys will be Boys (15) Don't Stop the Party (15)
Drive By (13) Forever You (18) Gleefully There (12) Gotta Be Somebody (10) Happy Dance (10) Hello Dolly (6) Heaven's Just a Sin Away (12) His Only Need (11) Hurt Me Carefully (11) I Wanna (13) Let the Sky Fall (7) Night Nurse (11) Outta Control (16) Pontoon (13) Rise & Shine (9) Shame & Scandal in the Family (12) Spanish Harlem (12) Storybook Endings (8) To Eternity (14) Till Now (9)Together We Dance (14) Windy City Waltz (12)

*written in ON two separate pages = Tango de Pasion (17) (10)
w/high counts No Time To Play or I MISSED @ BnB = Call Me Maybe (12) Judy Likes to Rock (13) Twinkle (12)