2013 JuneDanceBlog

As of June 29th, Saturday, the BnB home webpage has removed the playlists section of the website with a note saying it is 'down for repairs' ...

June 28th BnB All Club Dance @ Swiss Park = (3 favorites promised to be played from each group)
Not since the year 1995 has there been a mainstream contra dance to hit Swiss Park that had dancers rushing to floor to wanna dance. Rick Bowen's Boot Scooters Boogie (pre 1995), Bill Bader's Close Encounters (1998), Ron Klein's My My My My My Boogie Shoes (1998), Knox Rhine's The Riv (1998), Charlotte Skeeters' Line of Pearls (1999) lasted only weeks. Chris Kumre's Rednex Stomp was the beginner mainstream contra dance to KNOW back in 1995. It is STILL enjoyed by all of us at the Moose in Sunnyvale who remember learning it in the Sh-Boom days when this dance was NEW! Back in the day, Chris Kumre = on the floor with us all, as Rednex Stomp stormed the bay area floors. I KNOW for a fact, it reached Australia!

Mirrors (Will Craig & Amy Glass) just shattered the mainstream BnB floor with their June 2013 intermediate/advanced contra that had ME and others rushing to form TWO long lines facing the LENGTH of Swiss Park. I will be reviewing Mirrors Part B in my Monday class. If you OWN the pattern, goin' contra is EASY and FUN, just sayin'.

Another FIRST for the BnB club (formed @ Swiss Park, June 1985) Blurred Lines (Rachael McEnandy & Arjay Centeno) had 40 initials next to it (140 dancers in the hall) but was not played at this All Club Dance on Friday.
Social Media, Facebook group pages in particular, are getting information to the dancers in IMMEDIATE fashion. The following posts are taken from the SF Bay Area Line Dance Group Facebook pages:
(Monday June 3rd teach = Blurred Lines, 11 votes @ BnB w/19 on the floor w/39 in the hall on June 7th w/DJ's Evelyn & Denny.)
(Westhope dancers request for Blurred Lines has been denied by BnB Board decision after hearing complaints from dancers who are offended by the adult lyrics. Blurred Lines is a mainstream WORLD event hit, but won't be played at Swiss Park on Friday.)
(I had to inform my Thursday students, who are not on Facebook, that Blurred Lines, which was VOTED on as one of our 3 favorites, was banned from being played at Swiss Park. In after class conversation, We agreed that we support Kai's Facebook statement concerning dance club censorship.)
(His Facebook statement = I hope Blurred Lines not being played this Friday will not be a precedent setting event. It is probably more democratic to let each individual dancer decide rather than a dance club censorship.)

Floor fillers @ BnB All Club Dance = 80 = Jammed floor = Believe In Me, My Spanish Love & Slip.
Full Floor = 1234, Bittersweet Memory, Boom Sh-Boom, Caballero, Happy Dance, Long Distance Love, Pavement Ends, Mirrors, A Liquid Lunch, Pontoon & I Wanna. 75 Treat Me Right (Julia Wetzel), 63 Hurt Me Carefully, 58 Be My Baby Now & Where We Belong, 56 Faking It & Rhythm of the Night, 53 To Eternity, 52 So Beautiful (Maria Tao), 50 Heavens Just a Sin Away (Gary Clayton). 81 of us in the hall at 11PM, 32 Boys Will Be Boys = last dance.

No New ones got played 3rd Friday @ BnB. Those new ones NOT played from the week before = All Those Yesterdays and Feel This Moment. Where We Belong, Never Say Never & Blurred Lines (11 votes) didn't get played.

The SIX new dances to hit the BnB playlist for 2nd Friday June = All Those Yesterdays, Be My Baby Now, Feel This Moment, My Spanish Love, Outta My Heart & Wagon Wheel Rock. Where We Belong did not need a dance card this week, but FIRST Friday's new ones ...Never Say Never and Blurred Lines didn't even get played this week!
The THREE new dances to hit the BnB playlist for 1st Friday June = Blurred Lines, Mirrors & Never Say Never.
Dance cards were used to get new ones = Baby Baby Baby and Where We Belong played.

Happy Birthday Night Nurse = club & class playlist favorite since June 21, 2012.
Beautiful In My Eyes = a B'day on July 23 ..the HIT @ 2012 Dance Is Life & club/class favorite.

Monday June 3rd teach = Blurred Lines, 11 votes @ BnB Jun 7 w/19 on the floor 48 in hall.
Blurred Lines = blurred lyrics issues = will not go mainstream @ BnB. It is an event dance HIT.
No playlists published since March 1 @ BnB ..hopefully the webmaster will update soon.

Thursday June 6 review Blurred Lines. Teach = Never Say Never (9 votes @ BnB w/14 on the floor)
2nd Friday @ BnB top votes = 20 Waltzing at Twilight w/33 of us on the BnB floor.
17 = Believe in Me (37) & Slip (31) 16 = Oh So Beautiful (25). 14 = A Liquid Lunch (40)

Seven S F Bay Area dancers attended the 20th Anniversary JG Marathon in North Carolina May 30 - June 2.
300+ on their dance floor Thursday night, 500+ attendance.
The revised pdf website original 2013 Workshop Schedule.
The following pdf files compiled by Florida dancer, Stacy Garcia = dances that played all 3 evenings, the dances = beginner ballroom, the main ballroom, and w/a HUGE thank YOU Stacy ..the complete workshop schedule w/links to all the available online youtube videos!

Many students who attend classes w/Me and Carol enjoy dancing at Swiss Park ...June 22nd is the 2nd Dance Connection w/DJ Gary Clayton.
BnB Playlist 2012 Swiss Park June 1st Dance Connection w/DJ Gary Clayton w/85 in the hall
I had to scroll forever to get to my FB post for that date! AT 7:35 Unmistakable, Bittersweet Memory, MY HERO & 1929 played & I wrote 'I'm in Heaven!' 1234, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, San Francisco, To Infinity & Beyond to full floor. Gypsy Rose = jammed floor & I joined in. (OLDIE EASY) Back in Time, This Ole Boy, Without Fire, Alabama Slammin', I Run to You, Mr Mysterious, On the Edge & Faithfully = full floor. Scarborough Waltz jams the floor.
AT 9:02 I posted that Gary had TOTAL control, there was NO issue.
Westhope requests were Amica Mia, Bang Bang & Cold Blooded Lover. All played to full floor.
Night Nurse = brand new & 15 were on the floor @ 10:38; Night Nurse WAS My Thursday PM teach.
I announced on my FB page that Night Nurse would be my Monday teach.
The playlist at BnB the following Friday w/ 39 in the hall = June 29th