March 2013 Dance Blog
FACEBOOK has made My JOB of finding the next dance to teach so much easier. FaceBook Instant feedback is always welcome, private or public. I can share all files in instant message, no issue.

Easter at CQS w/Dolores talkin' to the Easter Bunny! She won the bonnet contest!

Top votes @ CQS 5th Sat = Gleefully There 15, 50 Ways & I Wanna 14
Boys Will Be Boys & Tango de Pasion 13, Pontoon & Pavement Ends 12
Beautiful in My Eyes, Heaven's Just A Sin Way & His Only Need 11
Newest Floor fillers = Treat Me Right 10 & Boom Sh-Boom 9

Amy n Friends appreciation nite @ BnB 5th Friday = these 5 dance favorites:
Shiver (Joey Warren & Debbie McLaughlin), Come Together 2013 (Debbie McLaughlin), She's Dirty (Will Craig), C.O.U.N.T.Y (Guyton Munday) and Twinkle (Rhoda Lai) I saw 2

Rachael McEnaney's Boom Sh-Boom = Monday/Thursday Class Hit. Played at BnB & CQS last weekend March.
Come Together 2013 = Thursday class hit and BnB floor filler last weekend March.

4th weekend March Boston Showdown Schedules
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Taught on Sunday = Oh Girl by Bay Area Choreographer/Dancer Julia Wetzel)

4th weekend March The Boogie workshop (Corning, CA w/Michael and Michele)
The last teach of the day = Treat Me Right (Julia Wetzel); It jammed the evening floor.
But IMHO, Jill Babinec = the HIT! MOST of the 130+ dancers have NEVER witnessed such an energetic dancin' DJ. She kept the energy HIGH, the requests HONORED & the FUN factor OUTTA CONTROL! A Mini EXPERIENCE!

3rd weekend March Amy n Friends Spring Social March 15 (Published Playlist)
My HIGHTLIGHTS: 48 of us = dancin' in Fremont, CA (71° at 11:AM, Summer has arrived here!)
EVERYTIME I dance at Amy's social, it is like a MINI event; The dance is held in a REAL ballroom!
Dancin' NEXT to Lisa = His Only Need AND Outta Control! I can tell she FEELS the choreography as much as I DO! (His Only Need jammed Windy City floor. Outta Control = Youtube viral, Dec 2012 & pre Holiday Hit here)
Watchin' a WHOLE floor of dancers = The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume. Amy taught them this dance as preparation for the Simon Ward workshop; they HAD to keep it = the RUSH! (my archived comments on this dance ~2008)
Julia Wetzel up front w/full floor dancin' Wherever I Go AND Treat Me Right (her March releases).
Maria Tao up front w/full floor dancin' So Beautiful (her March release).
I was in conversation AND we both heard the opening MUSIC for Come Together 2013 being played EARLY (according to the playlist) There was mad rush to the floor for this NEW Orlando HIT. The right side of the floor within my view had the sequence perfectly, and Amy said the left side within her view also! We were BOTH amazed because they have ONLY had ONE teach! THE formula for Debbie's dance is engrained! AB ACB ACB- AB- ACB AAA!
Don't Stop the Party was played midway into the playlist = HOW appropriate!

Top 10 voted dances @ BOTH CQS w/47 dancers) and (BnB w/38 dancers) 3rd weekend March
Boys Will Be Boys 18 (15) Beautiful in My Eyes 17 (11) Gleefully Three 15 (15) I Wanna 15 (10)
50 Ways 12 (13) Heaven is Just a Sin Away 13 (9) 50 Ways 12 (13) Tango de Pasion 12 (12)
Treat Me Right 10 (12) Long Distance Love 10 (10)
Lorraine Kurtela @ CQS tonight looking FABULOUS. Her CQS Goodbye Dolly Finale = April 6.
Lorraine's Event Classic Hello Dolly = 17votes w/35 on the floor. Her Yes Sir, That's My Baby 10 w/31.

2st weekend March TOP 19 dances (votes) at Boots 'n' Buckles w/DJ Gary Clayton (48 dancers)
18 votes = Gleefully There, Long Distance Love & Night Nurse
17 votes = Tango de Pasion, To Eternity, Together We Dance & 50 Ways
16 votes = Boys Will Be Boys & Windy City Waltz
15 votes = Drive By, I Wanna, Pavement Ends
14 votes = Beautiful In My Eyes, Call Me Maybe, Heaven's Just a Sin Away & Pontoon
13 votes = His Only Need, Shame & Scandal in the Family & Time Bomb

2st weekend March Playlist from the Orlando 2013 Experience
Dances in green were taught. * Indicates how many evening social plays.
With Thanks to Stacy and Lisa for this detailed playlist compilation.
I've been told that Hello Dolly was the lead off dance at Orlando.
Congrats to the Bay Area's 'Dolly' ...Lorraine Kurtela!

Ft Wayne Dance For All, 1st weekend March 2013 Workshop Schedule
My teaches = taught @ Ft Wayne = Half Past Nothin', Stay Stay Stay, Wom Bom Bom, Pontoon, Gotta Be Somebody, Drive By, I Wanna, Twinkle, Oh Girl (by Bay Area Choreographer/Dancer Julia Wetzel), Footwurkin', 1929, Skiffle Time, Jenkins Sisters Jam, Ray of Light, Stuck, Outta Control, Bang Bang, and 50 Ways.