2013 SeptemberDanceBlog
Amy Oyang's CA Wild Wild West was a successful sell out event with Impeccable attention to detail.
150+ dancers in attendance. Blurred Lines JAMMED the floor! All other times, it was comfortable, decorated dance floor with high energy & high level dancing. DJ Dave worked at sorting all the request slips that kept coming at him, all the while keeping his dance screen up to date and trying to keep his schedule on time. Amy had paper and pens at EACH table for constant requests; I have NOT seen an event DJ work so HARD! I was told Dee, Guyton, Rachael, Michael Barr and Julie Wetzel gave excellent instruction in their time slots. But, of course!
August 28 - Sept 1 2013 Swiss Park & WWW ..my memories
Just finished my prefectly prepared, delectable, Salmon dinner @ Swiss Park and the HEY HEY HEY music begins. 40 in the hall for Amy's by invite only Wednesday evening WWW pre party for Big Dave/Pauline, Dee & Guyton. Blurred Lines has 38 of us rushing to the floor and I'm on my Ipad posting DJ Dave's playlist live. The cast & crew pre bash has begun with a BANG! Rachael will come on Thursday! (She had 150+ of us PLUS MC Michael Barr surrounding her the many times Blurred Lines played all weekend! Will & Amy's Mirrors and Guyton's When I Was Your Man = top inter/adv rush to the floor WWW dances)

Big Daves August 28th Wednesday Swiss Park request list included: Blurred Lines, WOW Tokyo, 50 Ways, Bang Bang, When I Was Your Man, Hurt Me Carefully, No Man's Land, Never Say Never, Cloud 9, Long Distance Love, Bittersweet Memory, Can't Handle Me, Won't Back Down, We're Not Broken, No Life After You, From Russia with Love, Miami, Come Tommorrow, Rhythm of the Night, Domino, Follow Me, I Wanna, Mirrors, Faking It, Imma Be, Thousands of Songs, Boom Sh-Boom, To Eternity, Beautiful In My Eyes, JR Drop, Now You See It Now You Don't, Spotlight, Skinny Love, Outta Control, Night Nurse, 2-Nite, and Trespassing.

OMG the fun I saw: Jessie helping Guyton remember Imma Be, Linda helping him remember That Kinda Lovin'! Guyton's No Life After You was so popular that he called up ALL who knew it to dance it with him as HIS Event Demo and those 3 dozen + dancers LOOKED awesome! By request I will be teaching No Life After You.

I only took ONE workshop ...Rachael's The Good Life. Kathy Chang taught The Good Life to her students just by looking at youtube and MANY on the floor had the rhythm down pat, a help to all of us. Rachael's teach was impeccable and The Good Life is a hit with my students and a hit on the BnB dance floor Aug 6th.

Rachael posted on FB how fun it was for her to remember some of her event oldie classics. She knew I Run to You, but MR Mysterious WAS, but she got it back QUICKLY enough to give it back to ME & others trying hard! Dancin' Blurred Lines & Purple Rain with Her, my WWW high light come true, as was dancin' When I Was Your Man many times w/Guyton and Mirrors many times W/Linda ...we Did GOOD on Wednesday, but Girl that vodka didn't help us any to good the rest of the times!

Jessie Chan brought her new 'stick' which holds her smart phone far enough away to take selfies so she can ALWAYS be in the photos she takes! That was FUN for all of us on Facebook. Jessie posted photos AND youtubes for all to check out!

My students got to see the high LEVEL of dance ability by CA event dancers. Imagine seeing Brenda S or Jill R dance for the first time? I remember seeing Debbie McLaughlin dancin' at Windy City in 2008 before she was a choreographer 'just a dancer from the UK' and she was AWESOME on that floor. Jill R blew everyone on the floor out of the water with her stylin' in 2011 for This City ...she is 'just a dancer from CA', and I HAD to meet her!
MOST of my senior students haven't figured out how truely high level of learner they REALLY are. They danced No Life After You w/Guyton after his teach. They want me to teach it & put it on the Monday/Thursday/2nd Saturday playlist. I am SO lucky!
No Life After You will be one of the inter/adv dances to know at Windy City & at the Vegas Explosion!
Joining the other 'must knows' Blurred Lines, Mirrors, When I Was Your Man, and now, The Good Life.

What a difference a DJ makes @ BnB on Friday nights!
After a brutal drive up The 237/880 to Centerville I didn't make the Sept 6th BnB pre dance but Tina's Facebook published playlist indicated she played: Remember That, Clap Happy, The Good Life, No Man's Land, Solayoh & Be My Baby Now.
When I walked in WOW Tokyo, Pavement Ends, Kreedom & then San Francisco Bay Blues played to a FULL floor BEFORE I could get on the Ipad and count! No format, just playing the requests of the 40ish dancers in the hall!
Most votes = Gleefully There = 15 (28 on the floor). Write In for The Good Life had 14 votes (22 after 10:30). Top floor fillers that I counted: Believe In Me = 29, Gleefully There = 28, Faking It = 27, To Eternity, Waltzing at Twilight = 26, The Lone Ranger, 50 Ways = 25, Beautiful in My Eyes, Boys Will Be Boys, No Man's Land, Outta My Heart, Thousands of Songs, Time Bomb = 24, Evergreen, Hurt Me Carefully, Solayoh = 23, The Good Life, Treat Me Right, Call Me Maybe = 22, Long Distance Love, Together We Dance, Throw Away the Key = 21.

With MANY of us Coming off the WWW weekend; 6 new dances on the BnB floor (from Tina's Facebook post): Remember That 16 w/40ish in the hall, Clap Happy (pre dance), No Life After You 12 , Begin Again 12 (half following), If I Had Wings 12 @ BnB & 6 @ CQS (half following), and The Good Life 22 w/30 in the hall @ BnB, ~20 @ CQS)

The dances played at CQS (45 in the hall) AND BnB (40 in the hall) 1st weekend September (Facebook posts)
50 Ways, A Liquid Lunch, Beautiful in My Eyes, Be My Baby Now, Believe In Me, Evergreen, Faking It, Gleefully There, Happy Dance, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, His Only Need, Hurt Me Carefully, If I Had Wings, Kreedom, Outta My Heart, Pavement Ends, Remember That, San Francisco Bay Blues, Silk & Satin, Solayoh, The Lone Ranger, Throw Away the Key, The Good Life, Thousands of Songs, Waltzing at Twilight, and WOW Tokyo.

Seems the request list RULES @ BnB once again on Friday nites! Top dance votes @ BnB Sept 13 were:
18 The Good Life (35 on the floor w/43 in hall) 16 If I had Wings (full floor w/half following). 15 A Liquid Lunch, Slip.
14 No Man's Land (29), Be My Baby Now (35), San Francisco Bay Blues (21) & WOW Tokyo. 13 50 Ways, Beautiful in My Eyes, Believe in Me (27), Kreedom. 12 Gleefully There, Happy Dance, Waltzing at Twilight.
11 Begin Again, Boys Will be Boys, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, Night Nurse, Remember That, Solayoh, Thousands of Songs, To Eternity (20), We're Not Broken (11). 10 Cotton Time, Hurt Me Carefully, I Wanna, Long Distance Love, No Life After You, Outta Control, Throw Away the Key. 9 Faking It, My Spanish Love (20), & Where We Belong (17).

CURRENT floor FILLERS played in common @ BnB (31 in the hall) AND CQS (78 in the hall) 3rd weekend were:
The numbers = CQS votes (information gathered from San Francisco Bay Area Facebook Group postings.)
No Man's Land 17, WOW Tokyo 16, Believe in Me 12, Faking It 10, Be My Baby Now 13, A Liquid Lunch 15, If I Had Wings 15, Kreedom 14, San Francisco Bay Blues 15, Hurt Me Carefully 15, Remember That 13, Solayoh 14, Treat Me Right 10, Throw Away the Key 12, & The Lone Ranger 15.
CQS votes Cruisin' 19 Dizzy 16 = ~25 on the floor. 12 votes Sweet Sweet Smile = top floor filler w/50 on the floor.
14 Kreedom w/37 on the floor. 14 Solayoh w/22 on the floor. 15 San Francisco Bay Blues w/40 on the floor.
Top CQS vote = No Man's Land 17 with 30+ filling the floor also 17 votes for Thousands of Songs w/15 on CQS floor & 2 following in PRIME time. Thousands of Songs received the top BnB vote ~15.

Top BnB votes w/76 dancers in the hall 4th Friday @ Swiss Park = The Good Life 20 votes (38 on the floor), Gleefully There 19 votes (not played), Hello Dolly 17 votes (not played) 16 votes = Kreedom (23), Mirrors (I was so happy, I didn't have time to count), No Life After You (not played) , & Remember That (26). Top floor fillers = 56 Come Dance With Me, 53 Happy Dance, 48 Pontoon, 41 Be My Baby Now @ 10PM & 39 San Francisco Blues @ 8PM. SEVEN dance cards were used = Come Dance With Me, Deep Love, Hold Your Horses, I Wanna, My Light (Guyton's new one), Outta My Heart, Storybook Endings and Together We Dance.

Dances = played both @ BnB (76 in the hall) & 4th Saturday (43 in the hall) = 50 Ways, A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Believe in Me, Big Bang Boogie, Caballero, Chocolate City Hustle, Come Dance With Me, Deep Love, Evergreen, Happy Dance, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, I Wanna, Kreedom, No Man's Land, Pavement Ends, Pontoon, San Francisco Bay Blues, Solayoh, The Lone Ranger and WOW Tokyo.