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River of Dreams, Heal The World, Voila, Just BobFill My Life, Because Of You, Pencil Thin Mustache, Too Hip Got To Go, Hollywood, Begin The Beguine, Line of Pearls, Reaching Out, Looking Glass, Mama's Lil' Baby, Huey Lewie, Does Your Mother Know?, Going, Going, Gone, Nevertheless, Tuxedo Junction, For Keeps, Hasta Manana, Here I Go Again, Strangers In The Night

A Record 15+ Year Run for Bay Area Dance Class
It all started over 15 years ago when Neil Hale and I were asked to take over Swiss Park dance classes from CW Parker. Although we were a very hesitant and feeling a bit out-of-our-league, we decided to accept the challenge. Our first thoughts were ... "how can we possibly fill CW's shoes?" Back in the *good ol' days*, CW was the best teacher in the Bay Area! It did take some time but with lots of hard work, determination and on-the-job experience, we carved our niche in the Country Western Dance World. After awhile, driving to Swiss Park every Monday and Wednesday became second nature, much like driving home … Swiss Park was our nighttime home two evenings - each & every week of those 15 years (with the exception of various Holidays and vacations).

When Neil decided to retire from line dance teaching in 1998, I chose to continue with the classes. I was, to say the least, at bit intimidated, maybe even a bit overwhelmed with the added responsibility of DJ'ing (that was Neil's job). But once again, with lots of work, on-the-job experience and help from my fellow Instructor/DJ buddies, I found I could do that too … although never as good as the "King" himself … Neil was, in the opinion of many, the best DJ in the Bay Area.

This brings me to the purpose of this letter … it has taken many months and sleepless nights for me to arrive at this extremely difficult decision - I will retire from teaching my weekly dance classes at Swiss Park Dance Hall. There are countless reasons that have brought me to this course of action … but there are two (2) at the top of the list I feel need mentioning.

1 - My job definition at Philips Semiconductors is changing. I will soon be required to travel and interface with the mother company, NV Philips in the Netherlands, in Caen, France, in Lund, Switzerland and Fishkill, New York. At this writing, there are 2 work-related trips planned this year. As you might have guessed, this will, along with continuing my International Dance travels, take me away from classes even more than in the past. I've already been commissioned (along with Bill Bader) to conduct an Instructors Training workshop in Singapore in November.

2 - Then there is this … I simply feel the time has come … retiring now will allow me an easier smoother transition to the next chapter in my life. When calculating the number of Mondays and Wednesdays there are in 15+ years, it boggles the mind … that is a very long time my friends! Most of you reading this didn't know a "kick-ball-change" from a "grapevine" when I started my teaching career. The "kick-ball-change" was advanced stuff back in those early days … amazing how far we've come! With all that said, please allow me to emphasize that teaching has and will always be an important and significant part of my life. Those of you, who know me and have taken classes from me, know how much I truly love teaching ... I will miss it terribly! But change is part of the human condition … an exciting and thrilling part of the journey. With every new sunrise, we are all presented a blank canvas and we OWN the paintbrush … PAINT up a storm!

I will still guest teach on occasion, I will still dance, I will still go to the occasional class to learn the "hot new one", I simply won't do it every Monday & Wednesday. I am pleased to announce that Gary Clayton will take over Monday nights and Connie Silva teach Wednesday nights. Please let them know you want the classes to continue, showing your support by coming to class.

It's been wonderful long run … I love you all for your support & friendship through the years. See you on the dance floor … ~ Charlotte Skeeters ~

Charlotte Skeeters - ED
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