2014 JanuaryDanceBlog
DJ John Trentacosti tricked out Swiss Park Jan 31st w/projector/screen. SIXTY dances from 7 - 11PM! 63 in the hall @ 8:30.
The Thunderer = 51 on the floor w/19 votes. 47 = I Hope You Find It w/20. 47 = I Just Can't Let You Go w/13. 46 = No Man's Land w/14. 42 = The Good Life w/15. 41 = Pontoon w/3. 40 = I'm In Love With You w/10. 38 = 1234 w/13. 38 = 50 Ways w/10. 34 = Clap Happy w/14. 34 = Kreedom w/13. 32 = A Liquid Lunch w/12. 32 = Daniel Whittaker's Dream Lover w/15. 30 = Shakin' My Head w/15.

Joey Warren is in NoCal & the playlist reflected his visit! Top Joey dance votes: Farewell 12, Never Enough 12, Last Minute 12, Outlaws of Love 12, Post Code Envy 11, Talking to the Moon 8, Cold Blooded Lover 7, and Those Apple Bottom Jeans 5.

John's request list has only 12 slots which means no 'padding' can happen. Millie always put her students initials after her requests: MD, VH, YB, PW, MB which were seen quite obviously in the ample slots.
No write ins needed; John had EVERY Single NEW dance on that request list!
He played Advanced, Inter/Advanced and Intermediate in a GREAT mix all the while reading the crowd.
Skinny Love (Hadisubroto/Sarlemijn) = Top advanced dance requested w/16 votes!

Top votes @ 4th Saturday w/Mike & Joyce = 16 I Hope You Find It. 15 Kreedom. 14 San Francisco Bay Blues.
13 Clap Happy, Be My Baby Now & The Thunderer. 12 Dream Lover, No Man's Land, & Heaven's Just a Sin Away.

Jan 17th @ BnB w/46 w/Millie in the hall. 18 votes I Hope You Find It (top floor filler w/40) and I Just Can't Let You Go (36).
16 votes Never Should Have (18) and Love Me Right (37). 14 votes Talkin' to the Moon (24), Outlaws of Love (10 played after 10:40) and Julia Wetzel's Say Something (24). New dances = 2013 McMoves & Sultry, 2011 Talkin' to the Moon and , 2008 I Held Your Hand. Not played = The Tango Project 2014 Daniel Whittaker w/10 votes.

With 40+ on the floor w/Gary @ BnB Jan 10 Top 3 votes: 16 I hope You Find It. 15 Love Me Right. 14 The Good Life.
Top 7 floor fillers: 30 I Hope You Find It. Be My Baby Now 29 (10 votes). 26 on the floor for Beautiful in My Eyes (w/13), Kreedom (w/12), Dream Lover (19 Daniel) & (7 Jennifer) w/11 votes and The Thunderer (w/13).
11 partners on the floor for Mirrors. A ONE line capacity! All around High Fives at the end w/22 on the floor.
New to BnB at № 14 on Copperknob = Say Something (Julia Wetzel's slow 96/4 slow waltz). 6 votes/perfectly danced.
Pre dance = I Hope You Find It and Clap Happy! I was good to go ..MY №1 and №2 dance played!
Never Should Have (Ria Vos) = instant class hit for Monday and Thursday. I had to use my dance card to get it played at BnB. 11 of us were on the floor for this one, a write-in with 7 votes.
№ 3 on Copperknob just now; I Just Can't Let You Go (Will Bos and Aurélie Clota), a brand New add to the BnB floor w/8 votes. Danced perfectly! Amy will teach this one at Cactus Corners workshop Jan 18. Music: I Can't Stop Loving You by 'country rocker' Jessta James feat Emily Lynch. The rolling count 1-2&a3 pattern flows to this awesome music.
I Just Can't Let You Go 32/2 w/one restart & sway sway tag = my Monday/Thursday teach.

25 Dances played in common BnB & 1st Sunday: 50 Ways, A Liquid Lunch, Be My Baby Now, Boys Will Be Boys, Clap Happy, Coming Unplugged, Counting Stars, Faking It, Frozen Heart, Girl Power, Happy Dance, I Hope You Find It, If I Had Wings, Kreedom, No Man's Land, Pavement Ends, Same Thing Happened to Me, Shakin' My Head, She Bangs, Silk & Satin, Something in the Water, Sweet Sweet Smile, The Good Life, The Thunderer, and WOW Tokyo.

January 3rd BnB w/45 in the hall (facebook input from DJ Millie.)
Top votes: 18 Shakin' My Head, 17 No Man's Land, 16 I Hope You Find It & Outlaws of Love. 15 The Thunderer.
Two new ones played BnB Jan 3rd: Love Me Right (Amy & Rachael) and Never Enough (Joey Warren 2011)

Pre-Dance (first 4)
Counting Stars
Girl Power
I Hope You Find It
Same Thing Happened To Me
50 Ways
A Liquid Lunch
American Cowboy
Be My Baby Now
Bittersweet Memory
Boys Will Be Boys
Clap Happy
Coming Unplugged
Counting Stars
Faking It
Fly Like A Bird
Frozen Heart
Girl Power
Happy Dance
Hello Dolly
I Hope You Find It
I Wanna
If I Had Wings
I'm In Love With You
Love Me Right
My ADD (Dance Card)
Never Enough
Never Should Have
No Man's Land
On The Water
Outlaws Of Love
Pavement Ends
River Of Dreams
Same Thing Happened To Me
Shakin My Head
She Bangs
Silk & Satin
Something In The Water
Sweet Sweet Smile
The Good Life
The Thunderer
Wow Tokyo

Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno choreographed Blurred Lines, the № 1 event dance in 2013. I was THRILLED to be on the floor when Blurred Lines JAMMED the Wild Wild West floor in the Bay Area in September, Windy City in October and Las Vegas in November. Amy Glass & Will Craig choreographed Mirrors in 2013, is first contra dance EVER to go mainstream in the Bay Area since 1995 when Chris Kumre's Rednex Stomp was the dance to know. Will and Amy had 200+ in their classes @ the Vegas Explosion and then Mirrors jammed each night it played. I was on the jammed floor for Mirrors with my bestie @ Wild Wild West and @ Windy City!
Mirrors was the first dance of 2014 in Nashville @ the Worlds event! (Peg Moffitt Facebook).
2013 event jammers: Kreedom, Hurt Me Carefully, Showstopper, The Good Life, Waltzing at Twilight & WOW Tokyo.
I Hope You Find It and Shakin' My Head were taught @ Vegas Explosion and then jammed that floor each night.
The Bay Area's HELLO DOLLY (Lorraine Kurtela 2010) was still a floor jammer at each event I attended in 2013.