2014 JuneDanceBlog

June 27 @ Swiss Park 3rd Annual Dance Connection sponsored by BnB.
DJ Gary Clayton w/163 in the hall. 2014 playlist
Anni (CQS President) surrounded by Swiss Park 'regulars' w/dancers who ain't on the floor but at the bar.
Instructors Amy Oyang website and Kathy Chang website. Their intermediate/advanced students are critical @ BnB.

Pre dance @ 7:30 Do wacka doo, Ring My Bells, I'm in Love Wi th You, San Francisco Bay Blues, Not So Ordinary, Be My Baby Now, Coming Unplugged, Only A Woman, Moves Like Jagger, WOW Tokyo and L-O-V-E were played as the dance hall was becoming jammed.
AK Freak hit the floor @ 10:22 w/40+ on the floor followed by Rainmaker 65, Fault Line 43.
Requests after 10:30 Simplemente & Treat Me Right 53, Blurred Lines 42 w/split floor, New York 2 LA & Amame (2008) 40+, We Forgot to Dream 23 & last was Mirrors w/1 full line. Dances repeated from 2012 & 2013: Heaven's Just A Sin Away, I Run to You, Treat Me Right, 50 Ways, Happy Dance, & Mirrors. (No online listing of dances played for the First Connection can be found)

My highlights: The 40+ Sunnyvale Moose dancers I dance w/each month, call themselves the Bay Area Dance Monsters w/Heide Dee (The old Rodeo, Mexico Lindo & Saddle Rack instructor). They STOMPED the floor alive with their 3 favs: Fake ID, Timber by Eric LeCardon/Audrey LeBleis (split floor w/3 other dances) and Clap Happy! (At one point I saw Mmm Bop (1997) in the back; I loved joining in on that classic!
The Dance Monsters came to DANCE; They were a really GOOD fit w/the Swiss Park regulars!

I didn't recall that Rachael's Jessie James (2009) was on the playlist; I was shocked to see a full floor. I followed Kathy Chang.
I couldn't bring Rachael's I Run to You (2010) back into my feet; a full floor mostly remembered. I SHOULD have reviewed it!
The Dance Monsters requested Blurred Lines. I had to follow Maria Tao to get back what I could, the timing is TOUGH for ME.

Amy Oyang n Friends were in the front row & I was thrilled to 'hang on' for Suicide Waltz & the 3 restarts. That dance is FAST movin' on the floor! I didn't fair as well w/AK Freak. I stumbled @ the sway sway before the 'cruisin part' LOL. But LOVE pattern 6 & 7. Both dances not gonna go mainstream in the bay area but they will be Event must knows and on Amy Oyang and Kathy Chang's monthy social playlists.
As he ALWAY does, Gary read the crowd completely. He had ME happy at 7:50PM w/Only A Woman and I didn't even ask; Laura Did.
Debbie said it was like attending a Mini Event and Fran said it was like attending a Fun Raiser. I agree with Both.

The frenzy to learn Klara Wallman's dance started in the Bay Area last week! Down To The River was voted dance of the weekend @ Eurodance. The inter/adv label is correct. Dancers in the Bay Area were not able to dance it straight up @ BnB & didn't get through wall ONE @ CQS Saturday, BUT all were trying hard. Down To The River was included on BOTH Debbie AND LouAnn's SoCal weekend inter/adv playlists. Thx to OUR Amy & Jessie for publishing Eurodance youtubes on their Facebook pages to keep the dance WORLD informed!
Down To The River is on the Swiss Park playlist for June 27; It is a HIT w/my Monday & Thursday students.

June 20th BnB w/DJ John w/40 in the hall w/nearly 20 regulars missing! -Dolores, Martie, Ulie, Laura, Ricky, Gary & Joyce, Kai & Alice, Rita (enjoying her B'day in Yellowstone), & ALL of Amy's ladies both inter & advanced class, You ALL were missed! John's lovely wife JUNE and 4 of his students shared our floor. Ring My Bells (Julia Wetzel) = top floor filler w/30. 29 Mama Maria. 27 Ivory Towers, New York 2 LA, Not So Ordinary & Timber. 25 Cleveland Shuffle. 22 Counting Stars. 19 Pontoon. 15 Only a Woman. 12 Get It Bae.
23 @ 10:30 when Doo wacka doo played w/24 in the hall. 20 Zjozzy's Funk, 15 WOW Tokyo, 7 Carolina Moon & 4 Walkin' On Air.
Dances w/1
2 as the TOP Vote: L-O-V-E, On the Water, River of Dreams & Timber (P&A).