2014 March DanceBlog

57 on the floor @ Swiss Park w/DJ John on March 28 w/30 remaining after 10:30 PM.
Top Votes: 16 votes: Ivory Towers w/29 on the floor.
15 votes: All Of Me w/27, Echo w/21 after 10:30, New York 2 LA w/35, No Man's Land w/32 & Pavement Ends w/30.
14 votes: A Liquid Lunch w/24, All I Can Say w/15 (also pre dance), I Hope You Find It/?, The Thunderer w/33 & L-O-V-E.
(Kathy Chang's L-O-V-E had the most on the floor all night w/39 dancers! w/57 in the hall!)
13 votes: Boys Will Be Boys w/20, Clap Happy (played Pre & after 10:45 w/15), Happy Dance w/13, Simplemente, Say Something w/23 & Timber w/23 (also played pre dance).

Dances w/27 plus on the floor followed by their votes: Beer For My Horses 5, Dream Lover 11, Hello Dolly 11, I Just Can't Let You Go 11, I'm In Love With You 8 votes w/37 on the floor. Kreedom 12, Love Me Right 4, Love to You Taiwan 11, River of Dreams 9, Silk and Satin 9, Walk Alone 12, & WOW Tokyo 11.

3 Dance Cards by Cathy D for dances done @ Boogie Workshop: Destination (The Girls - Maureen & Michelle).
Carolina Moon (Michael Barr). Cleveland Shuffle (Bev Carpenter - 2008).

3 verbals taken: Cry To Me. OMG, thank God for Jennifer who was up the front and the Amy ladies down in back ...it took the rest of us many rounds before this one became 'good enough'. The 'mambo 1/2 was the catch up step' for this 32/4 2006 beginner/intermediate Paul McAdam classic. I enjoyed singin' along and getting this one back into my feet. I retaught Cry To Me ~2 years ago for Peggy H (her fav) hope she was on the floor for this one! Read the Sheet, it is EASY.
Zjozzy's Funk: We followed Carol C to get this 'dance to know in 2007' back into our feet. FUN!
Mirrors OMG! This 2013 event classic was a HARD teach! I enjoyed getting the whole pattern back; The last dance of the night.

My students have been on Holiday, ill, or just busy w/other 'life stuff' & last night Peggy H asked me for a list of dances that are MUST KNOWS so she can catch up: I absolutely teach by 3 observations @ Swiss Park: the 'floor rush', top votes, & what teachers vote for, both old and brand new. The (new votes) are so noted below.

Cathy D presented the 3 dance cards & voted for: 1234, A Liquid Lunch, All I Can Say (15), American Cowboy, Be My Baby Now, Bosa Nova, Clap Happy, Counting Stars, Dizzy, Dream Lover, Evergreen, Faking It, Girl Power (8), Happy Dance, Heaven's Just a Sin Away, Hit the Foor (7, not played), Hold Your Horses, Hurt Me Carefully, I Hope You Find It, I Just Can't Let You Go, I Wanna, I'm In Love With You, Imelda's Way, Kreedom, L-O-V-E, Love Me Right (4), Love to You Taiwan (11), Mirrors (3), Most of All (8), New York 2 LA (15), No Man's Land, Oklahoma Wind, Pavement Ends, River of Dreams, Same Thing Happened to Me, Shakin' My Head (12), Silk and Satin, Simplemente, Sweet Sweet Smile, Timber (13 played x2), The Good Life (11), The Lone Ranger (6), The Thunderer, Walk Alone (12), We Forgot to Dream (7), & WOW Tokyo.

Doris V voted for: All I Can Say (15, I follow), All Of Me (15), Be My Baby Now, Beautiful in My Eyes, Clap Happy, Dream Lover, Echo (15, I follow), Ivory Towers (16), L-O-V-E (14), Heaven's Just A Sin Away, Hello Dolly, Hurt Me Carefully, I Hope You Find It, I Just Can't Let You Go, I'm Mad (10), I'm In Love With You (8), New York 2 LA (15), No Man's Land, San Francisco Bay Blues, Shakin' My Head (12), Talkin' to the Moon (recent bay area re teach 12 w/20 on the floor), The Good Life, and The Thunderer (I follow Carol).

Evelyn K voted for: A Liquid Lunch, Bosa Nova, Girl Power (8), Good Hearted Woman (9), Jambalaya, L-O-V-E (14), Mona Lisa (3), Pavement Ends, Red Lights (7), Shakin' My Head (12), Silk and Satin (9), Sweet Sweet Smile, and Walk Alone (12).

From the beginning of the month @ BnB til the End @ Swiss Park gone are:
11 Man in The Mirror 5 & not played @ Swiss Park
9 Post Code Envy 7 and not played @ Swiss Park
Will You Marry Me had 2 votes @ Swiss Park and not played
Shakin' My Head, Counting Stars, Coming Unplugged, and Breathe Easy not played.

The 'rush to the floor' popular w/inter/advanced dancers was Faultline (Rita's favorite). Rita also danced Carolina Moon beautifully.
New to hit the request list = Hit the Floor 7, not played. Hit the Floor was not a class favorite and I won't be re teaching.
Also new w/7 We Forgot to Dream - 64/2 Gaye Teather was played, all were following Cathy D.

70+ dancers at Shannon's 4th Saturday March 22: Top Votes: 15 Kreedom. 13 Treat Me Right.
11 San Francisco Bay Blues, Faking It, Heaven's Just a Sin Away & New York 2 LA.
Other NEWER dances played: Be My Baby Now, Clap Happy!, I Just Can't Let You Go, Ivory Towers, L-O-V-E, Love Me Right, Love to You Taiwan, & The Thunderer.

March 7th @ BnB w/Tina & Frank
Top votes = 11 L-O-V-E, Love to You Taiwan, & Man in The Mirror. 10 votes = New York 2 LA
4 new ones to the floor March 7 = Demons (Amy Glass), Can You This (Joey Warren), Ivory Towers (Ria Vos)
and Love to You Taiwan (Maria Tao).
A Liquid Lunch
All I Can Say
All Of Me
Breathe Easy 8 votes
Can You This
Clap Happy
Comming Unplugged 6
Counting Stars
Drive By
Echo 8
Faultline 9
Good Hearted Woman 9
Happy Dance
Heaven Just A Sin Away

I Hope You Find It
I Just Can't Let You Go 8
If I Had Wings
I'm Mad 8
Ivory Towers 8
L-O-V-E 11
Love To You Taiwan 11
Man In A Mirror 11
Most Of All 8
New York 2 L A 10
No Mans Land 8
Oklahoma Wind

Post Code Envy 9
Remember That
Say Something 8
Shakin' My Head
Smooth Criminal 7
Sweet Sweet Smile
The Thunderer
Walk Alone 8
Will You Mary Me
Wow Tokyo 8

March 2 First Sunday San Bruno w/Tina & Jeanette
Top Votes newer dances: 12 votes: I Hope You Find It and I Just Can't Let You Go
11 votes: No Man's Land. 10 votes: L-O-V-E and Heaven's Just a Sin Away
9 votes: Be My Baby Now, Faking It, Love Me Right and San Francisco Bay Blues