2014 OctoberDanceBlog
Simon Ward's One Great Mystery was an INSTANT class hit this AM and I will reteach on Monday! The moon and the stars were aligned for ME this Thursday AM...students just needed a fast walk of Ria Vos' Wonder Train which left way more time then needed to teach Will Craig's FIREBALL, also an instant hit and I will reteach on Monday.
Class ended with Cheesecake; & One Great Mystery, which they remembered perfectly.
We have Friday, Saturday and Sunday socials here in the Bay Area this Halloween weekend. Whatever the students SEE that sits them on fire ...I will make sure to 'look' at!

Kathy Chang (L-O-V-E) Rhoda Lei (Twinkle) & Jessie Chan as FUN Devil!
Kathy Chang's 10/24 Afternoon Halloween Social was @ capacity. All level playlist reflects Bay Area oldie & brand new favorites.
Kathy taught It's Not Unusal, her pre release beginner (November) written to Glee; 36/2 no tag, no restart. Youtube link.
Rhoda Lei (Tea Party Hostess) hit the San Francisco Bay Area w/a BANG!
Rhoda's BANG = capacity workshop @ Windy City Event in Chicago. Youtube Chicago demo video (by Jessie Chan).
Julia Wetzel has THREE World-Wide hits on this playlist: Ring My Bells, Get Ready & her newest Dear Future Husband. Wanna Be Contigo is currently on the Bay Area Evening Weekend Social request Lists. 4 concurrent Bay Area HITS for OUR Julia!

MANY of us out dancin' this weekend were also @ Windy City Chicago. The subject of 'why attend events' came up.
In the Bay Area we have FUN dancin' with friends at the numerous (& all level) weekday classes and the multiple weekend venues. We LIVE in line dance heaven; most of our students wouldn't know unless they travel and dance. I am one of the Instructors in the Bay Area that teaches Seniors CUTTING edge (even before a sheet is public) BECAUSE we have Youtube, Event attendees and Facebook. INSTANT information. Our inter/adv students will already be exposed to most of the dances TBT at any USA event which in turn allows them to be able to DANCE 'current HITS' at the evening socials in LOUIE'S Main Ballroom.
IF you are an inter/adv dancer, YOU are addicted to the 'rush' of your favorite NEW dance. I/We are always looking to find the next NEW 'rush'. You probably remember your first? Mine: The Smell of Your Sweet Perfume.
Windy City ALWAYS provides 2 pro comp winners ...created at the event. 2014 produced Chicago Bonfire (Mainstream) and Cheesecake (Advanced). Both were on our San Francisco Bay Area social floors the weekend following Windy City.
My REASON for Events is to re connect with your Dance FAMILY. If you are on Facebook, notice how many times Simon and Rachael and ALL the other choreographers and all OTHER dancers that YOU know ...refer to their 'Dance Family'. We are a World-Wide Dance FAMILY. The San Francisco Bay Area has been hosting Workshops/Events since way before I entered the social scene in 1996.
Some dancers just come & socialize all night long and MAYBE dance 3-4 dances and yet say 'I had a fabulous time'.

It takes a 'villiage' to make line dancing fun. Dances @ Windy City - Main Ballroom w/Louie complied by Stacy Garcia
Windy City Oct 9-12 750+ Chicago Event Directors: Mark Cosenza & Eve Yeaton; Their 12th year of FUN. Workshop Schedule.
MY OPINION: Beginner dance of the event & danced in MAIN Ballroom: Sex, Love and Texas (Jose, Wil & Roy)
Clap Happy JAMMED all 3 nights as did AK Freak, Alcazar, All Of Me, All I Can Say, Cadilac Ride (2006), Cha Cha Burn, Dream Lover, Fireball (Will Craig x 4), Get It Bae, New York 2 LA, Off The Chain, One Less, Post Code Envy, Shakin' My Head, Trespassing, and WOW Tokyo. WOW Hawaii played all 3 nights to ~ 30. I LOVED dancin' it at 1AM Saturday nite w/Rachael.
I was NEVER dancin' on the Beginner/Request Room floor w/Jill. I was happy w/Louie's playlist in the Main Ballroom.
CURRENT Oct 5th Carol Craven's Weekly Survey Dances w/at least TEN votes:
High Cotton ~100 on Thursday & Friday nites.
Dream Lover Jammed All 3 nites with Daniel Whittaker in front.
Blurred Lines Jammed Friday & Saturday nites to the Blurry Lines MUSIC w/Rachael in front.
Timber (P&A) split with Will Craig's It's Going Down Friday & Saturday nites ~100 total & split w/3 other dances to that music.
Ring My Bells 100+ w/Julia Wetzel up front on Friday nite.
I saw Throw Away the Key on the board Thursday nite, did not notice the floor.
American Kids was taught, It was NOT played in the Main Ballroom floor with Louie.
Get It Bae jammed ALL 3 nights w/Linda McCormack, Will Craig & Joey Warren in front.
I Hope You Find It jammed Thursday nite.
Kreedom jammed Thursday nite w/Jo Thompson Szymanski in the front.
Say Geronimo 100+ on Thursday and Friday nites w/Ria Vos on the floor.
50 Ways jammed Thursday and Friday nites.
Cheap Talk on the board Friday nite, did not notice the floor.
Off The Chain JAMMED all 3 nites
Pontoon Jammed Thursday nite.
Ain't Wot U Do taught at the event 100+ on Saturday nite.
Alcazar taught at the event; Jammed All 3 nites w/Karl Winson in front.
Body Goes Boom taught at the event Jammed Friday and Saturday nites w/Rachael in front.
Faultline Jammed Friday nite w/Joey Warren in front.
Love Me or Leave Me Not played on Louie's floor.
You'll Be Okay taught at the event & Jammed Saturday nite w/Rachael in front.

MY Windy City Highlights:
Hello Dolly jammed the floor Friday Nite. Saturday after 1AM, Hello Dolly played and Instructors Jo Thompson, Joey Warren, Michael Barr, Ria Vos, Karl Winson, Debbie Mclaughlin and Rachael McEnaney were dancin' & singin' with all of us AND Louie also singin' along. What an unplanned tribute to Lorraine Kurtela, OUR Dolly who turned 90 on October 3rd!

~ 2AM on Saturday ...to OUR amazement, Louie called Cruisin' all the while Will Craig took the mic and SANG Brooks and Dunn's Neon Moon while we danced. WOW, what a memory for Neil Hale's classic dance on this FIRST time for Windy City to feature a 'Classic Dance Room' ...Will Craig singin' Country will forever be etched in my brain! The DUDE is a Fireball!

JP Potter was on the floor dancin' Coming Unplugged (by Patrick Fleming taught by JP). Back in the day, JP was always on the floor dancin' with us. He is now a busy DJ. Coming Unplugged jammed Louie's floor on Saturday nite.

In 2004 Rachael taught Poetry In Motion at Bonanaza Bash. I took her teach along side Bob Boesel. I was able to dance it then, but that dance was WAY TOO HARD for mainstream in the Bay Area. NOW, I know why. In 2014 Rachael said that she and Paul wrote Poetry In Motion as a FAST NC2. (NC2 is considered the hardest line dance rhythm to learn/dance.) Now days, NC2's are written as SLOW dance rhythms. Rachael said the 'infront side behind, behind side cross' common for now, was NEW back in that day when they wrote Poetry In Motion. She called it 'math' in her Saturday teach; My students hear me call it 'strategy'. When a dance is FAST, we tend to loose our walls if we don't have 'strategy'. Dancin' 7 minutes of 'Hotel California' to the Eagels while dancin' Poetry in Motion next to Linda, my Bestie, is a great 2014 Windy City memory. It jammed the floor Friday and Saturday nites.

In 2014, Mark Coszena introduced the 'Classic Dance Room'. Cadillac Ride (Guyton Mundy 2004) Jukebox (Jo Thompson 2001), Poetry In Motion (Rachael McEnaney & Paul McAdam 2004) and Have Fun Go Mad (Scott Blevins 1999) normally jam our event floors, NOW even more dancers will be able to join the FUN. All 4 were re taught by their creators!

I happened upon Ria Vos, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane and Debbie McLaughlin dancin' together in ballroom 5 to a 'country tune' and I realized it was TEAM INTERNATIONAL practicing their 'competition dance' just prior to their teach. Just seein' their kick & heel & slap & slap & kick & slap ...I KNEW I had to learn it! They WON the Pro Comp; The dance is Chicago Bonfire; Music is Gasoline & Matches by LeAnn Rimes.
3 Wins in a row for Ria Vos! 2012 Windy City Waltz (jammed the floor Friday and Saturday nites w/Ria up front and 2013 Girl Power jammed the floor Thursday nite.)

I taught Chicago Bonfire pattern/tag to my Monday class on Oct 13th from my notes and the videos floating around Facebook.
I will re teach on Thursday by request!

Dances played all 3 nights in Louie's main Windy City Ball Room = Blurred Lines, Mirrors, Clap Happy!, Clap Your Hands, Dem Jeans, Drive By, Fairy Tales & Love Songs, Faith & Desire, Feel, Free Fallin', Gleefully There, Hairspray, Have Fun Go Mad, Hurt Me Carefully, Kreedom, Larger Than Life, Madness, 1929, No Life After You, No Man's Land, Outta Control, Rain Against My Window, Ray of Light, Rhythm of the Night, Showstopper, Skiffle Time, Skinny Love, Trespassing, We're Not Broken, When I Was Your Man, Wom Bom Bom and WOW Tokyo.