2014 SeptemberDanceBlog

73+@ 4th Sat w/Mike & Joyce: Eternal Secret, Say Geronimo, Clap Happy, Get Ready, I Hope You Find It, Ivory Towers, Leave Me, Wanna Be Contigo & WOW Hawaii were the mainstream intermediate dances played.

53 @ Swiss Park w/DJ Gary: It was mainstream heaven for ME at BnB: Eternal Secret, Say Geronimo, Clap Happy!, Fault Line, Get Ready, I Hope You Find It, I Run to You, I'm in Love with You, Ivory Towers, Leave Me, Not So Ordinary, Only a Woman, Ring My Bells, Wanna Be Contigo, WOW Hawaii and my students: A Liquid Lunch, The Thunderer & Down to the River!

93 @ CQS 27th Birthday Celebration w/DJ's Mike & Joyce: Top votes: 18 L-O-V-E. 16 Clap Happy & Dream Lover.
15 Get Ready & Leave Me. 14 I'm in Love With You. 13 Ivory Towers & Say Geronimo. 12 Ring My Bells & San Francisco Bay Blues.
11 Eternal Secret & I Hope You Find It. Eternal Secret, Wanna Be Contigo & Say Geronimo were played after 10:20 w/20+ on the floor.

September 20 32 @ BnB w/Tina & Frank: 3 New: Ain't Wot U Do, Just Let It Go & Not the Only One (Craig Bennett). Returning from last week: One Less & Pull The Trigger. Returning from 1st Friday: Say Geronimo, SuperBad & Undo.
Note: Eternal Secret TOP VOTE last week, only played pre-dance. I Saw the Sign & The Way You Love Me played pre-dance also.

September 12 - 53 @ BnB w/DJ's Evelyn & Denny: 7 New: Hey O, Off the Chain, One Less, Pull The Trigger, We On Fire, You'll Be Okay & I Saw the Sign (pre dance). 5 New returning from last week: Eternal Secret, Only A Dream, Say Geronimo, SuperBad & Undo.
8 dance cards: Hey O, High Cotton, I Run to You, Mirrors, Off the Chain, Pull The Trigger, The Midnight Special (Bay Area Choreographer MaryAnn Nicolaus) and We On Fire. Top Vote: Eternal Secret
(15 when I counted)
Blue Sky (Niels Poulsen's awesome Event Classic) played twice for Rob as his 'WELCOME BACK'.

Laura Ma captured 'the experienced' dancers @ BnB on Sept 6th w/46 in the hall.
35 dancers (46 @ BnB) Get Ready; Wanna Be Contigo (Julia Wetzel). Ring My Bells played pre-dance. 30+: Leave Me (Cathy Dacumos), L-O-V-E (Kathy Chang), Fault Line, Bosa Nova, Ghost, Say Geronimo, Eternal Secret, Clap Happy, I Hope You Find It, Not So Ordinary, Amame & NY 2 LA. 28 Only A Woman. 27 Ivory Towers. 25 Down to the River. Such A Fool, Most on the floor tryin' hard to remember. MY informal askin' questions @ BnB: Eternal Secret = 'HIT of the SF Experience' for our Experienced Dancers. 17 Votes @ BnB w/30+ on the floor. Ria's Say Geronimo had the TOP Vote: 20 w/33 on the floor. Last dance played: SuperBad!

The whole purpose of country music lyrics is to tell someone's story. The sadness of lyrics weigh heavy on those of who dance and listen, but David Nail sings The Secret in a soulful, moving way. In Eternal Secret, Ria Vos gave us her artistic interpretation of The Secret. Those of us who persisted with learning the patterns and timing, were rewarded with a collective, near spiritual 'hair standing on end' experience. Gloria pulled up the lyrics; No one's question was answered. I will reteach on Monday.

Say Geronimo (Ria Vos) was an INSTANT class hit in August. Monday's Labor Day class gave INSTANT hit status to Get Ready (Julia Wetzel).