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Jenny Brown demo/teach Leave Me (Cathy Dacumos)
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  Laura Ma/Amy Oyang facebook photos - Niels Poulsen Wine Country Workshop and 2014 BnB 30th B'Day Celebration @ Swiss Park, Newark, CA.
Teaches - Beginner Workshop:
Such A Fool
High Cotton
Stay Stay Stay
Bruno's Way
Talkin' Bout Walkin' Out by Larry Bass

Teaches - Intermediate/Advanced Workshop:
She's On Fire
I Will Try
I Can Make Ya by Guyton Mundy/Fred Whitehouse
Still Got the Blues

Laura Ma teaches herself EVERY dance and then helps all of us remember the patterns on the weekend social floor. Obviously, Niels Poulsen IS one of her favorite choreographers. Wine Country Niels Poulsen Workshop July 26

Fremont, CA Choreographer *Ganean de La Grange wrote All My Ex's Live in Texas ~ 1993 (Bay Area Classic) & Jazzy Joe's ~ 1999.
Ganean has a Swiss Park Connection. Notice the full title of the dance. A 2008 video link that shows the correct footwork!
Pine Grove, CA Choreographer *Rick Bowen wrote Boot Scooters Boogie ~ 1993 (contra dance). Rick Bowen has a Swiss Park Connection.

Beginnings of BnB Club email from *Neil Hale:
Yes, my good friends, Charles (CW) Parker, Rick Bowen, and Mary Hendrix along with myself and maybe about a dozen or so others (*Charlotte Skeeters) sat together at Swiss Park one evening in the early 80's (over 30 years now) to found the club. We were only able to do this because CW talked the Swiss Park people into allowing us to use the Swiss Park venue, initially at no charge. We had been dancing at the South 40, but not really organized as a club, rather a loosely gathered group. The environment there was deplorable -it was a smoked filled bar with a very small floor and a staff and clientele that hated line dancers. To my knowledge, a good number of the original members and most of our beloved staff of instructors and helpers have passed away.
God bless original members and staff, Rick Bowen, Paul Sorenson, Mary Hendrix, Harry Bisset and instructors Connie Siva and (I believe) *Ganean de La Grange who are no longer with us. I have not heard anything of CW Parker since he left for back East many years ago. I imagine he would be quite elderly. (received in email from Neil Hale July 9, 2014)

Leave Me (Cathy Dacumos, (far right) knocked it out of the Park w/her FIRST choreography, a 48/4 waltz w/1 restart. 38 dancers on the floor w/65 @ Swiss Park. Leave Me has been taught by MOST instructors in the San Francisco Bay Area. № 33 at Copperknob downloads.
(IMHO) One of The THREE ways to 'know you have arrived' in the CALIFORNIA line dance community are:
1 Louie calls you by your name when he speaks with you.
2 LouAnn teaches your dance.
3 Jenny Brown youtubes your dance.

Our powerhouse of energy, Anni Wunderlich, is in her 12th year SERVING as CQS President. (far left)

Past GGC Event Director Charlotte Skeeters w/Amy Oyang. (Charlotte's bio/teach schedule. Neil Hale & Charlotte Skeeters Swiss Park dance history, click HERE.) Charlotte taught Voila. DJ's Evelyn & Denny played: Hasta Manana, River of Dreams, Mamas Lil' Baby, and Begin The Beguine.
First dance card: Charlottes's Just Bob. ORIGINAL signed copies of her dances are HERE.

Amy Oyang is The Wild Wild West Event Director. San Francisco Bay Area 2013 photos, etc.
2015 happens May 14 -17 in RENO!
Amy is hosting the Jill Babinec Workshop Aug 15th 2014 @ her Ballroom venue in Fremont, Ca
and Co-hosting the 2014 Experience SF.

Me & Carol w/Amy. OUR students were on the floor for intermediate plus: 26 Ivory Towers, New York 2 LA, 26 Fault Line, 32 Clap Happy/music, I Hope You Find It, 28 I Just Can't Let You Go, 36 Doo wacka doo, 38 Leave Me, No Man's Land, Not So Ordinary, 29 Only A Woman, Ring My Bells and 25 WOW Tokyo. A dance card was needed to get 19 No Goodbyes played.
The DJ 'limited' the cards to TWO; no chance to get All Of Me, AK Freak or Suicide Waltz played.

18 years on the INTERNET for the purpose of preserving our CALIFORNIA line dance history!

Top floor fillers 30th Birthday BnB Celebration w/65 @ Swiss Park w/DJ's Evelyn & Denny:
43 Sweet Sweet Smile & Something in the Water; 40 Jambalaya; 38 Leave Me; 37 for Amame & 1 2 3 4. 35 On The Water.
club classics updated at CQS July 2014

Jill Babinec Workshop playlist

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Ring My Bells - Julia Wetzel Ivory Towers - Ria Vos
New York 2 LA - Rachael McEnaney Not So Ordinary - Niels Poulsen
Fault Line - Joey Warren Only A Woman - Niels Poulsen
Clap Happy - Shaz Walton Leave Me - Cathy Dacumos
I Hope You Find It - Niels Poulsen Doo wacka doo - Guyton/Maria
Westhope Church Saratoga Intermediate w/Doris & Carol
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