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Dallas - Yvonne Yeh demo/teach Leave Me (Cathy Dacumos) - San Francisco Bay Floor Filler
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The CQS wild & crazy regulars w/Anni Wunderlich OUR 'famous format' President.
Laura Ma facebook photo: 80+ dancers @ CQS Hawaiian Nite Aug 2nd w/DJ Gary

W/a quick 17 minutes on The 101, I got the 'ducky' prize AND a close parking spot @ the Complex.
Gary Clayton started off w/SHE BANGS 2000 by Hillbilly Rick (& also played his Baby Likes to Rock It 1994).
Also played my favs: Be My Baby Now, Amame, Clap Happy, Only a Woman, I Hope You Find, I Just Can't Let You Go, Doo wacka doo, & New York 2 LA.
Imagine being NEW and dancin' front row, front center for Cruisin' with 70+ others on the floor. We are LUCKY to have new dancers coming to our dance venues. Gary took us right down memory lane and turned the Hawaiian Themed CQS Saturday night into a Not So Ordinary, but Momentous Occasion.
Cruisin' (Neil Hale 1989), All My Ex's Live In Texas (Ganean de La Grange circa 1993), Silk & Satin (Evelyn Khinoo 1995), Fly Like a Bird & Prairie Strut (Hedy McAdams 1996), (T&G) Hurricane (Sal Gonzalez June 1997), Still The Same (Hedy McAdams 1998), San Antone Rose (Mike Sliter 1999), River of Dreams (Charlotte Skeeters 2001), Hello Dolly (Lorraine Kurtela 2010) Big Bang Boogie (Michele Burton 2011), Heaven's Just a Sin Away (Gary Clayton Jan 2013), Treat Me Right (Julia Wetzel March 2013), San Francisco Bay Blues (Maria Tao July 2013), The Lone Ranger (Jeanette Feinberg July 2013), L-O-V-E (Kathy Chang January 2014), Searching (Mike Shannon February 2014), Ring My Bells (Julia Wetzel May 2014), Beautiful Goodbye (Michael Barr May 2014) and Leave Me (Cathy Dacumos July 2014).

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Laura Ma facebook photos: Julia Wetzel/Doris Volz and 40 dancers @ BnB Hawaiian Nite Aug 1st w/DJ Millie

Top Votes @ BnB: 14 Not So Ordinary. 13 Only A Woman. 12 Leave Me (Cathy Dacumos) & L-O-V-E (Kathy Chang)
11 Fault Line, No Man's Land & I Hope You Find It. 10 votes: No Goodbyes, AK Freak & Suicide Waltz.

Stella, back from Eurodance, says that Ring My Bells was played multiple times a day (3 ballrooms) & EVERY nite in the main ballroom.
Ring My Bells was played ALL Three nights @ the July 2014 Orlando Fun In The Sun Event.
Julia will be teaching her new choreography at 2014 Experience SF. Julia Wetzel's website link.
@ BnB we danced Julia's FIRST choreography: Innocent (2011 -2nd in new choreography @ Boston Showdown), Wanna Be Contigo, Treat Me Right and OF COURSE, Ring My Bells. Joanne Brady taught Julia's Misty Blue @ 2012 Windy City. I have great memories of dancing, Misty Blue, on a full floor in Chicago! Stella, JESSIE, AMY, Julia, Me + 15+ others will be Bay Area Proud dancin' in October @ 2014 Windy City Chicago!
Leave Me FIRST dance ever written by Cathy Dacumos (San Francisco Bay Area July 2014) is the FIRST dance to be youtubed & presented on her facebook page on a Sunday, taught during the week by nearly ALL instructors HERE and became an instant floor filler on the weekend. I posted her Sunday debut youtube on LineDanceFun. By August 3rd Leave Me = № 23 @ Copperknob downloads & has TEN youtubes (not counting Cathy's demos). Cathy has plans to enter her FIRST choreography, Leave Me, into the choreography contest @ 2014 Vegas Explosion.
Congrats to our famous choreographer, Julia Wetzel and to our FIRST time choreographer, Cathy Dacumos. We ARE Bay Area PROUD.

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Ring My Bells - Julia Wetzel Ivory Towers - Ria Vos
New York 2 LA - Rachael McEnaney Not So Ordinary - Niels Poulsen
Fault Line - Joey Warren Only A Woman - Niels Poulsen
Clap Happy - Shaz Walton Leave Me - Cathy Dacumos
I Hope You Find It - Niels Poulsen Doo wacka doo - Guyton/Maria
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