2015 DecemberDanceBlog
WLDN December 27 weekly survey results

Dec 20th Swiss Park Sunday Fundraiser sponsored by Judy R and DJ/John T. 88 mainstream dancers filled that well seasoned floor for 4 hours dancin' to oldie intermediate to new intermediate plus dances. Alice Maraz was one of the 4 dancers on door duty (she was the 1995 BnB President) and John played her fav dance: Prancin' Pony pre dance ...that dance is hard ..I had to follow Alice and all and STILL messed up that 1988 Neil Hale choregraphy, but it was FUN trying! I was thrilled that I got there EARLY! He said 'stay on the floor Doris' ...OMG ...I knew it might be WTF ...and sure enough! Peg, June and I danced a collaboration We were CLOSE ENOUGH! So FUN, I could of gone home then, and been HAPPY! The scriped playlist was on the 'magic screen'. If we couldn't 'remember' John hopped up from the booth and we follwed til we did! The finger food was plentiful and the bar was OPEN. Happiness and Joy all afternoon; Dancers are just HAPPY when they are dancin' on a full floor at Swiss Park! Judy's wish to raise $500 for CQS, BnB and County Hustlers was surpassed; each club received $553. Dances on the list that I can remember: Better When I'm Dancin', Blue Sky, Dear Future Husband, Beast of Burden, Cha Cha Lengua, Cliché Love Song, Caught in The Act, Coca Cola in Hollywood, Don't Make Me Suffer, Dock of the Bay, Elektrisk, Extreme Love, Fly Like a Bird, Girl Crush, I Hope You Find It, Won't Tell a Soul, My New Life, My Father's Son, Painting Pillows, Rock & Roll King, Sea Salt Sally, Shut Up and Dance, Sinatra & Chardonnay, Strip It Down, Telepathy, WTF and Witness. W/thx to Laura Ma for all the Facebook photos!

86 @ Quick Steppers Christmas Dance on the 19th w/DJ Jamie Hogan. Newer plays: Better When I'm Dancin', Strip It Down, Cliché Love Song, Sinatra & Chardonnay, Shut Up and Dance, Elektrisk and Extreme Love. Many on the floor for Neil's 1991 Mustang Sally, I was so jealous ...too hard for me to remember and 'pick up off the floor'.

72 @ Quick Steppers Dec 5 w/DJ Millie: Top votes: 17 Dear Future Husband & Sinatra & Chardonnay. 13 Better When I'm Dancin'. 10 Cliché Love Song (all 4 full floor) and Strip It Down (played after 10 PM w/20+ perfectly). 9 Dock of the Bay w/20 + and My Father's Son (not played). 7 Extreme Love (filled the floor). 6 Elektrix played x2 and filled the floor.
Adorable had 7ish votes w/6 following Millie and Laura.

New on the floor Dec 4th at BnB w/DJ Millie: Impossible Babe & Love Her For a While.

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