2015 MarchDanceBlog

Laura C learned Run with us @ 2nd Saturday Saratoga Social. She can help us keep the timing, come Monday morning. From Scratch, To Attach; It takes a village. Without collaboration, teaching would be too stressful for me. I am so LUCKY my students hear music, learn quickly, & enjoy dancing at the weekend Bay Area socials.
Run = 'rush' to the floor inter+ @ BnB Friday. Photo ~ Kai Kwong

March 13th @ BnB w/40 in the hall w/Gary: one new one added: Twisted Sister.
March 7th @ QCS w/71 in the hall w/Jeanette & Bernie: Top 13 votes: 15 Yes (w/51 on the floor) 14 Badda Badda Swing & Uptown Funk. 13 American Kids, Beast of Burden, Thankful, Turn The Beat Around, Wanna Be Contigo & Wonder Train. 12 Chicago Bonfire, Dear Future Husband, Rock & Roll King, and Say Geronimo. Julia Wetzel had 4 on the playlist: Dear Future Husband 12, Get Ready 11, Wanna Be Contigo 13 & One More Day 10.

March 6th 35 in the hall- 5 New Dances @ BnB w/DJ Millie: Don't Let Me Down, Let's Turn It Up, My Way, Run, Shake your Boom Boom, & Wakey Wakey. Don't was a Dance Card, as was One More Day.