2015 FebruaryDanceBlog

The 14 new dances added to the BnB February Playlist: A Thousand Miles, Battle Scars, Celebrate, Doesn't Mean Goodbye, Hard To Say It, Lipz, Love Me Like You Do, My Way, Rock & Roll King, Run Away With You, Stars, The Way You Look, Too Blind to See, Turn the Beat Around. (no Feb 20th list posted on Facebook)

Julia has FIVE dances on the BnB February playlist: Dear Future Husband, Earned It, Get Ready, One More Day, & Ring My Bells.

Julia Wetzel has FOUR dances on Rachael McEnaney's February 8th Sunday Social: Dear Future Husband, Get Ready, Ring My Bells and One More Day which just released in January, 2015.

The SEVEN new dances added to the Feb 21st CQS playlist by DJ Millie:
A Thousand Miles, Beast of Burden, Earned It, Memphis Love, My Way, Rock & Roll King and Yes.

The way I SEE it, It's better to come to the party late, than not at all. Beast of Burden was the 'run' to the floor @ The CQS dance Feb 21. 20 on the floor doing quite well (Cathy & Claudio's teach last week) & 9 votes given for w/this advanced WCS. Beast of Burden was taught by Roy @ The Vegas Explosion and has been on LouAnn's playlist 2 months running. It was on Rachael's and Brenda's Feb playlists. The advanced label 'frightened' me off; It was a 30 min. w/music teach this AM to Thursday students (by request, after hearing the music) and NO walk needed to the back wall for most.
Beast of Burden is an INSTANT class hit & will be my Monday teach.
Rock & Roll King was a Monday class hit and only a walk was needed for this AM. This dance jammed the CQS floor & Rita's Feb Social.
Too Blind To See is hard for most, but MANY are feeling the music. It won't go mainstream in the Bay Area, and I won't teach to the Monday class. Uptown Funk continues to be a Monday/Thursdsay fav w/everyone getting funky w/that music. Earned It is a SOLID HIT, Yes is close enough; the sheet I crumbled is still not. Most lose the wall at one time or another in that dance; I am NOT the keeper of the wall.

Floor jammer @ CQS & Rita's February Social: Rock & Roll King (12 votes @ CQS). This improver level dance is enjoyed by every level dancer in the Bay Area as is American Kids. Top 9 @ CQS Feb 21st w/70+ in the hall: 17 Dear Future Husband & Yes 17 (w/28 on the floor).
16 Beneath It All, Uptown Funk (w/34 on the floor) & Wonder Train. 14 American Kids & Say Geronimo. 13 Chicago Bonfire & Get Ready.
Enjoy The Show (Tajali Hall) 32/4 w/1 restart. How FUN ....easy teach For Feb 16, many giggles getting that LEFT kick and LEFT sailor to the jazzy music, but we did. The flick was FUN, easy learn.
By request, 40 minutes for Hard Work (Nev & Julie) will review on Feb 23.

New on the Feb 13th BnB playlist w/Tina, w/44 in the hall: A Thousand Miles, Lipz, and What If I.

New on the Feb 6th BnB playlist w/John T: Doesn't Mean Goodbye (Guyton, Klara & Niels), Rock & Roll King, Runaway With You (Nev & Julie), Too Blind to See (Ria Vos) and Turn the Beat Around (Musk/Fowler).

Monday Feb 2nd was the re teach of Earned It (Julia Wetzel), a Thursday Jan 29th class HIT. Truthfully ...a walk was the only need for Feb 5th Thursday class. The dance flows so well w/the music that hearing ABB is a non issue. This is a solid Int/Adv waltz and an easy teach/learn for my students. Most of the class would have proceeded just fine w/o the walk.
Uptown Funk (Rob Fowler) was an INSTANT class Hit Feb 5th. I will re teach by request to the Monday class. The patterns flow so well that I was finished w/the teach in 30 minutes. Only a wall walk was needed at 9 and 6. The 'repeat' restart was a non issue ...they heard it. I spent 10 minutes on the first 16 w/music and 5 on the last 16. MOST heard the music and it is a LONG track.