2015 JanuaryDanceBlog

Monday 29th Dec teach: Beautiful in My Eyes. January 5th teach: Come Tomorrow. Jan 8th teach: Home
Jan 12th teach: One Last Day (Julia Wetzel) to be taught at the 2015 Palm Springs Event in January.
One Last Day NC2 32/4 was an INSTANT class hit. The music: Diamond Rio - One Last Day

I first taught Home (Frank Cooper 2005) on Friday July 22th 2005 at the Saratoga Senior Center. Some students REMEMBERED that I did; I could tell by reading the sheet that I could NOT have taught that dance from reading it. Gloria remembered that we ALL learned it from Bryon McWherter at Bob & Trish Boesel's June 2005 Keep On Dancin' Event. Ahh ....then the memory came into my head. How cool to revisit this dance 10 years down the road and have it back into our feet. When I couldn't read the sheet I went to the video and there was sweet Amy Oyang...hers is the only video copperknob has posted for Home. Much thanks goes to Phyllis who wanted me to re teach this dance.
Home will be put on my Monday and 2nd Saturday playlists.
My Finally Friday Social July 22, 2005 @ Saratoga Senior Center

Amazing R (review by request)
I Remember R
Red Bandana L

the teach: Home L (Frank Cooper)

Paralized L
Zydeco Waltz L
Soluna R
Alligator Shoes L
Side by Side L
Black Horse R
On the Water L
Last Days of Disco L
Some Beach R

After searching through MY 2005 months looking for 'Home', I found that I taught ONE new intermediate + dance a month.
The playlist noted that my next teach AFTER Home was to be Crabbuckit (Gerald Murphy).

I searched through the CQS playlists and found that DJ Neil Hale played Home at their August 6th 2005 dance.
Neil's Playlist shows that it was the LAST dance played and the First time it was played at CQS.
Home was the HOT new intermediate + dance of 'the moment'. Both Home & Crabbuckit appeared on Neil's CQS Sept 17th Playlist.

As 2015 begins: Julia Wetzel, Bay Area choreographer, has 4 floor fillers: Ring My Bells, Wanna Be Contigo, Get Ready & Dear Future Husband.
Ria Vos (taught @ 2014 SF Experience) has SEVEN: Bittersweet Memory, Chicago Bonfire, Eternal Secret, Ivory Towers, No Man's Land, Say Gernonimo AND Wonder Train.