2015 JulyDanceBlog

July 31 BnB 51 w/DJ Millie: 14 New to the floor: Black Magic, Burlesque (oldie 2010), Do What You Do, Don't Let The Sun Go Down, Killing Me Softly With His Song, Mami Chula (full floor), Mind Over Matter, Night Changes, Part Of Me, Quick Sand, Shy, Too Blind to See (return from April 10), Truck Stop, and You're Not the Boss Of Me (return from Swiss Park June). (Foot Play returned from last week.)
10 Westhope Monday Playlist dances also on BnB Playlist: Alvaro, Don't Let the Sun Go Down, Flashlight, Mr Put It Down, Riversoul, Slam Goes the Door, Sugar Rush, Wakey Wakey, Witness and Yes!
Oldies: 1234, American Kids, Beautiful Goodbye, Caballero, Come Dance With Me, Evergreen, Cha Cha Lengua, Hard Work, Titanic, Sweet Sweet Smile, Rock Around The Clock, Oklahoma Wind, Pavement End, Silk & Satin, L-O-V-E, Under The Sun, Nothing But Tail Lights, Homeward Bound, It's Up to You, and WOW Tokyo.
Unfortuately the floor was not perfect, The powder is an on going issue, but really helps w/the stickiness.

July 31 Playlist DJ Van @ The Sunnyvale Moose Club: 1234, 50 Ways, Alley Cat, Amame, American Kids, Askin' Questions, Beast of Burden, Blow Me a Kiss, Blue Night Cha, Bosa Nova, Caballero, Caught in the Moonlight, Clap Happy, Come Dance With Me, Cruisin', Crazy Foot Mambo, Dear Future Husband, Fly Like a Bird, Girl Crush, Holy Cowgirl, Hurricane, I Like it Loud, Jambalaya Loving You in Mexico, Oklahoma Wind, Razor Sharp, Rock and Roll King, Rock Around the Clock, Shake Your Boom Boom, Simplemente, Sugar Rush, Summer Celebration, Summer Wind, Toes, Wagon Wheel Rock and Wonder Train.

Jessie and Stella OUR World Famous Event Dancers w/friends @ The Broken Spoke in San Jose, CA. Lesson: Crank It Up by Larry Bass (Larry's Askin' Questions jammed up the floor all 3 nights in Orlando @ FITS and is a Bay Area floor fillin' Classic!)

For the dancer who asked for a quick teach of Neil Hale's 1994 World-wide classic Cha Cha Lengua that was filling the Swiss Park floor last week: HERE is the link to a teach for this dance. (Teach by Rob Fowler)
Cha Cha Lengua choreographed in 1994 to Un Momento Alla by Rick Trevino was published in The Big Book of Country Western Line Dancing in 1996(NAP Productions complied by Nancy & Aubrey Woodroof) and labelled 'advanced'.
Cha Cha Lengua's organic unity of composition is evident; The reverse 1/2 turn spiral is the innovative movement that propells Cha Cha Lengua into comtempory status. Choosing to pair pattern sequences to a Spanish Country ballad, is creative bonus. 
Cha Cha Lengua, written 20 years ago, earns Neil Hale the title of Trailblazer for his artistry in creating timeless choreography. ~DVolz 2014

Witness is the FIRST dance to be confirmed as a teach @ the SF Experience in September!

Fun In The Sun Event Hit: Fred Whitehouse and Darren Bailey's Witness is № 1 on Copperknob. This 'advanced modern', is doable for intermediate PLUS dancers, but not something ALL Bay Area instructors can teach. (Take Me to Church has been the recent 'modern' that had ~ dozen on the floor following Rita and we all watched.) Witness had 15 BnB votes, was enjoyed by 20+ at Swiss Park wWitness, by request, is my Monday teach.

Rachael's Riversoul (130+ of us in her Fun in The Sun teach) had 16 of us on the Swiss Park floor w/10 votes. I'm told: August is 'release' date.

What a TREAT for Kathy Chang's Monday AM class in Cupertino. Brenda Shatto was the 'guest' instructor set to teach Don't Let the Sun Go Down (Niels/Simon) and Mind Over Matter (Niels/Simon) BUT Niels decided he could instead, surprise everyone and be THEIR teacher! FACEBOOK comments on Don't Let The Sun Go Down ( 2 on Copperknob downloads) are positive and numerous for this 32/4 w/2 restarts.

Cathy & Claudio Dacumos - BnB featured instructors - 82 on Swiss Park floor w/DJ Tina.
Five For Sures: American Kids, Celia, Rock & Roll King, Dear Future Husband & Telepathy
Julia Wetzel w/20+ on the floor - Dance Card: Mami Chula: (I have a request to teach it.)
Julia's Dear Future Husband 14 votes, Down to The Wire 13, & Wanna Be Contigo 12 played to full floor.

BnB Top Votes: 15 Beast of Burden, Beaneath It All, Evergreen, Girl Crush (w/46), Heaven's Just a Sin Away, Hello Dolly (Lorraine Kurtela 2010 w/50), Leave Me (40+ w/Cathy Dacumos), Oklahoma Wind, Turn the Beat Around & Witness (~20).
14 Alvaro, American Kids, Dear Future Husband, Flashlight, Rock & Roll King & Simplemente.

51 on the Swiss Park floor for Fly Like a Bird (Hedy McAdams 1995) with 13 votes.
20 years ago, Swiss Park 1995 - Charlotte Skeeters taught Fly Like a Bird. I was on the floor between Hedy and Michael Barr that night. This dance was voted 'dance of the year' in Vancouver 1996 and 'dance of the year' New Zealand 1997. My link to Hedy's original 'signed' Fly Like a Bird sheet.

Many high profile dancers from CQS Club, Amy & Friends and 'our famous choreographer' Julia Wetzel, along w/the 'Swiss Park' regulars were on the floor; but Many are STILL out & about on Summer Holiday! Dancers come to Swiss Park to dance; This is MY most anticipated dance experience of the month. Cha Cha Lengua was playing to a full floor when I left at 10:33ish ...Joy was still rising in that hall, but my feet were tired and I needed to conserve my last bit of brain power for my 70 mph drive up the 880 to get back home to the South Bay.

Rachael McEnaney-White and Maddison Glover 'WOW' at Fun in The Sun, Orlando FL
Their dance Can't Feel My Face will be released in August. Video Link

Orlando, FL - FUN IN THE SUN ~200 on the Thursday nite floor w/DJ's Louie & JP that I SAW: &Stonecold.
capacity workhops I attended: Rachael had a jammed up main ballroom floor for Riversoul, Mr Put It Down and her Thursday evening teach for Can't Feel My Face (co written w/Maddison Glover).
Fred's main ballroom floor teach was jammed for What the France (WTF) and Witness (co written w/Darren Bailey). Witness was the HIT of FITS, my opinion. And worth my time, effort and MONEY to attend this event. Fred's inspiring teach made me WANT to teach Witness to my students.
Maddison Glover had capacity floor, smaller ballroom for Bad Girls (co written w/Simon Ward).
Sandy Albano had a capacity floor, smaller ballroom for Stonecold.
Bottomline: 200+ jammed up prime time Thursday nite ballroom w/all levels of dance and ALL levels of dancer. These senior dancers OWN the dance; Line Dance Heaven! Thursday was chilly, but the Main Ballroom tempered to perfection by Friday AND Saturday was dinner, dance, The SHOW and (more dancin' til the wee hours says the facebook posts).
The newer dances to FILL the FITS floor all 3 nites: And Get It On, Lay It Right, Sugar Rush, You're Not the Boss of Me, & What the France.
Stacy Garcia has compiled a list of all dances that played all 3 nites at FITS.
Joey Warren, Bryan McWherter and Maurice Rowe were not on the FITS staff BUT were on the floor dancin' with us.

Witness 1 wall A 32/B 48 (Fred Whitehouse/Darren Bailey)
Smooth floor, perfect room temp, jazzed instructor, excited students!
30 teach + 30 music = a dance experience to last me a lifetime.
Dancers NEED that 'score' when pattern and music blend.
I was so fortunate to have Carol witness the experience, to have dancers I knew around me while learning, and dancin' family to share the emotion afterwards. It is RARE to have group experience. Fred Whitehouse, I am so THANKFUL! ~my facebook FITS entry

40 on the floor at BnB w/DJ Gary Clayton July 10th.
In July 1996 the LineDanceFun tag line:
If you wanna have too much fun dancin' in the Bay Area, you gotta know the dances we dance! And Gary read the crowd perfectly.
Too much fun dancin' w/Kathy Chang on the floor. Her L-O-V-E jammed it w/applause after! Her event classic Under The Sun (co written w/Sue Hsu) also jammed it. Jocelyn's dance card: It Hurts! Everyone had FUN remembering how that one went.
Mr Put It Down was taught all around the Bay this week; jammed the floor near perfectly.
Mr Put It Down is an INSTANT Bay Area hit ...as was Girl Crush before it. Rolling Down Under also jammed the floor and I will review it for 2nd Saturday. The intermediate/advanced dancers had Sugar Rush down pat and it LOOKED good.

17 DieHards ended the evening w/Gary. YOU know Jessie loves all the DJ's of the WORLD!
I BELIEVE it was her voice calling out for him to play Your Place Or Mine as I heading out the door.
Ain't No Angel, Alvaro, Beast Of Burden, Beautiful In My Eyes, Beneath It All, Bittersweet Memory, Dear Future Husband, Down To The Wire, Eternal Secret, Feel The Light, Flashlight, Girl Crush, I Hope You Find It, Ivory Towers, Mr Put It Down, No Man's Land, Rock & Roll King, Rolling Down Under, She Bangs, Uptown Funk, Wanna Be Contigo, Wakey Wakey, Wonder Train and Yes!

My students embraced Mr Put It Down; An INSTANT Thursday Hit. It helped that 6 were exposed prior to my 30 min teach & were able to hold the back wall w/o a walk. 1 walk and all had it. Riversoul is a Monday/Thursday class hit. I've had to spend time reviewing; No published sheet. My students READ sheets to keep patterns. Appartently youtube does not help. Mind blowing to me how different we all learn a new dance.

Newer requests 1st Sunday July 5th: Dear Future Husband 15. 14 Wanna Be Contigo. 13 Slam Goes the Door. 12 Down to The River, Girl Crush, Leave Me, Rock & Roll King, & Wonder Train. 11 Alvaro, Down to The Wire, Uptown Funk & Yes!