2015 JuneDanceBlog

Swiss Park June 26 Connection - Boots 'n' Buckles "BIGGEST ~ MOST ANTICIPATED ~ EVENT of the year"!
92 Intermeditates were in the Swiss Park hall as Gary Clayton played these dancer choices.
My report:
OMG my drive to Swiss Park was brutal, everyone from the South Bay said 60 minutes for them also. The bar was full and the chef was busy. A one hour wait after an order was the 'norm'. Carol and I placed our order at 6:40ish and we were served at 7:40ish. The wait was worth it. My steack, pasta and grilled zucchini was perfection. Gary started playing pre dance at 7:30ish. When I heard 'A Thousand Miles' music, I hopped off my bar stool to take a peek. Not going well for the 20ish trying, a total clusterf#ck. Carol and I took our meal at the table nearest to the front row to eat & watch. When Darling Hold My Hand was a full floor, but mostly following; I decided to take my time and enjoy my dinner.

Maryann's Sunday Socials Moving Hips (Frank Trace) to the alternate music FIREBALL, got everyone onto the floor when they realized it was easy and FUN enough to pick it up. Wonder Train jammed the floor; Samething Happened to Me (49 at 9:14).

1st Sunday dancers: Turn the Beat Around (45 perfectly), Wanna Be Contigo & Amame were floor fillers.

Westhope Dancers: Alvaro, Ain't No Angel (advanced level 46 perfectly at 9:30) & Rolling Down Under were floor fillers.

Country Hustlers: Rock & Roll King, All Bass No Treble (40 perfectly at 9:35) and Yes! (first jammer, no following 71 w/91 in the hall).

Country Quicksteppers: American Kids, Uptown Funk (63 perfectly at 9:45) and Razor Sharp (41 perfectly).

Wine Country: Girl Crush jammed the floor; Don't 42 at 9:20 and Shy (Brenda Shatto/Kinsers) full floor after 9:30.

Amy & Friends: I was on the floor front row w/Rita for Gone Already and the floor was 40+; I was concentrating and couldn't tell if others were just following. Flashlight had 40+ no following. See You Again 20+ and following.

SnK Dancers: I was on the full floor following for Sugar Rush as were others. And Get It On and The Way You Look, full floor.

Moose Lodge: Prancing Pony, Music High had following. WOW Hawaii was a 'bring back' this week for my students. It came back into their feet immediately and this dance filled the floor.

Boots 'n' Buckles: Darling Hold my Hand, full floor but mostly following. Feel the Light had 40+ on the floor, I removed all turns and was able to see that MOST were executing the turns. The 'new' wall, was an issue w/many. The front row missed the tag for Slam Goes the Door. My students have worked on this dance 2 days a week x THREE weeks for 3 hours (40min, 40, 35, 30, 15, 10). They KNOW that tag which held the floor together, 40+ on the floor and MOST missed that tag.

Gary's Slip ins after 10:34ish Beast of Burden 51; Julia Wetzel's Down to the Wire 58; Simon Ward's Titanic 36; Big Bang Boogie 38; Shake Your Boom Boom 46; Marcie's Verbal request Take Me to Church w/18 following Rita & Kathy. (Only one of Rita's students has this dance down 'to her soul' and she was a pleasure to watch.) Wakey Wakey and Cecila were the last 2 dances played with 37 on the floor. As you can tell, He reads the crowd perfectly.

My bottom line: In 2012 I don't remember how many dances I knew from the 'BnB list' it is NOT published any where on the Internet. (2015 google search found 2012 BnB Connection Playlist) I knew 1234, Alabama Slammin', Bang Bang, Cold Blooded Lover, I Run to You, Intrigue, Scarborough Waltz, Something in the Water and Suds in the Bucket.
I knew 9 in 2013; in 2014 I knew 13. 2015 I was on the floor for 16 and followed on 2. I started 'networking' first week in June to see what other inter/adv dances were going to be requested at this dance. I taught Slam Goes the Door, Flashlight, Gone Already and a review of WOW Hawaii in the past 3 weeks just to get ready to dance at Swiss Park June for this 'event'. Carol and I, Jean and Martie, who are board members and 3 students attended.

Susan spent her time and talent designing t-shirts; not something I would spend my $22 on for a one night use.
Don't spend money printing out the dance list on paper stock; serves no purpose at this point. In my opinion, the snacks just need to be a varity of chips in bowls per usual and plenty of fruit in season. The cake flavor was an awesome choice.

Laura, Stella, Alice, Alice, Bonnie, Rosa, Julia, Cindy, Rita, Jessie, Angelina, & Jennifer
These Bay Area inter/advanced dancers KNOW the dances they request @ BnB, Intermediates have confidence to follow.

On June 19, Amy Oyang's husband Bill, donated the profits from Amy's 2015 Wild Wild West Reno Event back to the line dance community in the form of a donation to the Boots 'n' Buckles Dance Club to ensure that the club continues to offer every Friday night dancing to its members.
In any line dancing class, it is beneficial to the group if leaders emerge. Amy Oyang was a natural leader/instructor who was interested in sustaining and enhancing the vitality of line dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had the desire, energy, time and talent to organize, energize, harmonize, and strengthen our Bay Area dance community. We all benefited. We were so lucky to have her in our lives. ~DVolz 12-31-2014

June 19th BnB w/30+ w/Tina and Julia Wang: top votes: 8 Alvaro, Ain't No Angel, Broken Wings & Girl Crush. 7 Flashlight, Gone Already, One More Day, Sugar Rush, Take Me to Church & Thankful. Dance cards: Blue Sky, Far From the Charts & Tribal Heartbeat.

Newest Bay Area DJ's Celia & Van get applause at the June 20th CQS dance in Belmont w/70+ in the hall. He took ending requests: 20 on the floor for Summer Wind, Dear Future Husband and Cecilia. 15 for Alvaro & Girl Crush & 12 for Wakey Wakey at closing. He played to the LEVEL of the majority of the dancers who were still in the hall; that is reading the crowd! (my facebook posting)

Flashlight was an INSTANT Monday class hit. When the beat kicks in on wall 2, the patterns just FLOW! Slam Goes the Door was the review and now everyone feels the peppy beat & remembers the tag! Slam Goes The Door hit the weekend social floors here last week; Flashlight will hit this week, 2 HUGE intermediate PLUS mainstream hits in the Bay Area & Swiss Park Dance CHOICES for June 2015. (posted on my facebook page)

June 6th CQS w/65+ w/Gary:
newer floor fillers: Girl Crush, Cecilia, Uptown Funk, Beast of Burden, Shake Your Boom Boom, Yes, Wonder Train & Beneath It All.

June 5th BnB w/34+ w/Tina: Top votes: 13 Girl Crush, Rolling Down Under and Slam Goes the Door. 12 Alvaro and What The France. 10 Ain't No Angel, Beneath It All, Eternal Secret and Yes. New to the Floor: Psycho, Play on the Safe Side, & Slam Goes the Door. Dance Cards: And Get It On, Broken Wings, Can't Get Involved (2009), Countrified Soul, Far From The Charts, & O.M.G.!