2015 MayDanceBlog

Hit Teaches in May: Alvaro, Feel The Light, Voices That Care, Summer Wind and Rolling Down Under.
Forever was not a hit w/Thursday class and we passed.
BnB 2nd week for And Get It On (8 votes); the ending is STILL a mess. I'm still passing.
Feel The Light = pre dance May 29th; MOST loosing walls at some point in the dance.

BnB May 29th top votes w/Millie: 14 Girl Crush. 12 Goodbye Cha. 11 Alvaro, Dear Future Husband & Wonder Train. 10 Rolling Down Under & Voices That Care. 9 One More Day & Yes. 8 And Get It On.
New that I saw (left way early, the floor was so sticky) Simon's Rolling Down Under and Guyton & Klara's See You Again.
June used a dance card to get Summer Wind played. Broken Wings also made it to the floor.

No BnB May 15 (Reno Event), BnB May 22 Celia & Van's instructor appreciation nite.

May 8th BnB w/45 w/DJ Tina: 5 new ones added: Alvaro 10 votes, Roads 7, Sugar Rush 6, Thinking Different 8, Tribal Heartbeat 7, Trouble To Me 8 and Voices That Care 7. Top Votes: 15 Darling Hold My Hand. 14 Ain't No Angel, Girl Crush, Shake Your Boom Boom & Slow Burn (2004 John Robinson/Kathy Hunyadi). 13 Thankful & Love Me Like You Do. 12 Rock & Roll is King.

1st Sunday San Bruno Top Votes: 13 Wonder Train & Young Blood. 12 Yes! 11 Dear Future Husband. 10 Hard To Say It & Wakey Wakey.

85 on the floor @ CQS w/Mike & Joyce May 2nd Black & White Ball.
New dances in common w/BnB May 1: American Kids, Cecila, Dear Future Husband, Girl Crush, Hard To Say It, Pontoon, Rock & Roll King, Shake Your Boom Boom, Wonder Train & Yes!

40 @BnB May 1 w/DJ Gary. Top votes: 14 Dear Future Husband & Shake Your Boom Boom. 13 Rock & Roll King. 11 Beast of Burden, Beneath it All, Hard Work & Wonder Train. 10 Ain't No Angel, Girl Crush & Wanna Be Contigo.