2015 NovemberDanceBlog

27 @ BnB November 27 Swiss Park w/DJ John T
continous dancin' 7:30 til 11: Running, Lately, Crazy For You, *Don't Make Me Suffer, *Cliché Love Song, *No Man's Land, *Tuesday Blues, *Slam Goes the Door, *Riversoul, *Sinatra & Chardonnay, *Strip It Down, Telepathy, *Elektrisk (Monday's teach), *Won't Tell a Soul, *Shake Your Boom Boom, *Wanna Be Contigo, *WTF, *Wakey Wakey, *Hold Your Horses, *Don't Make Me Suffer, *I Hope You Find It, *Fault Line, *Rock & Roll King, Running, *Alvaro, *Never Been to Spain, Kiss You, *Better When I'm Dancing, *Sinatra & Cheap Wine (grins), Painting Pillows, *Dock of The Bay, *Witness, *Yes, City of Angels, *East to West, Only Love, *Fly Like a Bird, Adorable, *Cliché Love Song, *Beautiful in My Eyes, *Come Dance With Me, *New Thang, *Extreme Love, *Girl Crush, *Dear Future Husband, *Feel the Light, *Wonder Train, *My Father's Son, after 10:30 Coming Unplugged, *WOW Tokyo, Loving You Tonight, Round Your Finger, *Blue Sky, NYC Funk, Get Your Shoes On, *Thankful and Dirty Work.
I was on the floor for 8 in a row, 11 in a row & 10 in a row. * = dances I've taught.
Painting Pillows is the new one to the floor that Me and Rosa have decided will be my next Intermediate + teach.
Better When I'm Dancing @ 8:32 and had 23 on the floor, the most for any dance played.
Extreme Love, Elektrisk, Strip It Down, Dock of The Bay and My Father's Son were the newest w/o following.

November 18 - 22 was 2015 Las Vegas Dance Explosion (Doug & Jackie Miranda Event Directors) 1400+ attendees from all over the World.
Five HUGE dancin' floors this year! Daytime Dancin' on the 'Lobby' floor was the addition that has propelled this Event to 1 for ME. Bay Area DJ Van Liang kept the dancers happy w/one dance request after another in the 'lobby'. Cliché Love Song was the 'rush' to the floor in the main ballroom w/DJ's Louie and JP. The all request ballroom w/Jill was capacity on Fri & Sat Nite while the mainball room went through the cycle of REQUESTED daily workshop dances. The beginner ballroom w/Michael Diven had re caps of the daily teaches. I happened in around 11PM on Sat when Michael Barr did the walk for his 1998 TTS Boogie; so fun to dance this one w/all the other Bay Area dancers in the room. The beginner ballroom turned to all request after 11PM. Hooked On Country ...tried but failed to remember this oldie; same for 2007 Sea Salt Sally ..but ahh that song is STILL goin' in my head!
Dances taught that FILLED the main ballroom in prime time: New Thang, Don't Make Me Suffer, Never Been to Spain, Cliché Love Song (jammed), Dock of The Bay, Dirty Work, Elektrisk, Strip It Down, Get Your Shoes On, My Father's Son and Rose Garden (1999) and Feed the Fetish (2008). Dances taught w/NO following but not yet prime time floor fillers: Dark Times, Levels, Confident, and Running.

News from 2015 Tampa Bay Event: Congrats to Julia Wetzel! Her brand new Better When I'm Dancin' was played Thursday and Friday nights as was Dear Future Husband. Earned It and Ring My Bells played on Thursday night. Brenda Shatto's I'm Mad played on Thursday night and Lorraine Kurtela's Hello Dolly played prime time Saturday night!

Played all 3 nights At Tampa Bay: *AK Freak, American Kids, And Get It On, Can’t Feel My Face, *Cliché Love Song, Crimson Blood, Dirty Work, Don’t, Electro Velvet, *Extreme Love, Fireball (Kate Sala & *Will Craig), Funk U Up/*Uptown Funk, Get Your Shoes On, *Have Fun Go Mad, Levels, *Make It Shake, New Thang, NYC Funk, *Off The Chain, *Riversoul, *Shakin’ My Head, Shots With Somebody, Shut Up and Dance (Cody Flowers/*Peter & Alison), *Sugar Rush/Sweetness, Take Me To Church, The Bomp, *Wakey Wakey, *Witness, *WTF (What the France). *15 Dances I've taught. 2015 Tampa Ball Main Ballroom playlist courtesy of Stacy Garcia (w/help from others as noted).

1st Sunday Nov 1st San Bruno w/Jeanette and Tina: Top Votes: 12 Sinatra & Chardonnay and Wanna Be Contigo. 11 Ain't No Angel, American Kids, Cliché Love Song, Dear Future Husband, Don't Let the Sun Go Down. 10 Bittersweet Memory, Extreme Love, Flashlight, Girl Crush and I Hope You Find It. 9 Alvaro, Beautiful in My Eyes, Down to The Wire, Hit The Base, My Father's Son, Rock & Roll King, Slam Goes the Door and Tuesday Blues.
Playing BOTH at CQS Halloween Night & First Sunday: American Kids, Happy Dance, Evergreen, Sinatra & Chardonnay, Alvaro, Dear Future Husband, Cliché Love Song, Rock & Roll King, Wanna Be Contigo, Don't Let the Sun Go Down, Fly Like a Bird and Extreme Love.

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