2015 OctoberDanceBlog
New added to BnB in October: City of Angels, Fallin' Up, Get Your Shoes On, Here It Is, Hit The Base, Sinatra & Chardonnay, The Note, Lately, Tuesday Blues, Cliché Love Song, NYC Funk & Running, Ain't No Way, Better When I'm Dancin', The Dancing Tree, My Father's Son, Round Your Finger, Stars, Only Love, Stitches, Confident, and Adorable.

53 @ BnB w/John T's Magic Screen -52 song Playlist Swiss Park OCT 23rd: The Dancing Tree, Round Your Finger, Witness x2, Tuesday Blues x2, Cliché Love Song x2, Get Your Shoes On, Beast of Burden, Beneath It All, Lately, Riversoul, Dear Future Husband, Dirty Work, Girl Crush, Wonder Train, My Father's Son, Yes, Don't Let the Sun Go Down, Happy Dance, Slam Goes the Door, Running, Beautiful in My Eyes, She Bangs, NYC Funk, Down to the Wire, Extreme Love, Razor Sharp, Better When I'm Dancin', American Kids, East to West, Stitches, Rock & Roll King, You're Not the Boss of Me, Alvaro, I Hope You Find It, What The France, Wakey Wakey, Blue Sky, Storybook Endings, Thankful, Flashlight, Chocolate City Hustle, Bittersweet Memory, Take Me to Church, The Peaceful Valley, Evergreen, Shake Your Boom Boom, Fallin' Up, Sugar Rush, Don't Make Me Suffer (1 w/2 following for Suffer), Only Love, and Won't Tell a Soul.
The 6 new: Better When I'm Dancin', The Dancing Tree, My Father's Son, Round Your Finger, Only Love and Stitches.

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Julia Wetzel's Better When I'm Dancin' was an INSTANT class hit on Monday and is sitting at 7 @ Copperknob downloads. My Father's Son is 2 and it was an INSTANT hit this Thursday AM. Many were able to continue wall 2 w/o a walk and everyone heard the tag/restart on wall 3. Second time through; the tag/restart was no issue. Tuesday Blues 5 and Extreme Love 10 were requested in open dance this AM. My most anticipated dance of the month is Swiss Park Friday; all 4 will fill that well seasoned floor.

1 New BnB add w/DJ Gary Oct 16: Ain't No Way.

56 @ cqs Oct 17 w/DJ's Jeanette & Bernie
top votes: 15 Dear Future Husband. 14 Don't Let the Sun Go Down. 12 Beast of Burden & Girl Crush. 11 Cecilia. 10 Down to the Wire,
East to West, Summer Wind & Wanna Be Contigo.

"Girls Night Out" - Sunnyvale Moose! DJ Van's playlist: 50 Ways, Alley Cat, Alvaro, American Kids, Askin' Questions, Beast of Burden, Beaujolais Waltz (Neil Hale) Cha Cha Lengua, Chica Boom Boom, Come Dance With Me, Crazy Foot Mambo, Dear Future Husband, Don't Let the Sun Go Down, Evergreen, Fly Like A Bird, Ghost Train, Girl Crush, Jambalaya, Kreedom, L-O-V-E, Oklahoma Wind, Razor Sharp, The Real Deal, Shake Your Boom Boom, Shut Up and Dance (P&A), Silk & Satin, Simplemente, Sinatra & Chardonnay, Sugar Rush, Summer Wind, Toes, Travelin' 4 Corners, Tumbleweed and Wanna Be Contigo.
I swear, If someone had told me I would be havin' this much fun at 67, back when I was 37, I would have thought them CRAZY!
Anni & Carol, two wild and crazy ladies who make me laugh! w/thx to Debbie for this FB photo!

Team USA wins the Pro Comp w/Cliché Love Song @ 2015 Windy City
Cliché Love Song IS mainstream in the SF Bay Area. It filled the floor at the CQS Saturday Oct 17th dance.

Stella, Cindy, Alice, Rita, Angelina, Elsie, Laura & Carol E. are our Bay Area intermediate/advanced dancers.
Rita is OUR star instructor ..her Chinese ladies absolutely keep mainstream intermediate plus line dancing alive in our area. Stella and Carol E were in Chicago @ Windy City and they had the SAME opinion as I do...the event is perfectly run. The pro comp is a highlight of the event. The dancing is high level and Stella (along w/OUR Jessie) kept the DJ's up til the wee hours of the AM dancin' all the 'hard' ones that they OWN and the ones they KNOW they can follow.
Tina and Frank ended their tour as house DJ's at BnB on October 9: top votes: 12 Cliché Love Song, Extreme Love & Flashlight. 11 I Hope You Find It, Riversoul & Shake Your Boom Boom. 10 NYC Funk, Sugar Rush & Tuesday Blues.
Dance Cards w/FULL FLOOR What The France (WTF), Won't Tell a Soul and Foot Play.
3 new adds w/Tina & Frank Oct 9: 12 Cliché Love Song. 10 NYC Funk w/following & 6 Running w/following both pre dance and dance and 6 votes.

8 New ones added to BnB floor w/DJ Millie Oct 3: City of Angels, Fallin' Up, Get Your Shoes On, Here It Is, Kiss You, Sinatra and Chardonnay, The Note and Tuesday Blues. Dance Cards: Mind Over Matter and My ADD.
5 Returning to the BnB floor from Sept 18 w/DJ Millie:
which played Oct 3 = Always Be Your Girl, Bitter End, Won't Tell a Soul, The Peaceful Valley and Tough Love
(9 New ones added to BnB floor w/DJ Miller Sept 18: Always Be Your Girl, Bitter End, Got My Eyes On You, Dirty Work, Won't Tell a Soul, I Am Who I Am, The Peaceful Valley, Tough Love, and Kai reports 'attempted' Crimson Blood.)