2016 August Dance Blog

I can only teach one intermediate a week. If I teach 2 easy dances a week, I have to at least WALK, if not more, each time we dance them. The easy ones i.e. Rock and Roll Music are NOT on this BnB playlist.
INMHO, this is a fair playlist that represented the ~40 dancers at Centerville w/John on Friday at the classics/favorites dance.
M means I've been on the floor at the Moose w/this dance.

BnB Classics/Favorites Night W/John T August 26

M Those Russians - 2016 class/2nd Sat playlist

M Dizzy - 1998

Woman Up - 2016, class passed after one teach

M Rock Around The Clock - pre 1995

M Girl Crush - 2015 2nd Sat playlist

M Better When I'm Dancin' - 2015 class/2nd Sat playlist

M Mom, the Bomb! - 2016 class/2nd Sat playlist

Hideaway Cha 2000 never taught

Kick A Little Dirt Around - 2016 84/4 advanced, I passsed

Same Thing Happened To Me - 2013 64/4 easy inter, I passed

Girl's Like - 2016 64/4 advanced, I passed

River Of Dreams - 2002

Why Baby Why - 2016 72/2 waltz, I taught I Know a Guy instead

M Rio - 2002

M Maybe Tomorrow - 2016 INSTANT class hit

M Cliché Love Song - 2015 will return to class/2nd Sat playlist

Handclap - 2016 class/2nd Sat playlist

M Beautiful Goodbye - 2014 class passed after re teach in 2015

Pieces - 2016 INSTANT class hit

Doors Of Life - 2007 I have no interest in re teach

Yes I'm Ready - 2016 96/1 Phrasing: AA BC AA BD CA AB D I passed

East To West - 2006 2nd Sat playlist

A Lesson In Love - 2016 48/2 advanced NC2; I taught Pieces instead

M Titanic - 1998

I Know A Guy - 2016 INSTANT class hit

M She Bangs - 2000

Wish I Was - 2016 INSTANT class hit

Dear Friend - 2016 56/4 I taught Wish I Was instead

Girl Power (OH MY!!!) - John's comment bc everyone was following. 2013 Windy City, I passed

Nothing But Taillights - 2005

M Sinatra & Chardonnay - 2015, no longer class favorite

Under The Sun - 2009

M My Church - 2016 class/2nd Sat playlist

M Razor Sharp - 1998

Eternal Secret - 2014 2nd Sat playlist

M Dear Future Husband - 2014 will return to 2nd Sat playlist

In The Closet - 2016
48/4 adv Phrase: AA BA TagA(16 count) Restart AA BA TagA TagA AA TagAA

M American Kids - 2014

Running - 2015 class fav/2nd Sat playlist

When You Love Someone - 2016 brand new class hit 72/2 intermediate waltz

Die A Happy Man - 2016 taught Cake By The Ocean instead

I Hope You Find It - 2013 2nd Sat playlist

I Can’t Do This - 2016 32/4 NC2 I chose Harden Up Princess instead

How I Want Ya - 2016 80/2 adv
A (12.00) – B (9.00) – B (3.00) – C (9.00) – C (9.00) – D (9.00)
A (12.00) – B (9.00) – B (3.00) – C (9.00) – C (9.00) – D (9.00)
B (12.00) – C (6.00) – C (6.00) – A (6.00) end A with ¼ sailor step L (instead of coaster)

Extreme Love - 2015 class/2nd Sat playlist

Aug 12th was also classics/favorites night w/DJ Millie.

I was the DJ at the Boots 'n' Buckles Aug 12th dance at the Centerville Commuity Center. We had a grand turn out for the dance. It was great to see a lot of smiling faces on the dance floor. See the playlist below. (copied from DJ Millie's facebook post)

Pre-Dance (4)
Kick A Little Dirt Around (Fowler/Barton)
Only A Woman (Poulsen)
Rolling In The Deep
Why Baby Why (Maddison Glover)

Dance (46)
1-2-3-4 (Poulsen)
Alley Cat (Donna Aiken)
American Kids (Pelletier)
Bar Room Romeo (Ron Holiday)
Beer For My Horses (Christine Bass)
Blackpool By The Sea (Teather)
Bosa Nova (Phil Dennington)
Boys & Girls (Rhoda Lai)
Cha Cha Lengua (Neil Hale)
Chocolate City Hustle
Crazy Foot Mambo (McAdam)
Cruisin' (Neil Hale)
Dear Friend (Kate Sala)
Fine By Me (Fred Whitehouse)
Fly Like A Bird (Hedy McAdams)
Get Over You (Linda McCormack)
Handclap (Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky)
Harden Up Princess (Simon Ward)
I Gotta Feeling (Niels Poulsen) DANCE CARD
I Know A Guy (Simon Ward)
Jesse James (McEnaney)
Kick A Little Dirt Around (Fowler/Barton)
Life Without U (Maggie G)
L-O-V-E (K Chang)
Maybe Tomorrow (Poulsen & Jakobsen)
Mind Over Matter (Poulsen) DANCE CARD
Nothin' But Tailights (DJ Dan/W. Miller)
Only Girl (Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen) DANCE CARD
Pieces (Dustin Betts)
Prairie Strut (Hedy McAdams)
Rio (Lowery)
Rock & Roll King (McEnaney)
Shake That (Maddison Glover)
Sinatra & Chardonnay (Alison & Peter)
Smokey Places (Michele Perron)
Solo Amor (Fowler/Scott/Madge/Buckley)
Strait Cha-Cha (Sal Gonzales)
Sunshine In My Pocket (Amy Glass) Flr split w/ So Just Dance Dance Dance (Vane/Richard)
Those Russians (Poulsen)
Under The Sun (Kathy Chang/Sue Hus)
Waltz Across Texas (Lois & John Nielson)
Why Baby Why (Maddison Glover)
Woman Up (McEnaney-White & Christian)
Wow Tokyo (Vos/Sala/Tokyo Line Dancers)
Yes I'm Ready (Darcie DeAngelis)
Zydeco Lady (Chris Hookie)

News from Our Jamie Hogan: Pete and I won the Judges Choice Award Saturday Night in the annual Dancing With Our Stars event, a fundraiser for the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley CA! 
Pete Vasilakos - He's 78 years young, and he was asked to be a Star in this event because every week, he joins 6 other Honor Guards he does the 21 gun salutes for all the memorial services for our country's heros. I am honored to have been his Pro and partner!!! We did a beautiful Waltz and a wild and crazy Western Two Step Yee Haw!! - Jamie Hogan's FB words August 22

Jamie Hogan and Pete Vasilakos

New on the floor Aug 12 w/DJ Mille at BnB w/40+: Kick a Little Dirt Around, Boys and Girls, Why Baby Why, Dear Friend, Fine By Me, Get Over You, Shake That, Sunshine in My Pocket/So Just Dance x3, and Yes I'm Ready. Niels Poulsen bring backs w/Dance Card: Mind Over Matter, Only Girl and I Gotta Feeling

Top votes @ CQS August 6 w/DJ Van/Cecila w/60 in the hall.
Blackpool By The Sea 15 w/43 on the floor. Those Russians 14. Sinatra and Chardonnay 12.
Better When I'm Dancing and Memphis Love 11. Like Coca Cola in Hollywood, Mom, The Bomb, My Church and Rio 10. Fly Like A Bird 13 and Nothing But Taillights 11.
Rock and Roll Music had 7 write in votes w/25 on the floor.

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