2016 January Dance Blog

CQS 5th Saturday Disco Dance w DJ/Glenn & Carole
High Energy, Full Floor for Mainstream Intermediates. Girl Crush, Diva, Ain't Misbehaving, Better When I'm Dancin', Cliché Love Song, Strip It Down, Sinatra & Chardonnay & Extreme Love perfectly - Running; close enough.

2015 CBA winners: Ticket to The Blues, The Bomp, Uptown Funk and Shades of Passion. AND the Dance of the Year goes to UPTOWN FUNK .... and Dance of the Decade goes to Beautiful in My Eyes.

28 @ BnB w/DJ Gary. After viewing the request list Votes, I SEE I have a false impression of favorites from reading playlists & Facebook input. Dancers in attendance rule; which is exactly how it should be. 1 vote or NO votes, the dance is NOT a favorite but can still fill the floor w/those who know it and those who follow.
Mainstream Floor Fillers were: Diva, Ain't Misbehavin', Better When I'm Dancin',
Cliché Love Song, Strip It Down and Sinatra & Chardonnay

DJ's Carole & Glenn Wiegand - debut at CQS on Jan 30 @ Barrett

Facebook Kai Kwong Jan 15
Thanks to Gary Clayton for DJing this social. We had fun doing Focus On Me, Boys Like You, Diva, Is It Over, Suspicious Minds, Impossible Babe, Ain't Misbahavin', Painting Pillows, I Am, French Nights, Only Love and many others. Thank you Gary and BnB team for a wonderful evening!

3 week January
Ain't Misbehavin' and Running are the Bay Area's newest mainstream hits. Thursday students were able to dance Running perfectly at 2nd Saturday which means Monday's teach will be faster than 'normal'. The mainstream BUZZ dance is Diva! By request, I will teach one wall on Monday and a complete teach on Thursday.

BnB Jan 8th w/DJ John T
New Adds: Ain't Misbehavin', Boys Like You, Diva and Autumn

Ain’t Misbehavin’ Adorable
Boys Like You Ain’t Misbehavin’ (2X)
Only Love Ain’t No Angel
Bittersweet Memory Alvaro 
Beast Of Burden Autumn
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Beast Of Burden
Telepathy Beautiful In My Eyes           
Won’t Tell A Soul Better When I'm Dancing
I Hope You Find It  Bittersweet Memory
Tuesday Blues Blue Sky
Slam Goes The Door Boys Like You (2X)
Rock & Roll King  Cliché Love Song
Strip It Down Coming Unplugged
Elektrisk Dear Future Husband
WTF Diva
Nothing But Taillights Don’t Let The Sun Go Down
Zydeco Lady Don't Make Me Suffer               
Don't Make Me Suffer                East To West 
Shake Your Boom Boom Echo
Wonder Train  Elektrisk
Diva Extreme Love 
Running  Fly Like A Bird
Alvaro  Happy Dance
Ain't Misbehavin' I Hope You Find It 
Better When I'm Dancing Kiss You
Sinatra & Chardonnay My Father's Son
Painting Pillows Never Been To Spain
East To West  New Thang
Adorable Nothing But Taillights
Ain’t No Angel NYC Funk
Cliché Love Song Only Love
Beautiful In My Eyes            Painting Pillows
She Bangs  Rock & Roll King 
Boys Like You Round Your Finger
Never Been To Spain Running 
Kiss You Shake Your Boom Boom
Fly Like A Bird She Bangs 
Blue Sky Sinatra & Chardonnay
Under The Sun Slam Goes The Door
Witness  Strip It Down
Yes    Telepathy
Extreme Love  Tuesday Blues
Happy Dance Under The Sun
Dear Future Husband Witness 
Autumn Won’t Tell A Soul
My Father's Son Wonder Train 
Coming Unplugged WOW Tokyo
Echo Yes   
Round Your Finger Zydeco Lady
NYC Funk
New Thang

2nd Sat Jan 9th - $7 @ 7PM @ Westhope Church, Saratoga - Playlist
Amy & Friends present Joey Warren Workshop Playlist Jan 22nd Swiss Park
My newest teach, Ain't Misbehavin' is a class hit currently 1 on World Line Dance Weekly Survey. Extreme Love is 2 & at 5 is Cliché Love Song & Tuesday Blues. All 3 class hits since October. 6 is Will Craig's Running. Running will be my Thursday Jan 7th teach and will be included on the 2nd Sat Playlist Jan 9th.

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