2016 June DanceBlog

This months Instant class hits: By My Side (Larry Bass) and Blessed (Jackie Miranda).
Class favorite but way harder: Come and Get It (Darren Bailey) took two 45 min teaches.
Harden Up Princess two 45 min teaches and still not up to speed, dropped from playlist.
Never got around to Solo Amor; still on the to do list.

Brutal 60 minute drive, per usual, up to Swiss Park on a Friday nite. The steak dinner at Swiss Park, worth it! OMG Carol has an issue w/right knee and really can't dance per doctors orders. Everyone, including the Swiss Park bartender said to ME ...where's Carol? 8 of us from Westhope were at Swiss Park and when I asked them: 'why you sittin' for this one' ..duh, cause it is hot in here and we are savin' ourselves for Rock Your Body ...and Gary played it next!
IT was Non stop open dancin' from 7:15 to 8 PM. The floor was so full most of the time, I had to LOOK for a place to slip myself into. DJ Gary Clayton just put on the music, one dance right after the next, no introduction, just music. So FUN to see the 'rush to the floor' when dancers figured out OMG, that's whatever it was.

89 dancers @ 2016 BnB Swiss Park Connection Friday June 24. 2016 Playlist
Come and Get It by request @ 10:57 made 21 of us so HAPPY, which includes my 7 students in attendance!
Solo Amor, just prior w/27. I have this dance on my 'to do' list.

Jeanette/Tina 1st Sun San Bruno: 71 Sinatra & Chardonnay, Rock & Roll King 69, Diva 62, & Better When I'm Dancin' 56.

SnK: L-O-V-E 69, Digital Age 39, Girls Like 28 & Blue Sky 25.

Anni w/CQS: 67 Fly Like a Bird, Strip It Down 53, Ain't Misbehavin' 60, & Lay Low 47 @ 10:35 PM w/ 73 in the hall.

BnB: I Know a Guy 64, The Waiting Game 37, Die a Happy Man 38, & No Man's Land 43.

Westhope w/Doris: Rock Your Body 59, Roses & Violets 40, By My Side 35, & Extreme Love 48 after 10:40.

Country Hustlers: Same Thing Happened to Me 56, Dance With Wolves 40, P & A Shut Up and Dance 38 & Those Russians 53.

1st Thurs Dublin: Mars Attack 54, Life Without You 32 @ 8:11, Everything I Do 42 , & Trust Me 34.

Van & Celia w/Sunnyvale Moose: 51 WOW Tokyo, 42 I Run to You, Prancin' Pony 17, & Music High 9.

Rita w/Amy N Friends: Corazon Diamente 45, Always You 32 @ 8:15, NY to LA 27, How I Want Ya 34.

Wine Country: Your Heartbeat 37, Blackpool by The Sea 35, More Dessert 24 & I Know What You Did Last Summer 31.

Bottom line: 18 of the 40 on the Playlist I've never taught. I was able to dance 20 from the playlist.

Blue Sky, too hard to review, but I enjoyed dancing it one last time at Swiss Park.

The Waiting Game was too hard for my students and I had to stop the teach after 16 counts. I am able to follow.

Everything I Do was still too hard for most of my students after two 45 min review sessions last month. Half the class has it down pat and I still have to count, but we all enjoy that music.

I Run to You was too hard for those who had never had it before and I dropped it from my Monday playlist in April. I enjoy dancing this on at the Moose on Fridays.

I played the music for No Man's Land, Monday June 27th, and even my best students could not pick it back up off the floor. Re taught No Man's Land on Thursday June 30, 45 min and it came back into everyone's feet. We all agreed, hard dance, but worth it. Class fav.

WOW Tokyo fried my brain, but lucky for ME, most got it all back and I didn't have to go over the last 2 patterns. The timing is STILL to hard for me and I have to follow. It is a class fav.

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