2016 May Dance Blog
Cathy & Claudio learned By My Side from Larry Bass at the 2016 Smoky Mountain Shindig and brought this dance back to the Bay Area. It was played at 1st Sunday San Bruno. By My Side (32/2 rolling 8 high intermediate by Larry Bass) was a Class Hit this AM; I will reteach on Thursday and added it to the Saratoga Second Saturday Playlist. Love the dance, really enjoy the music.

Julia Wang's May 27th Smash Hit debut playlist @ Centerville!
34 on the floor for Extreme Love; 28 for I Know a Guy!
Excitement I heard while initialing the request list: 'Ooh, Imelda's Way!'
We are all so happy for the dancers just beginning their journey!
My Monday students were STILL talking about this playlist; all but the last 2 are familar.

May 14, 2016
Simon Ward Making History at the Australian Hall of Fame! He IS so beautiful in our eyes! I Know A Guy was taught in the Bay Area this past week and filled the floor over the weekend.

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